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My last feedback to the game

Nope this is unacceptable, we want bug fixes as fast as the Koreans get, not one month later. Things get hotfixed in kTOS all the time and we are left to deal with bugs for weeks. This is one point Excrulon mentioned in his now deleted post.

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Thank you! /20charsss


Yes but Solmiki will be the new end game set

Difference between stage 6 and stage 10 is less than 2 fold, while the latter takes 3 times longer to reach.

stage 1 = 10%
stage 10 = 550%
5x more dmg

For more than a year 5x you sure?

actually its 350 days to max each piece of gear, assuming u didn’t remove any shard. or u lose like 50%

to reach stage 10? where did you get that number o.0

oh sry its not totally right, u can go with less (if u trust RNG and get luck) or A LOT more if u just go for 100% succes rate, forget what i said before, its way worse

and not a single word about FPS

pretty hard (and foolish unless they plan on quitting if they fail) to bet one’s luck on something that can set you back 200mil lol
I dont mean to be nitpicky but going by your original ‘5x dmg for more than a year statement’, dont you mean… after a year, they will initially have 5x more dmg? :open_mouth:
Cause otherwise in a year the newbie will have like a stage 7-8 transcended weap vs your stage 10, which is nowhere near a 5x diff.

actually, if u go for 100% succes rate u will need 1415 days, almost 4 years to hit lvl 10 transcendence for EACH piece of gear.
if u reroll all cubes u would need 1 and a half year tho…

now lets pretend someone is playing starting right now, non-stop for 4 years, rerolling all cubes, he will get all his stuff to like stage 8. now u are a new player starting 4 years from now and u check that guy gear. u quit cus u will never be as strong as he is (even if u play 24/7)

thats the problem, thats why i think this should be removed from the game (or just make saluus give like 10 shards on each box, thats 20/day, so if u reroll everything u need like 2 months to make a lvl 10.)

in the end we can have 1 or 2 “old” guilds being always the top 1-2, getting all world bosses and dullahan cubes they want while new players quit

Nothing will happen. We know that and we know that. You are able to hold the playerbase because everyone sets big expections in it.
The translation status is at 100% and content could be released already but you dont do it because you are afraid that the playerbase will be disappointed due not enough content/lack of balancing updates/etc and you are damn right with that.
So you are just trying to stretch the time. But guess what? We have 2016. Koreans posting footage on an hourly basis and some are already disappointed by seeing it and not be interessted in testing it by themselves and this wont be better the longer you stretch it.

Oh, and where is that promised “close-to-kToS” update? Instead we got another ninja-cutting on existing channels you are bragging that your overall performance is 7% better now - by cutting 33% of the channels. Are you even trying, IMC?

Whoever is in charge for your marketing, please fire him. Most of us are not 12 anymore to believe such obvious lies.


Now that I can relate. If we ever go beyond the 1 year mark to 4-5+ years (if the game is still alive?), new players will have a hard time catching up to 4-5+ year veterans in any reasonable amount of time lol
Of course it also depends on gear scaling. Right now, we have kinda a linear scaling, with higher lv gear not being that much better in terms of primary stats. But if that ever goes exponential like base skill dmg for r8 and suddenly we start seeing 800 def gear for say rank 9 and 2000 def for rank 10, older players will lose a LOT switching from 1 set to another.

Yes, if you got back 100%, this would be a completely broken system. Going by how it is now I only see it as ‘unfair’ to new players rather than ‘broken’. Of course, again, this is assuming gear will scale way up in the future, and will never stop scaling until this game dies.

Also I know full well the length of time it takes to transcend all your gears :wink:

u retrieve like 50% of the shards right?
so new players will always be 1-2 years behind old players, thats a lot of time

unles they do something like WoW and just reset everything when release R9 and R10…

Something is really wrong when a player with 4 weeks playtime can compete with some who did it straight for 4 years. Experience is one thing but raw investment on a grind game without any progression is the other.
I know I refer too often to it but the only game I know which solved it in a satisfying way was Guild Wars 2.
Their items can have different stats at the same level, giving them a variety range ToS never will have. They only implemented a single stage of new items in 4 years and it was enough to keep a big comunity for long. I myself played it for around 3 years and it took me ages to get full ascended sets for 3 characters and Technically Im not even close to be done there.

ToS goes the classic item spiral WoW alike but unlike WoW we dont have enough content which makes it boring very quickly and slightly imbalanced.
What ToS needs is a weapon lvling system for older players which includes static bound of the transcendent items which are NOT char bound.
This would bind older players at their own weapon which they have now and newer players could skip these weapons, start to lvl up the newer one an would a bigger progress on long term which would mean there would be a point where they actually could get stronger.

Ah, and the boss item ranking system. They must delete this trash.

Switching to new equipment really sets you back. Here is an example to illustrate that. Assume 1. one year between every switch because new gear too strong, 2. You only get 2 saalus cubes a day, no events. 3. Reroll every cube. 4. New player joins when Rank 9 comes out.
Year 0 - Middle of rank 9, veteran has 10000 blessed shards worth of transcended gear.
Year 1 - Rank 10 comes out, newbie has done saalus for a year, getting 2190 shards. Veteran keeps doing saalus, but switches to new set of gear.
Year 2- Rank 11, same thing. Newbie (now semi-veteran) is forced to switch too.
Year 3 - Some new gear set is released. Everyone is forced to switch.
Year 4 - Repeat.
It takes like 2 yrs to catch up depending on how long you hold on to the shards before investing. Remember that this is assuming no cube events. Well probably get saalus cubes much much much more easily in the future.

*Tbh that ‘veteran’ probably wont even have 5k worth of blessed shards to begin with due to switching from r8 to r9 lol

What you guys dont get is that a level 10 transcended item takes a year and a half to be done, EACH ITEM, and these items will be nowhere near New items that will come (lolopanther is nothing near solmiki).

Being like this, either you keep your old item just to make it lvl 10, save every shard for 1 year and a half to have some months of glory with your single level 10 trans item or lvl 10 trans will never be achievable.

We have 8 items that can be transcended, 12 years to make a full lvl 10 trans character…

The only way i could think of to speed up the process is by making the cube shards drop on all saalus bosses so other saalus missions that take longer to finish would be worth the time or maybe let the mobs randomly drop them? :imp:

Tbh im pretty sure the game’s already a ghost town before you can even fully transcend all your gears rofl

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I dont read it, but well done on the feedback. Good luck.