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Regarding Token acquisition via illegal DLC purchase

Greetings, Saviors.

It has recently come to our attention through our forums and other channels that some players are allegedly acquiring Tree of Savior DLC and Tokens illegally through Steam.

From the data collected thus far, we do not consider this to be a major concern as of yet, but we are discussing the issue thoroughly with Valve officials to figure out the source of the problem and prevent further cases of abuse from taking place.

What we can say right now is that the problem in question seems to be confined to a few isolated cases processed through Steam’s Brazilian store and is related to its payment system, meaning it is out of our direct scope of action.

We will, however, be implementing our own countermeasures to help prevent this type of fraud. More details on this will be announced soon.

Finally, we would like to warn that any users proven to have abused Steam systems with malicious intent will be subject to permanent sanctions.

We sincerely appreciate the concern of those who have been reporting similar cases of fraud and will keep you updated on the issue as soon as new information on it is available.

IMC Staff

[Update] The follow-up action regarding this issue:
Banned Boleto Exploit Abusers


the problem is you can buy by any means that still shows the purchase has pending, that can by done by anyone in any country it is not limited to brazilians.


but not every country has access to those different payment options.


“Few isolated cases”

Well this explains all those bots with arde daggers and craptons of silvers.


or make new servers.


Why wipe it cause of a select few that will be banned cause it’s a short paper trail


Possible temporary solution would be to prevent users from accepting their DLC Package in-game until after a 48 hour grace period.

This means that even if users attempt to exploit the Steam payment system that they will still have to wait that 48 hour period until they can claim their TP, which, by then, the payment will not have cleared.


Your game is so ■■■■■■. Borderline pay 2win head costumes… Late Server announcements. The worst Trading restrictions i have ever seen in a game. And why because you failed to implement measures against Bots in your code. But all you see is the Dollar Dollar signs.

And now this…
Someone said something very meaningful that stuck with me:
If this would have been an engineering Job you would have been sued into oblivion. But apparently in gaming everything is allowed.


It impossible to solve without WIPE!
first the server economy went into space! expensive items, increasingly expensive. out that many people used this bug and self-benefit. ex .: player took a lot of silver, and bought all passive skills the maximum (level 100). maybe now you do not see much problems with this, but when you get PvP or GvG will there be a difference in the competition … many people will play with suspicious occurred.


Late announce? lol.
Trade is fine, f2p will be able to trade itens. Silver auction is fine.
Being “fixed”.
Against bot, all game have any kind of bot and they still lose the battle.
Head costume dont really care, they just need to disable them at pvp and we are fine.

This wasnt even they fault, its steam thing. They will deal with ppl that exploited after reviews.



Again the paper trail is short as hell they’ll be banned a wipe is not the solution. As far as the economy goes it’s still in flux markets frankly too small as more players play the price of high priced items will drop as there will be more supply to meet and over come the demand. Just like the start of every mmo market those in the fore front don’t know the value of anything so they list it as high as they can.


Go IMC! :kissing_heart:


Look at the number of online player now!
about 15k online player
and about 510k people who buy the game.
look at the last Graphical and mouse:
April 9 to April 10 14k people buy the game.
April 13 to April 14 7k people buy the game.

this is a lot of numbers, and because never has more online players?
and when the game is on this media player 15k online.
is very strange. 7k people buy from one day to another and not increase the media online players.
this bug was not done overnight, but weeks.


EA, so every bot spammer you see has “bought” (and likely refunded) the game, so the 510k statistic is very far from the truth.


If you do the simple accounts, we will make a very exaggerated calculation.
25k accounts were purchased for use bot / spam.
and the bot is almost 24 logged and the peak online was the first 4 days, which was nothing bots.
Now this online 14.760 players, how many of these are bots?
remember this is a global server.
25k is 5% of total accounts.

Just wipe , easy and fast solution. Game just only about 2 week .


Its been unfair from the first day.
Fix all the glitch and bug.
Wipe the server please.
Give compensation.
Refresh the mood.
Wipe before its too late.
Wipe it please.


Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get what’s been unfair since day 1 as the silver market is doing what it always does in every mmo at the start even the great and powerful arde dagger price has dropped as more players aim to meet the demand… New markets need time to stabilize. As far as the Lv 100 attributes go if the system works as intended they’ll be banned. IMC as much as people don’t want to admit it have been responsive is it perfect no but they’re far more responsive then let’s say blizzard or ea…


People calling for a server wipe are absolutely insane haha

This isn’t some dingy private server with rates up the ass where no one feels much after a rollback or a server wipe. The best course of action would be getting rid of abuser accounts, the market will stabilize afterwards, it’s not open to the public yet after all.


Exactly what I’m saying. Secondly would they compensate us? I personally have 170hrs in this game, what on earth could they give to return a weeks of play time back to someone like me? And how would they scale it? Would someone who has far less play time get the same compensation? Would I get the same compensation as someone who invested even greater amounts of time? There is no answer in wipe and compensate.