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Team Dex Vs Team Str ( Trash talking, discussion, roasting each other, math magician war ) Aka Debate STR Vs DEX

meanwhile on my server… still waiting card system + item trans update… :cry:

dude, even you put all your stats to str, it doesnt cope up with +50% extra damage you get from crit. because with item trans you can get high patk w/o investing huge pts on str.

If you are near crit cap this seems to be the update for extra damage. it won’t really harm

It’s pretty much the same as 310 magic amp in this case (same situation lel) just that it’s scaling to transcend levels.

Don’t know if gems really scales with transcending(pretty sure don’t scale)

Blue gems does scale. I am not sure if red gem does scale though but if it’s added into the main stat it will scale.

Transcendence only applies to the primary weapon stat, meaning all bonus
stats including awakenings and other elemental/mAmp damage will not be
factored in.
Confirmed [by GM and player] - Transcendence ALWAYS
applies to the current primary stat, regardless of when it was
originally transcended. This includes enhancements, gems, briquetting,
and weapon reinforcement.

Thats good, so gg 3000-10000 with doppel.

a average of 5k PD that’s extremely scary.

that calc was wrong, dov scaling to your min patk.

1014-3358 + 150%(dov 15) = 2535-4879 (+15 VTB) x3 *7 red gems
1526-4222 + 150%(dov 15) = 3815-6511 (+15 사크미스) x3 *7 red gems
+15 게일 슬래셔 (purp 315) = 427-793 (+275) = 702-1068 +100%(lv.4 trans) = 1404-2136
adding weapon effect
(+111 patk and +358 min atk) = 1873-2247 +Lv.15 dov = 4682 - 5056 (w/o gems)

if you go full dex (w/o con) for 315 orange, maybe you can add +80% with x8 glass mole cards.

Imc is fking with us badly…

There will be another str revamp, count on it.

I patiently awaits this. Str is too shiet as of state now it makes me sad. Same goes to SPR

unless imc gives +500% ++ bonus damage gained from str, now high str build cant cope up with +50% damage from crit, bc item trans gives you high patk w/o high pts invested on str.

I know it scales. Was only a hue comment.

I don’t like playing based on high rng numbers.

I know. Hence a revamp.

Static safe numbers +1.

I think everyone’s forgetting that red gem increases max damage for main hand, not patk, unless they changed that as well. Otherwise green gems still king.

Surely not forgetting unless you didn’t read any previous posts.

From what I can see you were the only one that mentioned it.


Is your math going off max attack or patk for red gems? ele e dex e owo dano overpower