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Banned Boleto Exploit Abusers

Hello, Saviors.

We’ve been investigating the accounts behind the “Boleto Bancario” abuse. A total of 143 accounts have been banned permanently. The following is a list of said accounts.

In addition, we’re continuously discussing with Steam’s fraud department for possibility of other related cases of abuse.

Thank you.

IMC Staff


nice work julie and the staff :smiley: keep up the good work!


I rate those names 10/10


Now you need to ban every account that traded with them directly.


passing by the name list… see my name , oh sh#!.

(juts JK i’m no criminal)

you said “juts” that means you’re a criminal. and do not edit it!

While I’m sure everyone appreciates IMC’s efforts, looking at how some of the names are total gibberish, isn’t it obvious that majority of these are just “ghost” accounts while the main account continues to get away with whatever silver/stuff they gained from this?

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these are all burner accounts, how about the real players who are running around with full gear ?

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Some are fake, yes, but going through a ton of them are actual people.


it’s not “some”, 90% of them are random letters, burner accounts used to exploit and transfer the money to another account.


@All It is never easy to handle this kind of abusers and cheaters.

Give ImcGames some time and if they take it serious, they will find a solution.
or contact people who can help them with solutions, who do not affect the gameplay fun of normal people.

Kind regards


Investigate the first player they made transactions. Keep up the goodwork IMC team. Fighting! :smiley:

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Nice work . :v:

I believe it is important to ask you to investigate the accounts that have benefited by banned accounts.

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…good to hear about this.

I hope the damage monetary wise can be somehow gotten back from these individuals.

They spammed the market with tokens.
IMC might lose alot of money duo this.
It didnt influence the players alot, otuside of the crazy spike in silver cost/ rares. Which should drop now again.

Thx IMC it was so tempting :joy:

What will you do about hundreds (thousands?) of bots running around with arde and valia (purple and orange gear), feeling comfortable? They even leveled their attibutes (max blessing).

Yes please…

Yes!!! Get those guys down!

+1 Nice going there.

yeah, 90% of these accounts are looking like dummies for me