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How is attack of the transcended weapon

transcendence means a system for strengthening weapon.
there is 0%~550%.

how is attack of the transcended weapon?
for example, if magic attack of a weapon is 500,
and the weapon’s matk increases 100 with golden floor,
now the weapon’s matk is 500+100.
then the weapon transcend to 200%.
in this time, how is matk of the transcended weapon?

or 500×200%+100=1100?

Whats golden floor? lol

golden floor means anvil.
in Japan it is called so.

thank you for introduce a nice thread.
I am a Japanese, so I can’t read well english.
in a short, matk of a weapon increases for transcend,
thati is about matk of the weapon, anvil matk, properties,
and resistance.
not increase awakeing, gem, and so on, right?

Right, transcendence only applies to the primary equipment stat. So whatever affects the primary stat (including some gems) applies to transendence.





can gems on the weapon apply in transcendence?
the pic which I saw is written that gem is as second stat.

nope gems on weapons do not add towards transcendence count. however anvil enhanced bonus do add to transcendence though.

look at where the arrows are pointing.


I see, I understand about transcendence.
but I wonder if atribute on weapon invocation by % can increase from transcendence.

what is the arrows are pointing?


赤と青の宝石の統計は影響しません <<<<<これ

invocation damage can only be increased from MATK, MAMP and elemental attack damage. so yes, weapon damage will increase the damage of invocation.