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Stage 10 for everyone is comminggggg :laughing:

My suggestion to rework “Transcendence” is to just cut it in half.

Half the boni:
Stage 1: 5%
Stage 2: 10%
Stage 3: 20%
Stage 4: 35%
Stage 5: 55%
Stage 6: 80%
Stage 7: 110%
Stage 8: 145%
Stage 9: 185%
Stage 10: 230%

Half the cost and refund everyone half their spent “Blessed shards”.

Makes the entire system less exaggerated.


It needs to be linear progression with linear requirements to be feasible scaling.

lets say 15% per stage, and only 1 gem more per stage to upgrade, so stage 10 would be 150%, and would cost 10 gems.


Just think about how long players are expected to Trans a piece of gear.
Again I think it’s similar to the gem system in that level 10 isn’t really supposed to be used right now.

Part of what helped Gems out is the addition of more abrasives and the presence of monster gems.
They should just reduce the access time by means of higher shard/gem generation and/or reduced costs.

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lvl 10 Trans= 50% moreAtk/deff/Whatever.
That would be balanced!

It takes around 550 shards to get Stage 10 on ONE item.

Currently we have

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Boots
  • Legs
  • Ring 1
  • Ring 2
  • Necklace
  • Weapon1

Some classes have 2x weapons (off-hand/shield) so add 1-3 if you include weapon sets.

So 8 to 11 items that need transcending. Of course you’re saying we don’t need them to max, and that’s true, I know. However say if you did transcend say your full Solmiki and weapons, you would need:

4440 to 6050 shards.

That’s 2220 to 3025 daily runs on one character or
6.2 to 8 and a half YEARS to run it with Saalus on one character with Token.

That to make ONE set of armor for ONE character that is BOUND and UNTRADEABLE and UNUSABLE by alts.

If you were to buy all your shards for 190k a piece…
843,600,000 to 1,149,500,000 silver…

This isn’t including the price of the actual transcending itself.

Which is why if you see someone with all gears transcended to 7 I can guarantee that they have had a Necromancer Farming Dina Bee since the beginning.

The unfunny thing is I’ve learned from Dina Bee farmers that the max amount of silver a character can carry is only 200,000,000 silver and the bank only supports 400,000,000 silver.

tl;dr - transcendence was a mistake from the start

Read this for more information:


Dont forget then rank9 is released and IMC has to balance content under the assumption that people have stage 10 trans weapons and armor!

Anyone who doesn’t, hits for 1s and gets one shot!

they should just ditch shards and have weapon exp and levels.

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Nothing wrong with balancing content around a weapons base damage + upgrades, as long as INT and STR actually mean something in the future.

Make INT and STR boost damage by a %…and suddenly you don’t need asinine mechanics like transcendence…

Or remove transcendence and balance content around those normal damage values. No need to go add crazy mechanics for damage calculations if the content doesn’t get insanely difficult.

Even without transcendence I am not sure i would put points in INT or STR since they are just flat values.

As a physical class would i want to raise my damage by 1, or boost my evasion, accuracy and crit? The scales are tipped way too heavily to CON and DEX.

It Being flat doesn’t really matter.
Weapons are flat. Anvils are flat.
Transcendence just increases the value per Ilevel.

Rods magic attack = Ilevel+4. So every ilevel they gain 1 more damage…
Stage 10 Trans just means that every ilevel they gain 6.5 damage instead.

Swords,maces and spears are ilevel+3.5 (mean). Still 6.5 more per ilvl based on stage 10 trans. Which also means a Crit is 3.25 more damage per ilvl for that weapon. Crits are also 0.5 more damage per level of the character (since you gain 1 damage per lvl)…

Dex only really provides about 55-65% Crit rate before Monstrance/Swiftstep.
Which is even less then that 3.25 when averaged out.

If you know the gain per weapon is 6.5 (it’s not for all weapons, some are higher like 2h sword,cannons and bows) and you know that 1.5 that is 9.25 (+3.25) then you can already start thinking about what flat values are equivalent. Throw that crap into excel or w/e.

is there news on blessed shards/gem? Tradable? Team storage? Marketable?

weapons and upgrades increase with higher levels.

I just stated what the increase is.

You gain 1 physical/magical attack per level as a player.

A Rod, Spear,Mace, rapier, Sword gain 1 physical/magical attack per Ilevel.

Bows, 2h swords, 2hswords, staffs,crossbows, cannons, crossbows, Musket have a multiplier which doesn’t make their increase not linear it just means it’s greater then 1 (not getting into all that here).

The Anvil increase per rank is literally 2 +Star. for weapons -_-.

A lot of ■■■■ in this game currently increments by 1 point, including STR (except for warriors who get 1.3 physical attack per strength).

Part of the desire to implement transcendence was to make weapons get a larger increase. They decided to make this through an upgrade system instead of just buffing the crap out of weapons but w/e. Similarly they buffed gems earlier because well gems were largely insignificant.

A 10 star weapon is going to give you 12 more physical attack for upgrade +1.
It’s say ilevel 600 and a sword. Its average attack ((min+max)/2) will be 603.5
One point higher than the i level 599 sword/mace/spear with an average of 602.5

You trans 10 and that 1 point difference from Item level 599 to Item level 600 becomes 6.5. Something much more significant. Crits are 50% so 100% Crit means an additional 3.25 more damage from a category of trans 10 weapons per ilvl.

These are simple numbers…

A lvl 600 full dex archer would have over 1000 crit rate just from dex and nothing else. That’s about 35/36% more damage on average instead of 50%.

That means 2.34 more damage Trans, excluding base physical attack, other gear and skill damage…

Tl;dr. If someone took all the time to throw the info in Excel/ a google doc or whatever they’d probably find Strength should give something like 3 or 4 physical attack & crit damage (I’m guessing) per point to compete with Dex and a stage 10 weapon.

It’s not 550 shards, to upgrade a single weapon to Trans. 10 will cost you 2830 shards.
Armor = 1430 shards
Acessory = 1250 shards
Shield = 1610 shards

So, to upgrade a full set of equipments for ONE character will cost you:
If you use only 1 weapon (two handed):
Weap: 2830
Top: 1430
Bottom: 1430
Gloves: 1430
Boots: 1430
Bracelet 1: 1250
Bracelet 2: 1250
Necklace: 1250
TOTAL: 12.300 shards
With Onehanded+Shield: 13.910 shards
With Dual Weapon: 15.130 shards

Lets suppose your build is dual weapon, and you do Saalus twice (token user) daily with 10 alts.
10x2 = 20 shards/day
15130/20 = 756,5 days

It will take more than 2 years playing everyday with 10 characters to transcend ONE set of equipments
With only 1 character the game will close before you finish your transcending.


Explain the people who have trans 10 all equips. Im also figuring out if they made any violations. Wish they will be interviewed on how did they acquire it.

I don’t feel any jealousy among those who did, but It’s really questionable. I hope one day the GM/Staff can ask them on how they manage to get it all transcend.

I know and you know the answer about this so hoping the Talk where the CEO quotes “we don’t want to remove transcendance because it will be unfair to those who invested on their character” Right, then how about those who invested thru RMT?


Cough* RMT or they’re just one savy market player which is very unlikely.

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Even if they obtained half the shards from dailies and bought the rest from the market at 200k, that’s still over a billion silver.


With the amounts of bots/afk and cheaters and the time they had to do it, the silver should be really cheap for RMTers.

They paid some good disposable income for that cheap/worthless virtual money if that makes you feel better.