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Rework of stats?

I saw weeks ago some people talking about a rework of STR and INT, was this true?

Because actually, a rework of stats, not only these 2, would be a huge improvement.
I say yes to Ro stats, +0.5% weapon power per str point pls

You guys got any source or something about this subject?

I think it’s this one

But I yet to see the progress or any info.

The Q&A was released around the time the KTOS balance patches began, which makes me think that once they’re finished with the class balancing, they’ll do the stats.

How would they start balancing classes without doing the stats along with it? Skill damage is dependent on stats like str/int/spr.

They could easily be taking what they’re planning on changing into account as they do the balance changes, or they could want all the classes on a level playing field before balancing the stats.

But this is imc

i’ll just lurk around and see what they capable of

finger crossed



Why rework stats when you can just add random items with huge boosts to skills? IMC knows how to fix scaling.


Then add monsters with huge HP pools to combat the high stats obtained from expensive equips…

Vicious cycle of beefy items vs. beefy monsters.

I think. They did rework by re-balance skill. as you can see some class already change dmg scale power.

Cataphract, Sapper, Hunter as example.


btw even they said about 6th-7th re-balance patch. Its mean KR version not our version. Our version is around 3-5th class re-balance patch.

Well im more worried what happens after the rework. Everyone probably needs a stat reset and imc being imc wont give us back our points. Man i cant afford reset potion on 10 chars :frowning:


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IMC best troll ever :joy:

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They are capable of anything apart from ruining the game?

Really !?

huehue , facepalm