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Any viable build that I can follow for when inquisitor is up?

Is there any proof of this ? Coz i haven’t seen any actual values provided to the [God Smash] skill. I don’t expect it to be +100% damage when using [Blunt], coz many damage type modifiers got +50%, Hoplite [Spear Lunge] +50% to [Pierce], Barbarian [Cleave] +50% to [Slash], Murmillo [Headbutt] +50% to [Strike].
If it has +100% that would be nice. Anyway i din’t count [Smite]+50% knokdown bonus and x2 to [Devil],[Mutant] type damage.

Irrelevant in current formula coz it is applied to all DPS values, just multiply by 2.

It has +25 STR bonus, so it does affects overall calculations. But that actually doesn’t matter.

I don’t bother myself with new Rank 8, weapons, but i saw them. Got really sweet stats on weapons thou. Excited on a Mace with M.Atk as a scaleble value.

What is a skill description on this, coz i din’t get the effect.

Didn’t get that, i am not native English speaker, could you explain that ?

Didn’t get this one too.

How often you see Priest with [Monstrace], coz most of them max other buffs to sell them. At least it is on Fediman.

So here is re-calculation on Crit Chance with [Monstrace] and [Smite]:
Full DEX stats
DEX: 622
Critical Chance %: ([622+74+116+75]-100)x0.127=787x0.127 = 100% (Rounded UP).
DEX: 130
Critical Chance %: ([130+74+116+75]-11)x0.127=384x0.127 = 49% (Rounded UP).

[Smite] level 15

  • DEX: [(925+1771)x1.5 + 49]x100 = 409300
    DPS: 409300 / 288 = 1421
  • Hybrid: [(1076+1771)x1.5 + 755]x49+(1076+1771)x51 = 246249 + 145197 = 391446
    DPS: 391446 / 288 = 1359

DPS Difference 62, that is equal 4.5% more DPS. So 100% Crit vs 50% Crit.

Problem of Wheel that you can go out of the damage range. But it works great with Catagoon [Rush] + [Restrain] and [Dethron] lock effect.
Wheel simply doubles [Rush]+[Restrain] lock and damage. So what is expected: Goon use Rush and locks team and Inquisitor lands wheel = Profit, instakill.

Well, video you provided got Heal 5.

Heal 10:
{[(107+4+505)x10]x2}x2 = 24640 (No INT)
{[(107+436+935)x10]x2}x2 = 59120 (436 INT, Full INT value for level 196)
Zaibas 10:
[(261+4(INT)+505(M.Atk))x14]x2(Overhit) = 21560 Damage (No INT).
[(261+436(INT)+935)x14]x2(Overhit) = 45696 Damage (436 INT, Full INT value for level 196)
So yeah, it does

Where is my stupidity ?

Meh, i did actual calculation for funbase that includes all variables, DEF of target, Damage type vs Armor type, animation time of skills actual movement and most effective skill rotation for the build. So yeah that all gone and will not be ever show or calculated. Even % impact to damage of different Classes, same as DPS table calculation for all Classes / Skills. Quite fun time of my life. This will not be ever shared.

But, Cleric C2 > Krivis C1 > Paladin C3 > Miko C1 > Inqusitor C3 looks fun, but probably will newer be leveled up.

Check the url I listed below the god smash & lvl bonus part. It has all the r8 videos. Check any pala inquisitor video really.

Best case I’ve seen was a 75k crit with god smash so far.

x4, and it matters for the dps comparison a lot.

Poor man’s translation of Broom.
But basically it places circles that give +1 to the skills used within it’s range.

Point out where the dex vs str calculations are wrong in this page: A New and Better STR vs DEX answer machine

Read: Brief Technical Guide to Transcendence

huge bump to basic phys atk basically. Max is +550% attack from your weapon.

The whole point of going dex as a cleric is to grab priest for res & monstrance.

Monstrance is one of the easiest crit rate boosts in this game. And it can’t be sold by pardoners.

It’s a 1 point wonder.

I was talking about the dmg rotation for pve, not pvp.

I mean Breaking Wheel > Conviction > x3 God smash already deals around 300k dmg. Full dex is far better at maxing your full dmg burst.

[Conviction] makes [Smite] deal 3 Hits, don’t know about [God Smash].[quote=“Wurmheart, post:54, topic:323123”]
Poor man’s translation of Broom.
But basically it places circles that give +1 to the skills used within it’s range.

Lol i can do this translation by myself )
And it seams like it works like [Counter Spell], clearing blocks on the land and it fits Broom action ) Increasing level increases range of cleared, it start from [Skill Level]+1 range.

Well quite obvious (not sure about exactly 300k), for damage side, but where it is better ? It’s better for less then 10% according to hybrid build, also you increase your party damage output. (Only Physical side of party)

Oh new weapon upgrade, yes i saw that on IMC patch-notes.

It’s not actually DEX vs STR, coz i use Third stat. But i will read that.

I used that big formula to calculate most of the damage.
Except it doesn’t take to account movement frames and skill animation time.
Same for TOS Mechanics document, got it forked in my git-repo.

More that that got effective graphics on the profit/effort dependancy for the Enchantment level of the equip and Gem hunting.


u simply turn this discussion thread into drama theater and then math class…

@Wurmheart @bintang_wowo u already see how ignorant he is, better just sit down than argue with him…

bet he won’t need a lawyer even at the court…

Guys i just don’t get it in the end. I’m returning player so all these math is nothing for me D: So can anyone just link me meta build for pala3-inq dex build? And how i should stat during leveling. Please?..

To give an example for this godly quote by our lord and savior @Wurmheart so the ignorat @kirill_pivtorak can understand
if you have 500 DEX, Monstrance will give you 10 + 163 = 173 DEX, your monstrance efectively give you more crit rate than lvl 15 finestra, thats what the snowballing @Wurmheart is talking about
And if one have to split stat to something, the will always pick CON over anything, because… reasons…

Well you can listen to:
-who made a good number of swordsmen reroll in the past(not entirely his fault tho), he really want to help out, but imo, his builds tend to add/leaveout too much unnecessary factors in it which leaves is sub-par to typical meta.
or to @Wurmheart who
-has made an active and generalized Cleric-centric guide that branches out into different classes and build types that are either min-maxers or all-rounders that follows the ever changing meta.

Or you could just follow your heart and choose your destiny in class/rank ups :heart_eyes:

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TLDR: follow @Wurmheart our lord and savior

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I found this one but can’t find stat ratio when leveling :frowning: It’s too hard for noobie like me.

Any build is not perfect, just play the build which you “can” enjoy its gameplay.

if you try a build and feel not really good, it’s fine, because reroll is a part of this game, or you can just play others game which just have “several” build can be choosen.

i have played three chara to R6 and just one of it up to R7, and i like that R7 chara(wugu musket). Although i feel hard to decide my R8 class, BUT im enjoy the sitution.

That build is good, but you will may want resist element max because they reduce damage by % now, lvl 15 + 1 (Divine Might) will reduce 40% elemental damage, take some point from Turn Undead or you can leave restoration @ level 1

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got it, but can you explain stat part for me? Something like dex:con
3:1 or whatever.

Check out my beginners guide for more info on build options and skill selections:

Stat wise go for 50-100 con and rest dex. And lvl 15 resist is ideal atm agreed.