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[Class] Nak Muay thread - welcome to the Muay Thai gym!

"The combat style of the Nak Muay is very different from other kinds you may know.
We attack the enemy with our hands, feet, elbows, and knees. The risk of injury is high, and it is not an easy style to learn.
No matter how strong you are, you must never underestimate your opponent.
If you do, the Nak Muay technique becomes nothing but a means for violence."

  • Khanom Caolaw, Nak Muay Master


Nak Muay skills detailed


Ram Muay

Description: Assume an active Ram Muay attack stance. Unlocks Nak Muay skills and converts basic attacks.
Comment: this stance changes your basic attack animation and property, breaking it in two hits (fake multi-hit), dealing 2x50% (100%) damage at level 1 and 2x70% (140%) when maxed. While under Ram Muay stance, you’ll still be able to use skills from other classes.

Te Kha

Description: Strikes the lower part of the enemy. Chance of inflicting [Slow]. [Slow] chance is determined by the difference between your STR and the enemy’s HP. Additional damage to small sized enemies. Can be used only when the Ram Muay buff is active.
Damage: 2 x (548 + 30 * (skill level - 1))%, 2 x 668% when maxed.
Overheats: 2
Comment: this skill is affected by your [Attack Speed] and it deals +50% damage against Small enemies. Since it’s a strike-type skill, its damage can be boosted by many debuffs in the game (e.g. Rodelero’s High Kick, Murmillo’s Headbutt, Wizard’s Lethargy, etc.)

Sok Chiang

Description: Slash the enemy with your elbow. Chance of inflicting [Bleeding]. [Bleeding] chance is determined by the difference between your STR and the enemy’s HP. Can be used only when the Ram Muay buff is active.
Damage: 2 x (583 + 32 * (skill level - 1))%, 2 x 711% when maxed.
Overheats: 2
Comment: like Te Kha, this skill is affected by your [Attack Speed]. If your STR is enough, Bleeding may be inflicted very often on your targets, which opens the possibility to use this skill in synergy with [Prison Cutter] cards to increase your rotation damage instead of spending a lot on SP pots to maintain [Glass Mole] cards effect. Since it’s a slash-type skill, its damage can be boosted by some debuffs in the game (e.g. Barbarian’s Cleave and Doppelsöedner’s Zwerchhau), but keep in mind that this is the only slash-type attack for this class.

Te Trong

Description: Attack the enemy with a powerful kick. Kicked enemy spins and gets knocked down. Can be used only when the Ram Muay buff is active.
Damage: (1028 + 56 * (skill level - 1))%, 1254% when maxed
Comment: also affected by your [Attack Speed]. It’s Nak Muay’s disable skill. Useful in PvP and can also be used in PvE to setup some other skills, for example, Doppelsöedner’s Punish. This skill has no bonus AoE attack ratio, so you may struggle with knocking down many enemies at once in PvE. This skill’s damage can be boosted in the same way as Te Kha, since it’s a strike-type attack.

Khao Loi

Description: Hit the enemy with a flying knee kick. Flying type enemies take additional damage. Can be used only when the Ram Muay buff is active.
Damage: (1131 + 62 * (skill level - 1))%, 1379% when maxed
Comment: it’s tha strong attack, but the animation is slower than your other skills (and Khao Loi’s animation speed can’t be boosted by your [Attack Speed]). It’s specially strong against flying-type enemies, dealing +50% damage against them and it’s a strike-type attack that can be boosted by the aforementioned debuffs.

Nak Muay Unlocking Guide

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1-1) Starting the unlock quest
Go to Fedimian, climb the ladders behind the warp statue and interact with the Bulletin Board to acquire information about a missing amulet belonging to the Nak Muay Master. Climb the ladders to he left and talk to Guard Leaper. Then, go to [Accessory Merchant] Joana and inquire her about the missing amulet. After that, you’ll need to go to Klaipeda to talk to [Wings of Vaivora] Lena. Finally, go to Poslinkis Forest and find Eimantas lying on the ground (southeast corner of the map). After talking to him, many tombstones will appear and you’ll also see an altar just below them. To unlock the Nak Muay class, you’ll need to complete 5 tasks which you receive from each tombstone after interacting with them. You’re free to do them in which order do you prefer. Here, I show how to complete each task from the easiest to the hardest one. Interact with all tombstones to know what they wish for (get a box by interacting with the fourth tombstone from behind), interact with the yellow glowing light just below them to exit Eimantas’ nightmare and let’s go!

2-1) Finding Asana
First, you have to find a NPC that tells you she moved to Tenants’ Farm and it seems like the NPCs that’ll tell you where she is are random (the other NPCs will say “I don’t know” or “please ask other people”). You’ll find those NPCs in Fedimian, Fedimian Suburbs, Escanciu Village, Goddess’ Ancient Garden and Stele Road (ask the townspeople, guards… anyone. Good luck!).
Then, go to Tenants’ Farm and talk to the NPCs in the center area about Asana, then tell Arijus (her father) a spirit in Poslinkis Forests wants to talk with Asana. He’ll tell you she’s away, but he’ll tell her about the spirit. Channel surf or move to other maps before coming back to Tenants’ Farm to check if Asana is there. When you find her, talk to her father before talking to her. She’ll say she has to prepare before going to Poslinks Forest. (You need to finish all tasks first before proceeding. When you’re done, Asana will be at Poslinkis Forest waiting for you).
At Poslinkis Forest, talk to Asana, she’ll ask where can she go to see her mother. Talk to Eimantas to enter the dream world, then interact with the altar and ask Asana to go there, then interact with her mother’s tombstone and watch their conversation to finish this task.
Tip (by @lycrosse): if you can’t find Asana in Poslinkis Forest (she should be in the same location as Eimantas), go finish other tasks first. It’s possible that she only appears after finishing the Medicine and the Strawberry Cupcake tasks.

2-2) Dandelions
Go to West Siauliai Forest and talk to [Dievdirbys Master] Sculptor Tesla, he’ll ask you to bring him 48 Dandelions at Inner Enceinte District. Kill any monster in Inner Enceinte District to obtain Dandelion Spores. You can plant them on any part of the map. After 10 minutes, they grow into a Dandelion (can only have 3 Dandelions planted at the same time). There’s a spot in the map (shown in the image below) where a fully grown Dandelion appears each 10 minutes in both channels. When you finish it, go back to West Siauliai Forest and deliver all 48 Dandelion spores to the Dievdirbys Master and receive a House Sculpture. Then, go back to Poslinkis Forest, place the sculpture on the altar and talk to the spirit under the tombstone of the homesick soul to finish this task.
PSA: Dandelions grown by you can’t be collected by other players, but the one that respawn at that spot is visible by anyone.

2-3) The Love Letter
The spirit from the fourth tombstone wants to hear a reply. Interact with the tombstone from behind it, you’ll receive a box containing a letter. Read it; it’s a love letter from Laimutis. In this task, you’ll play cupid by delivering that letter to his lover, Iona. Go to Dina Bee Farm and you’ll find her in the center/east region. She’ll love that letter and will ask your help to prepare a gift for Laimutis. You’ll have to collect many flowers for her: 60 Stonecrops from Akmens Ridge (10~30min respawn time at fixed 5 different spots) and 84 Statices from Cranto Coast (10~20min respawn time at 8 different spots). After collecting all those flowers, go back to Iona at Dina Bee Farm to deliver the flowers and receive Iona’s Box that you need to put on the altar in Poslinkis Forest to finish this task.
Tip (by @Sarutobi): Statice and Stonecrop flowers spawn in all channels at the same time in the spots mentioned. You can collect all flowers from each channel, then surf to the next one and, while waiting for them to respawn, you can travel from Akmens Ridge to Cranto Coast and vice-versa to finish this task faster.

2-4) The Special Medicine
Go to Klaipeda and talk to [Priest Master] Boruble to know how to prepare a special medicine. Buy Holy Water from him and Antidote from the General Merchant. Now, go to Entrance of Kateen Forest and commit an Ellom genocide (picture below shows the hotspot for Elloms) until you have 100 Bright Ellom Bells in your inventory. Deliver all items to the Priest Master and receive the Medicine. Go back to Poslinkis Forest and place the bottle on the altar and talk to the spirit under the tombstone of the fighting soul to finish this task.
Tip #1 (by @oryznorris): even though Bright Ellom Bell is a quest item, farming it with a party with other players doing the Nak Muay unlock quest won’t make this faster. The quest items don’t drop for all members in the group.
Tip #2 (by @Sarutobi): even though a farming party isn’t useful, you can bring your friends with Kabbalist (Clone), Chronomancer (Haste/Pass/Reincarnate) or Squire (Base Tent) to help you.

2-5) The Strawberry Cupcake
Go to Klaipeda and talk to the Mother of a Soldier, she’s at the main plaza near the warp statue. You’ll need to collect some ingredients for an exotic strawberry cupcake recipe. First, go to Gateway of the Great King and farm 100 Strawberries (25% drop rate) from Dandels. You don’t need to buy them from the market, they’re easy to drop. Now, for the hardest part: go to Owl Burial Ground and commit another genocide; this time your victims are the Red Medujas. Kill them until you have 100 Red Meduja Essences (if you can’t get anyone to help you, I suggest the following routes in the picture below; make sure you have all those quest warps to make travelling faster). Now, go back to the Mother of a Soldier and deliver the items and receive the Strawberry Cupcake. Back to Poslinkis Forest, place the cupcake on the altar and talk to the spirit under the tombstone of the starving soul to finish this task.
Tip #1: this task is really tough; the map is huge and there are just a few red medujas on it. Getting quest warps will help you finishing a lot faster. The tips given for the Ellom hunting part also apply here.

3-1) Finding Khanom Caolaw, the Nak Muay Master
After finishing all 5 tasks and interacting with the spirits at Poslinkis Forest, you’ll return from the dream world with Eimantas awake now. Talk to the Unidentified Spirits, they’ll ask you to return the amulet in Eimantas possession to Khanom. After that, talk to Eimantas, he’ll give you the Amulet, which acts like a detector to check if you’re close to Khanom’s location. Now you can find Khanom Caolaw, the Nak Muay master and become a Nak Muay (if you’re a Swordsman, of course). He’s in Tenet Garden (near Guards’ Graveyard entrance). After talking to him, Nak Muay will become available in the Class Advancement info interface. Congratulations for going through all this to unlock the kickboxer class! Have fun!


Builds and Gameplay Videos

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Tsai Tom Nak Muay skill showcase here
Nak Muay skills tested on friendly duel here
Sword3 Highlander3 NakMuay Murmillo1 Matador1 at Nobreer Forest here
Sword2 Barbarian2 Rodelero3 Murmillo1 NakMuay fighting a Siauliai Mission boss here
@megamanex14’s Sword3 Hughlander1 Squire3 Shinobi NakMuay at Siauliai Mission here

Sword3 Hoplite3 Shinobi NakMuay Murmillo1 soloing DG300 with lvl 330 raid gear here
Sword1 Highlander1 Barbarian3 Doppelsöedner3 NakMuay doing Challenge Mode stages 1-6 in a party here
@Pockie’s Sword1 Peltasta1 Hoplite1 Rodelero3 Shinobi Murmillo1 NakMuay soloing Challenge Mode stage 5 here
@Sarutobi’s Sword3 Rodelero3 Shinobi Murmillo1 NakMuay carrying his team in the TBL here


Glad to see using non nak skills won’t remove [ram muay]. Would you know if [ram muay] AA’s are true multi hit?

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Quick question, when you plant a Dandelion, is there something you have to do to get the spore out of it, i planted one and got a dandelion but now im unsure how to get the spore from it

I can’t confirm it yet, but I’ll test it when I finish the unlock quest on my character.

Sorry, that was my mistake. I updated the guide with the correct instructions now.

The guide is now updated with many corrections and informations that were missing. Images from the original korean guide are now correctly linked too.

Thanks for everyone’s contributions so far!

Also, please confirm if you had to finish the medicine and the strawberry cupcake tasks in order to Asana to move to Poslinkis Forest. If that’s the case, then it’s conditioned to do the previous tasks first.


Um… Wouldn’t Sok Chiang be the strongest Nak Muay attack? At max, its 711% x 2 = 1422

If you can, when you get Nak Muay, can you test if Concentrate is used twice for Ram Muay autos? Both the number of hits and whether the damage is applied to the two separate punch lines.

Please and Thank you.


So I think even though it’s a hidden class, I think it’s too hard to release the class, because the bright ellom bell’s drop rate is too small, extremely low, and you still have to pick up 100 of them without speaking of the medejusas that have to drop 130 and the drop rate is the same as the bright ellom bell.
I think the drop rate should be changed or the amount of items decreased in those 2 parts, in the other parts of the quest it does not need changes, although being annoying is not impossible.

Sorry about my bad english.

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it’s a fake multi hit . 100%

shame its a r7 and not a r6 class
no way to use dragoon or even templar with it

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They should at least make those tasks cooperative instead of competitive. The Appraiser unlock quest is actually well done, because it’s a lot more bearable to do it in a party where everyone helps each other, but in Nak Muay prequest you’ll struggle with other players farming bright ellom bells and red meduja essences competing against you. Dunno why they did this, since Shinobi quest only requires normal items that you can buy from other players or farm with better characters.

I did a little update on the guide: fixed the typos and the part about the flowers for Iona. Cranto Coast had more spots than those mentioned in the original guide (thanks Eclage for telling me).


Thank you @Pokart for dedicating to creating and organizing this guide. Good Job :+1:

I heard people complaining the something is missing in the quest , is that true?

Does nak muay have more synergy with which classes? Is it pvp class or pve?

4 days of suffering, thanks for the guide! :haha:


Hey guys, I seem to have a problem with one of the quests. The dandelion one wont start for me (diev master wont give me the option to start). Ive tried talking and spamming the tombstone from the front and back and still nothing. Any ideas why?

People were complaining about a bug in the Asana part, but it’s probably because you have to finish other tasks first for she to get ready to go to Poslinkis Forest. IMC said they checked the unlock quest and everything was normal… They probably didn’t try doing the Red Meduja and the Ellom part, because it’s a nightmare to finish it.

When you talk to the Diev Master, is there an option to ask him if he can make a house sculpture? He’ll just say you have to bring him something from the spirit’s homeland, then you can go to Inner Enceinte District to start collecting Dandelions. While farming, I got 2~3 Dandelion Spores each 10min and finished this part in 2~2.5 hours. You can do it even faster if you have a fast character or use finished quests to warp around the map to move fast.

Ok, scrap that ive collected all the dandelion and he still doesnt give me an option here. Instead of giving me the house i just get the shop

I finally got mine today!! thank you so much for the guide! <3


You’re welcome! That hairstyle fits well the style, your character is great!

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My hats off to the sadist who dreamt up this nightmare. Any one of these challenges are as bad or worse than the other hidden class quests and there are 5 of them.

For farming Ellom, they seem to be mostly in the top section so I am just staying up here and channel surfing. Seems to be faster than clearing the entire map. Got 13 in my first 30 mins. Should be done in 3-4 hours. Hope you are happy you sick son of a bitch.


I knew I wasn’t the only one who thinks that way! Sadist indeed.

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I wonder nak muay stance synergy with barbarian frenzy ? Like the stance suppose to be like double punch and frenzy stack twice as faster?

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