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I want to know about transcended

I herad once that transcended can affect on the primary stas.
but what are the primary stats concretely?
I know the primary stas are maintenance, anvil, and originary thw weapon attack.
but what is the originaly options on weapon about?
for example, INT Mamp elemental attribute( on alde dagger so on) STR CON CRITICAL BLOCK so on.
can they add on transcended?

and I heard from a person that red and blue gem can be on transcended, but the others color gem can not be on.
is it really?

I’m a Japanese, I am not well English.

primary stat = weapon/armor + enhance + maintenance

INT and Fire property the likes on the weapon can not increase for transcendence, right?

Every stat that is not the base attack, enhance or maintenance won’t be boosted. That includes all the extra stats the weapon gives, gems and awakens. I have no idea about briquetting though

thank you for explain.

thank you for explain.
I understanded a bit.