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Brief Technical Guide to Transcendence

Thanks a lot, Ive edited my post :slight_smile:
@jynxie10 theres your answer

Yes thx thats clear enough. It automatically gets updated, you dont need another transcendence to update the current percentage.

If I use 4 gems to level a wepon to transcended stage 2, will there be any chance to fail still?

Theoretically, theres no chance of failure if you use 4/4 gems.
But let us know if you do fail :wink:

I did it a few days ago.
100% success rate.

I believed enhancement also affects in transcendence,

Out of curiosity,

I tried to upgrade my Circle Rod which is already enhanced at +20 with Stage 2 Transcend.

Base from this site,
Enhancment at +20 adds 315 Matk and +21 adds 333, so the matk bonus increased by 18 after succesful enhance.

but from this pic.

from +975 (Weapon buffed but it doesn’t affect transcendence)
to +998,
the matk bonus is increased by 23 not 18.

Which means enhancement is affected with transcendence.
the increased thirty percent (stage 2 effect) of 18 is 23.

Correct me if i’m wrong and I hope this explanation can enlighten more how transcendence works.

Hope this helps,


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Your post has been overshadowed by the fact that you successfully upgraded from 20 to 21!!wtf! You one lucky bastard!:grin:I cant even up my cata pike to +8 without failing​:joy:

"Transcendence only applies to the primary weapon stat, meaning all bonus stats including awakenings and other elemental/mAmp damage will not be factored in."
Since anvil enhancements affect primary stat, it does indeed applies to transcendence :slight_smile:
But dang, I admit the weapon’s increadibly highly upgraded, but I hope you dont up it beyond stage 2 xD Even though its +21 its still nothing compared to lv 315 stuff. Gz anyhows

Also weapon buff affects transendence because it affects the primiary stat too.

How to do +20 tho? jfc

please show your weapon potential :joy:

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Are you crash exploiter?



Nope, i just used the good old days Ragnarok style method, if you guys know it. (Doing some weird stuff before enhancing, why not?)

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It appears that gem bonuses are not multiplied by transendence. I have revised the guide to reflect that.
Special thanks to @ri0ti0ri and @meiohjp for bringing this to my attention :>


Ahh thanks for this valuable piece of information. Kind of torn between using a mace or a rod for my cleric now with gems not affected by transcendence.

There are maces with primary matk just for trans

Do you need the physical attack from maces in your build? If not, just go with rods - the only magical mace the worth transcending would be the 330 orange one which is still unknown as far as drop location goes. The other 2 magical maces are sadly 270 purples (both also unknown afaik), with vastly inferior magic attack compared to 315 purple rod.

New items from ktos? are they implemented in itos currently, any link to them? :3

I’m a INTquisitor , C2>Diev3>Paladin1>Kab1>Inquisitor1 INT build.

So I kind of have both physical and magic attacks…

Skull smasher is the same as the 315 ones i think…

I see. That’s kinda rough then, you probably gotta decide where the bulk of your damage comes from (phys or mag) and go with that when deciding.

Just know that the magic you do have (cure, owls?) will probably lag behind if you trans for patk. The good news is the newly buffed red gems should help both your damage types considerably.

Yeah. Lots of things to consider… and I found out about inquisitor’s only magic skill, Malleus Maleficarum, doesn’t have a +dmg% attribute after I advance to the class. The skill damage is what the inquisitor gets, no further upgrade in damage, sighz.

So now, need to consider both physical and magical instead of taking only 1 side.