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KRtos (class, content) vids & discussion : first post = retiari & onmyouji vids (CLOSED TOPIC BY REQUEST)

Note: will update this first post according to ktest patches. If you need back-up, take screenshot. Next deletion: during reveal of new archer and cleric class.

Some links

Translation of [KTOS] April 19 Patch 2018: here

Nak Muay Unlock Guide by @Pokart here
Read @Kiyoshiro his Onymouji guide here and his Reitiarius guide here
@Nekorin’s stuff and guides here
After Patch Wizard guide archive back-up (and raid guide) here
Legendary Card Info here


Updated on 2018 April 11

Class VS event Boss videos (event ended) <<< click

20 mil x 3 bosses stage
Cleric3 bokor3 kabba3 <<click
Krivis3 priest3 chaplain inquisitor
krivis3 cleric3 kabba1 taoist2
Krivis3 monk3 zealot2 vs event boss here

QS3 rogue3 hackapelle2
QS3 appraiser falcon3 Bulletmarker1 video starts at right time

wiz2 pyro1 thauma3 runer ench2
wiz3 ele3 warlock3
Wiz3 Ele3 Runer Onmyo2 vs 20 mil event bosses here

Sword3 Barb3 shinobi retiari2 vs 20 mil event bosses here

15 mil x 3 bosses stage
cleric3 bokor3 kabba3
sword3 barb3 shinobi retiari2

10 mil x 3 bosses stage
HighL2 Barb2 doppel3 shinobi
sword3 barb3 shinobi retiari2
cleric2 krivis3 druid3 taoist1


Onmyouji videos << click

Video of onmyo skills and attributes by tom: here

Chrono+ onmyo
Wiz3 ele1 chrono3 onmyo2 challenge solo here


  1. Pyro2 Psycho3 Runer Onmyouji2 at Hunting Grounds 340 here
  2. W3 Psy3 Runer O2 at Hunt Gr340 here
  3. Wiz3 Kino3 Pyro1 Onmyo2 here
  4. Wiz3 kino3 pyro1 onmyouji2 (lower level and lower gear) at sausys room 9 here and more here and at timerys temple here
  5. Low gear onmyouji 2 (wiz3 psychokino3 pyro1 onmyo2) dungeon 300 here

Ele + onmyo
Wiz3 Ele3 Runer Onmyo2 vs 20 mil event bosses here
W3 Ele3 Runer o2 at HG340 here

meta onmyo build w3 th3 s1/r o2

  1. 42k SP turtle shield wiz3 thauma3 runer Onmyouji2 challenge mode solo here
  2. With Gorkas Summon W3 Th3 S1 O2 challenge mode stage 5 solo sausys room9 here and at Narvas temple here
  3. Wiz3 thaum3 sorc1 onmyo2 stage 5 challenge mode here
  4. Wiz3 thaum3 sorc1 onmyo2 stage 4 challenge mode here
  5. Wiz3 thaum3 sorc1 (gorkas) Onmyou2 challenge mode 5 solo with freeze card here
  6. With Marnox summon W3 Thau3 Sorc1 O2 challenge mode 5 solo here and at HG340 here
  7. Other w3 thau3 sorc1 o2 at HG340 here
  8. Onmyo2 dungeon300 solo 10k magic attack here and new try speedrun w3 thaum3 runer O2 dungeon300 here

Pyro+ onmyo
Pyro2 Thau3 Runer Onigiri2 at Narvas Temple here and at Hunting G340 here

Farmer onmyo
W2 Lin2 Th3 Onmyo2 farming combo HG340 here
W2 Link2 Thaum3 Oni2 farmer at HG340 here

W3 Cryo3 Runer o2 at HG340 here
Cryo3 Ele2 Runer O2 at Hunt G340 here

**Older onmyo videos** (before fire fox shikigami patch which turned it into 2 hits per attack, and before firefox fireball attribute was added):

Chrono3 onmyouji2 at sausys room 9 here
Wiz3 ele3 runer onmyouji2 at HG300 here
Wiz3 ele3 pyro1 onmyo2 dg300 here
Pyro2 wiz2 psychokino3 onmyo2 DG300 here
Cryo3 psychokino3 onmyo2 dg300 here
Cryo3 ele2 runer onmyo2 at castle wall here
wiz3 link3 rune1 onmyo2 at castle wall here
lil samson showing onmyo aoe size at demon prison here
mia’s onmyo at dg300 here
hblaze’s wiz3 link3 rc onmyo2 at dg300 here
Diern’s channel for various reitarii and a onmyo test here
try to simulate stronger weapon with thauma, ~4500 magic attack onmyo2 dg300 here
9000 magic attack onmyo2 at dg300 here

Refer to that video’s comment for explanation of onmyo costume quest


Reitiari videos <<< click

TBL reitiari (sword3 pelt1 corsair2 shinobi reitiari2)
Part 1 here
Part 2 here

Sword3 Barb3 shinobi retiari2 vs 20 mil event bosses here

Video of reitiari farmer at HG340 hop-doppel-rei2 build here
Fishnet pull, double pay earn, lunge, trident finisher.
Takes quite a lot of damage. Would’ve been blocking more with spear + shield and skipping dagger. Dagger finisher is not used a lot.

Peltasta1 - hop2 - cors3 - reitarii2 at Hunting Grounds 340 here

Peltasta1 - hop2 - cors3 - reritari2 cap damage Trident Finisher at siaulai here

Performance of low gear spear-shield reitari at sausys room here

Low level hoplite-reitiari2 at HG340 here
Lack AoE attack ratio after net pulling skill.

hop3 highlander2 dragoon1 reitiarii2 at sausys room (low gear low level) here

Music Videos

links <<< click

TOS music channel: channel click here

New guild colony music fragments here

4 new bgm
Cinenote - Final Destiny here
Cinenote - Battle will Begin here
Cinenote - Man on Fire here
S.F.A - End of the Day here

Current Class themes (2 new themes are for the 2 new classes):
Kevin_Ra Reina // Reitarii Theme here
SFA_Heaven on Earth // Onmyouji Theme here
Kevin_Alma Generosa // Nak Muay Theme here

Lyric version of new class themes by Tree of Savior KR channel.
Reitarii here
Onmyouji here

Be sure to check out the KTOS General for General info too!

New Elemental Agny Necklace Items

images << click here


That limacon 20 sp per shot is bullsht


Paladin also got a few new abilities, and monk’s golden bell shield has a longer duration/cooldown too.

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Not to forget the Oracle changes which are pretty pathetic since the Death Sentence damage bonus was heavily nerfed (basically halved, from +160% at level 11 as stated in the dev blog to +85% at level 11; also, the duration was decreased by 1/3 to 10 seconds).

Fortell also only has 10 seconds duration at level 5 instead of possible 15 at level 5 and only has half the scaling (i.e. +1 second per skilllevel) and there is no speed reduction attribute listed yet.

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Does anyone know if dual guns can be used with running shot? (With single guns you cant run while shooting)

Actually getting just one weapon and pressing one button clearing all the map without downsides or effort was pretty op tbh


Nothing here

where’s my dragoon c3?

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Pyro3 - thaum3 - enchanter2

Templar3 testing

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Yes, the buffs stack (dual stance + running shot = running gunner). But you cannot stack dual gun stance with Limacon.



Ofc this buff needed an annoying as hell sound effect for the attacks… :tired:


Shadowmancer Demonstration by @LittleSamson

Kribis chaplain test here
Monk-zealot at pystis forest here

Just this once then

Sage tests

QS3 appraiser bulleteer solo siaulai


Has no BM actually test if Running shot actually affects the dmg you do or just an auto attack speed increase and move speed?
What about the effects of kneeling shot?
What about BM dual stance? Is it similar dmg increase like running shot? (extra line)
What about the BM holy bullet buff? Does it only turn your dmg into holy physical? Or is it similar to sacrament?
Does Dual stance turn your pistol into a main hand (secondary physical damage) for other dmg skills such as falconer/hunter/wugu/etc?
Are BM skills affecected by the pistol or the crossbow?
Does dual stance duplicate anything, such as stats or gems, etc

These are the questions I need answered… Why don’t Korean test these things :sad:

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Any kabbalist C3 video? :tired:


need PD3 video

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Have not seen those tests yet.

Seen this though

Something happened to QS3 running shot + bazooka mode, not properly working together anymore

throwing daggers confirmed?

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time to be qs farmer XD

The dual dagger assassin we all truly wanted, Dagger Marker.

Does Taoist’s new lightning attack get boosted by Storm Calling?