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Team Dex Vs Team Str ( Trash talking, discussion, roasting each other, math magician war ) Aka Debate STR Vs DEX

Yeah, indeed item transcend are op, but its kinda “hard” to get…
For lv 5 IT with 100% chance you’ll need 43 bless stone (430 shards) 72 days saalus, and around 86mil silver for reroll.

this one 120k crit on skyliner, he’s high 2, barb 2, maybe he can hit about 130-140k crit if he goes high 3 path (lv 10 skyliner + skull swing) idk what his gear & stats tho, looks like +25 magi (the sword are glowing red)

It’s like getting the lvl 1 Sneak Hit = 62% critical chance. Rogue’s benefit more cause if they level up that skill, then the card applies their actual crit chance.

You forgot the RMT factor. What’s 100 millions nowadays? Nothing.

do you have any source for this? not that I doubt but this is the first time I have heard of this.

I’ll try this without my sissels and my green gems. I’m heavy dex anyway.

or pray to RNGod, i did transcend my gear to 2nd level using 2 gems (50% chance)

I’m assuming it’s Sneak Hit, cause it’s the only skill that treats attacking from behind. I cannot tell you if it’s the actual skill nor crit chance. I’m just sure that it works on my doppel.
I would recommend an STR doppel build to pop up werewolf cards to give no biased opinions and valid information.

Exactly, that chart posted by Esclados can be misunderstood. I’ll link you guys this great thread regarding Trascendence and all those myths around it.

thanks for the thread link.

Understood that. I think gambling for 50% each stage would be reasonable. Then again I’m super unlucky…

how high is your crit rate.

Can you explain because if you have werewolf cards and if it works.
That would means its 100% crit. with 1 cards. regardless with 300 crit rate. As long as you proc the rear attack. Or is behind the mob/boss.

It does not make sense for it to work like level 1 sneak hit because. It’s just affect your attack as a back attack. @_@. Also it does not have a sneak hit buff interaction when you have ww card on.

If you are at rear and it does not crit means. You can literally scrap/ sell or pass it to a rouge. .

Remember it’s (star)% chance to proc the card. That’s why you need 5x lvl 10 Werewolf cards to give an objective opinion about it (50% chance to proc). It will take me a while to get the whole % allowed, cause not so many people do Crystal Mines.
You didn’t read the description of the card correctly. It says clearly:

Werewolf Card: When attacking there’s a [★]% chance of attacks being registered as Rear Attacks.

“Registered as rear atk” you should try this.
someone with pelt (swash) tank the boss and you hit from behind. (REAR ATK), its different with “SNEAK HIT” buff.

It doesn’t matter what you are saying is it’s a sneak hit buff as you attack a rear attack it will proc sneak hit at 10% chance per card.

Which what i am trying to say registering as sneak hit IS different O_o.

So equipping werewolf card will proc it regardless. you have sneak hit or not.

Rear Attacks is not sneak hits. O_o… i am extremely skeptical on this. Which is why every one in korea ran ellaganos/glass mole on Non Rogue for a reason.

This is why i asked for your crit rate. If you have higher than 300 crit rate please strip off everything and do a cyclone with it. Or which ever true multi hits skill you have.

Edit in part.

or just get 500 hits of normal attack then count whichever hits are crit out of the 500 hits.

if werewolf proc is 10% your crit hits will always be higher than the one stated. for eg if you have near 150 crit chance at level 280 , you will be

(crit chance - crit resist) * 42 / 280

so assuming you only have low dex (150 crit chance ) that will mean your crit chance is 22.5% which translate to 112/113 hits crit out of 500 on average.

Please do it in set of 5, so you can see the constant value against a level 1 mob is fine.

It will always be more by 4-5% if you have a single werewolf card and is procing sneak hit. Else it’s pretty much to sales it go.

My understanding about Werewolf card is, that it only register your attack as ‘from behind’ when it procs. Rogues benefit from this since they have additional crit rate when they attack from behind via Sneak Hit. Other classes however, don’t have such ability, so they can still proc the card’s effect, but to no benefit. Even Rogues won’t benefit from this if they don’t have the buff on when it procs. I might be wrong.

NOW IF, the card gives us the Sneak Hit ability when it procs, that’s a whole different story, would be cool, so if you can somehow prove it, please do. One *10 card should suffice to test this.

Honestly, i’m too lazy to make those tests just to prove that the card works. I mean, why would IMC release a card with no effect at all, but just for 1 class aka Rogue, makes sense? No.
Do i need to prove the card works? No. If you want to use Glass mole or Ellaganos, go for it. I’m just putting it out there for whoever wants to try that out.

Yes it make perfect sense that certain cards work that way to boost synergy of class.

You don’t need to what you are saying is misleading and misinformation.
What you are doing at now is just “it is working”. Instead of helping out to clarify. I am not joking.
It’s the same case as people used to say only 5 card works stacking instead of 8 after time pass and the truth is reveal on mechanics.

I knew what is the answer already. Enjoy your day.

What makes no sense is for IMC to make Sneak skill, IF there was already an existing mechanic like that.

Same for me I know the answer already, unless you have proof or tests to backup your claim, it is nothing but misinformation.

you are in the forum, making a statement without proof would make it nothing but a hoax. it will also taint your credibility as a fellow player.

Sadly, yes it does. as an example, you do know how Ragnarok card system works? some cards are skill-based. i.e increasing damage of certain skill, the same mechanic applies here.[quote=“NotVau, post:1113, topic:321139”]
Do i need to prove the card works?

again, yes you have to. after all the statements you’ve made. unless otherwise, you wanted people to think your a liar.

Huh, why so defensive? You have the advantage of being able to test it better over us (or at least me, bcs we haven’t got the card update here) with the upgraded (I assume) card you have. If you can prove it work then it’d be awesome, if it doesn’t work then you still provide a good piece of information and saves people from wondering. After all, you can be wrong or having confirmation bias, with the crit rate you already have and that’s ok.


Don’t make me list things that IMC did that make little sense to me, lel.

can i lel as well… lel

I did some research with stats reset…the result is just…

This was first video, 2:1 str con build

This is second video, which the stats has been resetted to 1:3 str dex

Surprising results that the first video with 2:1 str con build has 40k more dmg at the end compare to the second video with 1:3 str dex, both videos uses the same eqp, same town buffs, same weapon maintenance buffs, same lv 2 transcendence +13 weap, same 7x ellaganos card, same DoV buffs, same lvl 90 Cyclone atributes. I am doing it expecting the 1:3 str dex will do better…

But unfortunately no…I was disappointed my old build does more DPS…Anyway, the purpose of this is to show that crit attack and white dmg gained from STR able to outperform criticals to a certain extend, I was expecting 1 cyclone to end the boss, but no…somehow the total dmg got beaten by my old STR build that gets crit rate purely from eqp only.

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