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Fails can occur on Transcending a item? Does it lose potential?

hi, as the title says.

Ok, so Fails can occur on Transcending a item and it lose potential.
There is any table with the chances of fail?

We have this awesome topic here, but it says nothing about the chances of lose Potential or failure.

Yes, I lost 1 pontential when i tried from stage 6 to stage 7. I dont recommend transcending below 95%. I tried 88% and got burned.

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I’d recommend to simply go with 100%. You lose too much more by risking and failing that it’s almost not worth in most of cases (plus the potential loss makes you receive less blessed shards in future if you need to remove them).


@jynxie08 @LunarRabbit
So I can chose how much % I will put on the process to transcend?

Yes, chance will increase depending on the number of blessed gem you want to use. from 1%-100%.

You can try to transcend stage 9 into stage 10 with 1% if you really that orgy.


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