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How to raise the Dmg of the Archers?

Hi guys.

I’m kinda new to the game.

Right now I have a lvl 280 Mergen (A2,R1,Scout3,Falc1, Mergen), 20 Con, Rest Dex.

I’m using a Light Gorithos+7 with 3 lvl 6 Red Gem, 1 Sissel, (rest is all generic stuff).

Most attributes are lvl 30. Split arrow lvl 40 right now.

My best hits with Split Arrow on non flying mobs is around 10K.
My best hits with Mergen Skills are average the same.

I really dont know how can i do dmg to higher lvl mobs.

I’ve seen videos of people doing 100K+ dmg with skills, 15K dmg hits with auto atacks (crits). Almost 1 hitting lvl 290 DG mobs.

Like this one below…

What makes the Dmg go so high?

Not that I’m aiming to one hit high lvl mobs, but i’m struggling to kill normal mobs. Those 200K HP mobs takes me my whole rotation and in the end are still alive.

I know other classes have similar problems (not all of them).

But with the archer, what can ease my pain?

Try to get better Equip?
Try to raise attributes?

What to do first?

It’s pretty hard to compare this video with our version of the game. This video is made with the new combat update that dropped for them that we’ll be getting “Summer”. This youtuber has been resetting their archer daily and uploading new videos of different builds/ideas and stat distributions.

Almost every skill has different stats. And the new combat update heavily favours weapon-strength as part of the formula. If they’re using a well upgraded and transcended weapon it would account for a large portion of the damage.

As a general rule, attributes > equipment. Up to a certain point(50-70%). Transcendence is probably the largest progression mechanic in the game though, even post-nerf incoming.

I know its the Korean Server, and dmg formula is different.

Still, there are other examples of high dmg hits out there, way better than my 10K dmg on the best hits.

My greatest worry its doing the right thing towards more dmg.

I’m new, as stated before, so resources are limited.

Still, if the right thing to do is raise attributes, i’ll forget getting Eq and focus everything on it. I guess my weapon is ok for now.

Any other opinion?

This ^, without transcendence you will do the normal damage of 10K, at Lv 10 of transcendence (in the actual system not Ktest) you would have an increase of 500% (or more I don’t recall the exactly value now) and to get to that stage you would probably take 6 months or more.

It’s a poorly designed system, even in the new changes, still a shitty band-aid to try and hook the players attention, but in the end, it turn into a labor instead of a fun thing to do.

Korean developers have this issue in separate fun from work and end up screwing most of their games.

Well, I guess I can do other things less painfull for now. 6 months its some time. Until there, i think the update will hit us too.

I was leaning towards getting better Eq as the weapon dmg influences all skills dmg.

But seems like upgrading attributes is easier for now.

Is that right?

For a low fund new player skill levels is the best source of damage increase.
Triple arrow 5, Homing 5, sprinkle 5. Cloak, reposition, + circling before you use triple & homing arrow.

Thats usually my rotation.

Mergen skills are not all lvl 5 yet, as I just hit rank 8.

Besides that, what do you suggest focusing on?

Make sure you keep doing the Transcendence work anyway. No matter what happens it’s unlikely to be removed as a mechanic because of the work people have already put in.

@Nirimetus I’m hoping that they will have the foresight to see that they could drop Saalus missions altogether, combine it to Mercenary Outpost, and make Mercenary Outpost random. Then instead of dropping Blessed Gems through Saalus, they should just drop 2 per day per character based on “participation” for the day. Participation could be dungeon runs with parties, merc missions, Lolo/Solmiki runs, worldbossing(after they bring it back) etc. This makes people come on and do things to get their Blessed Gems, but removes the boring part and lets them earn them doing whatever they prefer to do in the game. Uphill can stay where it is at Saalus because it fits the location’s lore thematically for defending the sisters/nuns at that location.

It won’t and can’t go away. But it can be greatly improved to work as a daily and reward long-term players while not being urrggh-tier boring work.

There’s a lot of ways it could be improved while not completely gutting it. It’s probably worth its own thread to discuss in detail, but I don’t honestly trust some people on the forum to keep it constructive and useful, it would probably just turn into another toxic thread.

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I’ll surely do the transcendence work When I get the lvl 315 weapon. Still a way until there as the grind gets really annoying after rank 8 (monster have too much hp).

I’m questing, but I’d like to save as many XP cards as possible for the rank 9…at least the lvl 12-13.

So, in the meantime I’ll spend my money on attributes I guess.

Makes any sense?

You get 90% of the gems used in Transcendence back anyway. It’s not a particularly large loss on earlier weapons. Just going up to level 3-4 is a huge gain and not a very large setback when you consider how many gems are required for the much higher levels.

I need to learn better how the process works. But knowing I can get the gems back I guess its worth and should be priority 1 then.

Clear 1 saalus convent mission to get a blessed cube + saalus cube.
Open blessed cube to get 1 blessed shard.

10 blessed shards + recipe (armour, accesory, weapon) = 1 blessed gem
Recipes are sold at item merchant NPC.

Each stage of trans will give you a +% bonus. On weapon it will be +% attack bonus.

Each stage requires more blessed gems.
It will cost some silver.

Full guide : Brief Technical Guide to Transcendence

It would be interesting, but I still think transcendence should go out, and the blessed gems being used for enhancement, to be fair, make +20 the max.

The BGs (or Blessed Shards) could be used to increase the change of successful enhancement or to protect the gear from losing potential/break, it could drop as you stated 2 per day for each char from different sources except Uphill.

Honestly, with the new changes on skills (X% dmg) it will keep the OP of Transcendence same way.

Mobs at R8 now are pretty weak tbh, the max HP I saw was 290k or something close to that.

But on the other hand, they didn’t reworked the quest bosses with relation to damage, they pack a punch and kill in 2 or 3 hit if you have less than 25K HP (which is the case of most PvE builds) and mostly skills used are multi hit skills.

Here’s an idea using a bit of influence from Smite. Give 1 gem per first play of each game mode.

So you encourage people to login daily to get their BGs, and you encourage people to play in different game modes too, which helps keep them all alive.

This can include dungeons, merc, uphill, pvp, everything. Rearrange the quantity required for upgrades of course.

I sort of get what you’re saying about just making it improve anvil chances. But I don’t see how that’s really very different as a concept. A gear progression mechanic is still a progression mechanic no matter what skin you put on it. If your issue is with the strength of it, that can(and should) be nerfed considerably. Or, alternatively, nerfed just a bit and then completely removed from all pvp modes.

Well, not for a new rank 8 char, thats why i’m here asking for help.

Anyway, the best upgrade system I know for now, in my opinion (again, its my opinion), its Diablo 3 system. You have a low chance to get the atributes you want, its pure RNG, but its rewarding and not so hard. The game difficult scales really well from my experience (1000+ hours into that game).

I already started farming the blessed gems. But i’ll wait for lvl 315 weapon. After the lvl 281 the exp resets and 290 DG gives a lot of exp, so wont be so hard.

I’ll look into the transcendence guide up there to know the costs, but looks like its not expensive

That is the thing, the way it is actually, aside from take too long to accomplish, it also cause issues on other parts of the game (PvP).

If you go with the enhancement way, it will have a lower value on damage, but still high enough to cause damage, you still have to pay, it won’t eliminate the costs (unless using silver anvil also, this item should only be obtainable through events, no TP selling), also, the gems (or shards) could be sold on TP shop (as many MMOs do that, FlyFF is an example), which would increase a bit more the cash flow for them.

Can be sold on market or 1:1 trade and get untradable after 1 trade operation as any other material did in the past.

The issue with the transcendence is, it got people used to 1 hit kill crap, and burn down bosses in less than 10 seconds. The game practically became an “Original Private Server” hence, it took the whole fun from the game, then they come and complain that it’s too easy now, then IMC goes and get stuff hard, but who don’t have Transcendence (I for one don’t have, only a Ignition in the 1st stage (+10%) which I will probably remove one of these days) will have a hard time killing normal mobs in the fields (that happened on R8 content before the changes).

I get you on the idea of gear progression, but there are better ways to do that, I mean, who would waste 4 months or more to reach Stage 10 on a weapon that will be substituted in 100 or so levels for one with better stats?

I’m almost sure that sooner or later they will sell this crap on TP or Exchange shop and you will see a nice P2W model taking shape.

Lets hope not but on well.

For that matter, all my chars at R8 have +5 - +6 weapons, with Lv 5 or Lv 6 gems and they all do well, heck, even my Chrono Linker with 1 rank in pyro do well stabbing enemies with a knife.

My wugushi is using a Viper +6 with 2x Red Gems Lv 6 I think, and do well killing R8 things, but the damage still pretty high, so she dies fast if I’m not careful.

I’m not sure if this matters, because as I said to the other guy, you get the 90% of the gems back if you want to move on and use them in something else.

I’m talking about when the game is done, would one waste 4 months to get to stage 10 on a Lv 315 weapon if at 370 or 420 he can get a better weapon (stats wise) then better weapons at 500.

Even with this 10% loss.

The Transcendence, if you look at it in the end, it’s just a grind you do while leveling, and probably for a single piece of gear, because after hitting max level, you still have to do the same for more 7 or 8 pieces, which mean, you have to work close to 4 years to get your whole gear Stage 10? and then what? Start all over again on a new char?

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I think I got your point…you’re saying we should stay at lvl cap of 330 for a long time, is it?

I understand that. Diablo 3 (which is my reference to good management of equipment, builds, etc) is capped at lvl 70 for 3 years nojw, i guess.

They keep bringing new Eqs every season and changing skills. That makes some new builds appear and makes the game feels fresh.

I think we need to reach an agreement on what is easy…For me easy is killing one monster with 1 rotation or something like 10-15 seconds of fight.

Right now, for me takes a lot more than that to kill an elite mob (those with 200k + hp).

I’m not asking for easy game. Like I said i’m not aiming to 1 hit ko everything. I just want to kill faster.