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Tree of Savior : Initial Patch Notes

Greetings, Saviors.

Here are the patch details that will be applied when we first start our service on Steam.

The following changes have been made:

[General Contents]

  • Obtain rate for free TP increased to 1 TP per 4 hours
  • Prices for items in the TP shop have been changed
    • Check the in-game shop for more details
  • Normal Missions and Instanced Dungeons can be entered twice
  • Legwyn Family Dungeon Monster Silver Drop Rate Reduced
  • Reward rate adjusted for the Collapsed Legwyn Family Mansion Gimmick mysterious box
    • Complete the Mysterious Box of the Collapsed Legwyn Family Mansion Gimmick
  • Reduced silver drop rate for the Prisoned Tree Monster
  • Cat Ear Item
    • No longer obtainable as an item
    • Treasure chests now drop it as a recipe
      • Obtainable from treasure chests in the Absemta Reservoir region
    • Recipe - Cat Ear crafting ingredients have been changed
      • 51 Chupaluka Fur items
  • Team name is unique across all servers.
  • You may not have the same Team name on multiple servers.

[Skill Related]

  • Highlander
  • Skyliner
    • 15 sec cooldown time after using the skill 3 times instead of the original cooldown time
  • Barbarian
    • Stomping Kick
      • AoE attack ratio changed to match with what is written in the tooltip
  • Doppelsoeldner
  • Cyclone
    • Skill sustain time changed from 2 sec + lv * 0.5 sec to 2.5 sec + lv * 0.3 sec
  • Ranger
    • Steady Aim
      • Skill sustain time decreased from 15 sec to 10 sec
  • Linker
    • Physical Link
      • Physical Link cooldown time increased from 20 sec to 22 sec
    • Joint Penalty
      • Joint Penalty cooldown time increased from 15 sec to 22 sec
    • Hangman’s Knot
      • Hangman’s Knot cooldown time increased from 10 sec to 15 sec
      • Changed the Trap debuff time for monsters targeted with Hangman’s Knot from the original lv * sec to 1 sec + lv * 0.2 sec
  • Elementalist
    • Frost Cloud
      • AoE attack ratio for Frost Cloud changed to be base 10 + skill lv
  • Sadhu
    • Astral Body Explosion
      • 10 + AoE attack ratio applied for Astral Body Explosion

We realize that there are many different views on what is deemed balanced and what is not. These decisions have been made based off of information we obtained through our service in Korea. We will be making further observations from our Steam service and there will be more balance adjustments further down the line.

IMC Staff


Hi, Isnt there a change in the Steady Aim formula? It is suppose to be 5%+skill level instead of 3%*skill level.

Please give swordman classes CC or gap closer, or nerf the effect of wizard tree CC in PvP.

Oh and maybe rework how stone skin works

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Normal Missions and Instanced Dungeons can be entered twice

Is that for token users or normal users?

That’s kinda done backwards :confounded:

It’s like getting a person to sign up for the gym without showing them inside the gym or what equipment is there.

“You can see inside the gym yourself after you fully paid for your membership.”


There’s that linker nerf we all were dreading and expecting! Oh well.

Anyone know a way of seeing the TP shop price changes before the game goes live? This community is dying to know the token price.

1 DG entry + 1 Token is not better?

To make the game more grind?

They are the only class with a Built in sprint, that’s your gap closer


yeah, right, that’s why swordman make up 1/50 top PvP in kTOS. No sprint is not a gap closer.

Sorry but this is completely heavy-handed, and honestly the entire AoE attack ratio in this game makes -NO- sense. How does it make sense that enemies standing below a huge meteor or on top of a frost cloud can just straight out miss because there were more than a couple?

Basically the only reason you’d have to go ele at all was just completely butchered.

So it is AoE attack ratio ( mob cap is weird) . So falconners could help elementalists even more. Cool change in my opinion. Gotta makes those support archers more suportish.


RIP dun130 money



Good choices.

Next to point out.

Stoneskin xD.

Scales way to good for pvp …
And no chance to get past PD anti status spam~

Give people mechanics to counter that.
SPR and block pen avaible can’t beat priests with stoneskin up … not even close if they have a little spr…

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These changes weren’t applied to kTOS, were they? Why is there a different skill balance between iTOS and kTOS? Isn’t it going to cause some headaches for the dev team?


They aren’t applying the changes they supposedly made out of observing kToS TO kToS because they’re scared to lose all the 5 people that still play the game over there. :joy:

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So they were nerfed after all. Good, I was prepared anyway.

Next on the butchering table - Bloodletting, Stone Skin.


Please give us the same number of dungeon entries as korea.

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Just be happy that they are not threating us as nobodies, but we got our own patches and support.

our own nerfs and downgrades :expressionless: