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Any viable build that I can follow for when inquisitor is up?

Actually it is 360% Damage boost 8* Weapons and 450% for 9*, 10* Weapons haven’t been introduced, just a kind reminder.


I’m saying you’ve outstayed your welcome here as far as I am concerned.

Said video doesn’t even show the hit limit of the wheel/conversion…

I have addressed and countered just about every point you made, proven your calculations to be wrong and even given evidence to back up my claims.
There’s nothing more I could do to disprove you.

And yet you keep stating you’re in the right, you encompass a delusion so strong there is literally no merit in speaking to you.

At this point in time you’re both unwilling to improve yourself, harmfully unaware of what is being discussed, refusing to admit any mistakes and don’t quite grasp English well enough to understand what is being said in most cases.

(I’m not holding your spelling against you, but it’s hard to discuss something when you mistake it for something else.)

And I saw your cleric2+Miko recommendation, so I know you agree with the divine might part now.

Transcendency levels are not the same as class/weapon ranks.

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Cool, so you download video, open in video editor and calculate damage hits for exact period of time. Also you can watch in slow motion on the youtube, but it doesn’t have milliseconds there so it wouldn’t be precise calculation.

Btw, Mikos’s [Hamaya] deal hit every 0.25 sec, and lasts for 12 sec. So that will be 48 hits in total.

I calculated all myself and introduced all results, DPS differs for 10-12% in average. I agree that DEX will deal more damage. Actually by revealing that calculations i proved that it will deal more damage.
Reason why showed them it’s because of SPR can be useful same as DEX for Clerics and can help team mates.

And as a result i got bulled and harassed, so is it ok to be a human like this ?

Are you sure ? Coz i have opposite information and it sad that it is Caped to amount of :star: of the weapon.

A: It’s Bullied.

B: You’re blowing a few mean words on the internet way out of proportion. Most fall under mildly mocking you or stating the uncomfortable truth.

C: You think it does, that is all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Once again you ignore the information I have given you:

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Point where ?

Once again you wrong. I read it all. And there is no description for cap.
So i assume it doesn’t contain that information.

Nah, looks like it is not restricted.

Anyway it’s a pity that everyone here didn’t get my point.
Point is 50% vs 100% crit.
What would you choose:

  • 50% Gamble with increased damage.
  • 100% crit with no damage increase.
    I prefer 50% coz in Korean MMOs i played 50% can result in 100 crits out of 100 hits.
    Especially when you suffer only 10-12% decrease in DPS output if raw calculated.
    So yeah, no one got this.

But more then that, you people didn’t even calculated “optimal” DEX value.
Coz investing in DEX like no brain results in wasted stat points. Why wasted, coz you get Crti% chance over the 100% with no damage at all.
I like to share my investigations but it looks like they are not needed at all and there is no way to go over that “label” marked on my by unknown to me person.

Bye bye and good day.

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I would choose the one that gives more DPS.

Did not really follow all posts. Reminds me of str vs dex but monstrance vs zalciai.

ignoring orher benefit and skill of the classes krivis vs priest

-need spr investment/probably stat split unless you are spr full support priest3
-canNot reduce below 0 crit resist anymore
-canNOT hit flying mob
-need to cast + move into the aoe to apply buff and debuff
-benefit party by debuffing mob however player must move into the aoe before duration ends
-has buff damage increase attribute (minor)
-does not benefit crit stat directly but reduces enemy crit def instead (you still need sufficient crit rate to get a decent Crit chance)
-must apply to every single mob you encounter since it is a debuff

-instantly apply dex boost to party
-benefit high dex build greatly, higher dex higher boost
-need only 1 level for shortest/best animation duration
-stack nicely with other crit buffs of other classes (higher dex => higher crit rate => higher crit boost by chrono quicken for example)
-must recast to apply every 20~ seconds

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plz let me know where you found this information

drama is so funny he must have really cause a lot damage for people wanting to bury that rugal guy completely.

on a serious note: dps cleric at rank 8 favors more on dex huh…
I guess I’m screwed since I build mine str/con 3:1

Are you palley or monk? Monk dont really get screwed because you have 2 Bleeding (benefit from STR) Multi hit Skills (Benefit from STR)
Just Imagine Monk vs Palley as Doppel vs Fencer, but with lower damage:
No matter how much ppl said DEX is best for rank 8, STR Doppel/Monk is still good
DEX is the only option for Fencer/Palley to be the best because you dont have much multi Hit skills

Yup, because he put much effort to post ALL VIABLE clerics build. With guud arguments, proof, and explanation.
My dedication still on far lower level from @Wurmheart because I only focusing on Paladin (Physical Cleric to be Exact, because sometimes monk).
Thats why I call him lord (the one who put the most EFFORT) and savior (the one who SAVED many people from rerolling)

He is the exact opposite of you rugal, Makes everyone rerolled :slight_smile:

paladin so I am screwed :joy:

Hi, I just changed inquisitors yesterday, level 279. Build cleric2>diev2>monk3≥inqui1, stats 2.5 str : 1dex and 100 con.

It s just a day but here s what I think:
God Smash (lvl1): Dmg isn’t very impressive without attribute and I notice it doesn’t do 3ticks on one monster per hit like the gif on imc introduction. Do about 8k normal hit and 16k critical in maven. Don’t think it will out DPS Archer/wiz/druid but I consider it a decent spammable aoe.

Wagon (lvl2): Tried combo with god smash, correct if I m wrong but the damage isn’t spreading very far. I ve seen a video, ktos inquisitor has wider spread aoe when they hit the wheel. So just wondering any inquisitor playing SEA server experience the same thing.

Malleus (lvl1): It s damage is surprisingly good. I didn’t add any int stat, but can deal 14k damage on a lvl279 wiz. I tested with another full con inquisitor using rod (I m using suncus maul), he can deal 21k damage. Just imagine the damage for this skill from int based cleric. Pve wise, it s dealing 35k damage in maven. Especially handful to give a final blow to the monster when your party mate has casted all aoes. Lol.

So far I m enjoying inquisitor. Being a monk, I think inquisitor gives more mobility to help your party DPs. I know some people play monk to solo, but I think at higher level it s fun to see how our skills sync with each other. Before inquisitor, my only aoe skill which can do Dmg is Energy blast. If I get a pelt or cyro in party I ll happily let them lead so I can one blast all mobs when they lure/ice tree the mobs. While waiting for EB CD, I ll drop a tree to silence, heal and DP mobs.

Okay that s it. Don’t have any pictures or videos since I only here because of maintenance. :smiley:

You need the attribute to splash damage, otherwise it is just a stationary AOE.

I spent about 10m on attributes last night, got some cards from exploration of new areas to get to job 5. so far I only got God Smash at 1 and wheel at 4…
I am not super used to placing the wheel to damage well, but it is OK.
What is very discouraging, is how new maps are. it is freaking nightmare to go through the questing at this point… but I bet 10-20mil more into the attributes will make it easier