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Extracting a blessed gem?

when i extract a gem from a trasended item how much gem i keep ?

and how much if i waste a loot of gem on it ?

Based from yyang_umd’s guide, you get half of the extracted blessed gems.

Getting 1/2 back is still very much speculation since not many pple extracted past stage 2.
Just from a few reports it seems you get anywhere from 50-60% back. However it may just be random.
If anyone has better information on this dont hesitate to speak up :>

btw i wonder if i extract blessed shard will my item become tradeable again?

I believe the item is destroyed.

no no i mean i we keep the weapon…and destroy the gem…will my item become tradeable again?


thanks…that all i need to know haha…if it become tradeable again then its good since my transced still lvl 1 XD…so no much to lose

Non stage 1 extraction
Wait wrong vid


i have an ignition +12 with stage 1 (but i fail to tracended to stage 3) so i wasted over 7 gems trying to tracending that ignition. i dont know how much gems i will keep if y try to extract the gems :frowning: and if that was be the best cos may be the weapon are more usefull (or expensive for sale it)

that +15 finisher…arghh my eye

Is that a 9/25 = 36% 0__0
Thanks for the video lol