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Anyone else feel overwhelmed? Is TOS a chore?

200 in less than 2 days?? without x8 exp tome? are you for real?

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where is ur pool ? o.o

I think though that’s the problem… there isn’t a lot to do. But what there is feels like a requirement instead of an option. And those requirements can be disheartening when you look at the investments required.

Yeah… there isn’t any amazing content. But what content we do have must be done to the point it is stomped into the ground.

  • Get all your attributes to lv100
  • Get all your cards to lv100
  • Get all your gems to max
  • Run Saalus 500x times
  • Kill these monsters thousands upon thousands of times for hours and hours… hit whatever new cap there is.
  • Run Saalus some more.
  • Try ET. Try it again… and again… and again.
  • Try the new tower. Try it again… and again… until you have all your gear.
  • Sweet… you’re at cap, have all your gear you want… now…
  • Upgrade all your gear to 20+
  • Run Saalus some more. Transcend everything. It will take forever but, keep at it! lol
  • Want more content? Kill a new WB. Then kill it again… and again… and again… get that cube! Open the cube! Didn’t get what you want? Just follow the TOS formula, and do it all again.
  • Any changes invalidate your character? Maybe @R8? Or @R9? Or @R10? It’s okay, do everything above again for a new character.

Yeah… there is plenty to do lol And at the same time? There is absolutely nothing to do outside of PvP that doesn’t feel like a chore lol

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The primary issue here is scaling of Transcendence. The % boost IMO should’ve been diminishing, not increasing.

The way it is right now as OP and some pointed out is that older players who stuck to their main will always be ahead no matter what new players do.

Class resets will probably only make that situation worse as there won’t be a need for toons with high-trans weapons (or who have saved a lot of shards already) to be rerolled, starting from scratch with another weapon.

Sure, it’s reward for dedicated players - but is that really worth it to make new players perma-inferior?


thats what i’m talking about ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

an easy fix for it?
new lvl 330 dungeon that drops 10 saluus cubes everyday
and reduce to 1/4 the amount of shards needed to transcend

this way everybody could get all the gear transcended with some 1-3 months after hiting max level

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Isn’t that mostly the format of most MMORPGs right now? Run x number of times of dungeons to craft item. Or run dungeon until you get what item you want, or whatever. rinse and repeat until they release new content. then repeat the process all over again. or in cases of other MMORPGs that doesn’t run on instanced dungeons, hunt x number of mobs until you get item or enough materials to create item, or pray to RNGeezus to give you the item after 1 kill. in which ToS gives you both the option.

these are the kind of players that enjoyed their character, not because they are meta, but because they enjoy it. class resets on tp shops will only benefit meta lovers, but like I said I’m not against it, but imo they should just give those out once all of their new classes are released. not like R8 is coming, class reset please. R9 is coming, class reset please. R10 is coming, class reset please. 'cause nothing is definite until they plan on releasing newer ones.

for me the solution to this is just let the players transfer their transcended weapons to their alts. do not make it tradeable, but at least make it transferable.


That could work, but eh IMC doesn’t even bother making Saalus equip drops transferable between toons.

Guess it’s part of the “hardcore” experience.

I feel OP’s pain, lol. However I did what you said you weren’t into: Just play the game. Normally I’m all about being competitive and wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was… Coughs… but ToS is just way too involved for that. You have to farm these weapons at this place to make this next weapon to make this next weapon and then have these shards to transcend this weapon that may not be worth caca on the next patch, and heck, maybe even make your next weapon! xD No thank you. If I get it, I get it. I have some goals in mind of course, but I’m not gonna sweat if I miss a Saalus mission a day.

I agree, there’s a lot you need to work towards, but not a lot to actually do variety wise. I’m still hoping to just see more social content pop up since ya’ know… _MMO_RPG.

dude, game needs new players or it dies. transfer to alts will not fix the real problem (the real time wall)

see, ppl still didn’t realize how bad is the transcendence problem

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ikr. IMC is so “hardcore”, with all their restrictions and sht. but hey, still hoping. I mean they just released a patch that lets you trade most of the items that were untradeable before.

chore? …no …not really
at least that’s what I think anyway

I used to think like that until I noticed that IMC only cares about keeping the whales satisfied. Guess they’re milking enough from those players.

Soooo many bot and hack reports went ignored for some reason - most of them having bought TP costumes and sh*t.

This is a hobby a game a fun time, stop getting so bloody tense…

if you ain’t having fun and think it’s overwhelming then find a more relaxing hobby/game :expressionless:

as for the main question…


NOPE :relieved:

imho, what kills the game is the character skill balances, scaling, dmg, usefulness etc.

item transcend scaling/issue is secondary.

who build chracter to follow equiment, lol

it should be the otherway round,

i made my character this way, so i hunt X equipment to make my character shine more.

you cant have a balance game until , even swordman1, archer1, cleric1, mage1 etc… until all rank and all classes are nerf/buff/change to a balance state, this game is not worth playing
(as pointed by OP, its just slaving yourself to follow some trend/equipment, totally killed the concept of Class Diversity)

Class Reset? huehuehuehue

Point2 , leveling (player experience and Quality of Life)
Questing? boring when its yout 10th alts

Dungeon? dying if your server population low af… too many level bracket to stretch the low pop further and hefty penalty

Grinding? no1 wants you unless you have X skills. Low spawn, bot, low channel, afksorc etc

Point 3

Congratz, despite all the hardship, you endured it all the way, now whats your reward?

Buggy PVP/GVG not to mention single digit FPS
Buggy PVP/GVG reward system, ya’all got IMC’ed!

ok, so workaround it, play PVE

WB boring af, its a camping competition, boss die less than 1min
ET? need meta build to brute force yoursself all the way, literally climbing tower, not to test your personal player skill, but is rather , how well you min maxing

lastly, Point 4

if nothing attracts you, well, theres still Costume Game~


Yeah… feels like a chore for sure. What’s worse is knowing that there’s a ton of players using cheats like hook64 so you’ll never be able to compete even if you do the chores everyday.

Good fking game.

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Tree of flower picking…all those quest NPCs…heuuuk
Is playing ToS a chore? It’s in the eye of the player.
Does ToS have a lot of chores? Yes, every day you MUST pick flowers.

Reporting bots - that’s a chore.
Taking evidence - that’s also a chore.
Trying to make IMC understand they have a lot of stuff to fix - the real chore.



spreading hues in forum <-- best chores ever!


yeah …but I don’t see it as a chore
I mean …that’s my opinion
like when you see people sweep the floor, its a chore right?
but there still people who do that as a hobby…its that kind of thing
most people probably see this as a chore but I don’t. That’s all.