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Announcement on the DLC & TP Products and F2P Transition

Greetings, Saviors.

With the date of Tree of Savior’s F2P release nearing, we have some announcements to make regarding the sales of our products on Steam and our current plans on the SEA server, Telsiai.

First, all of the DLC products we currently have on sale will go down on May 9th. We’ve requested Steam to take down these products on that date, so we expect the products to be unavailable for purchase then and thereafter. In addition, we’ll be selling three types of TP bundles, 100TP / 300TP / 500TP respectively, that are to be region specific soon after the game’s open release. You will not be able to use a different region’s TP bundle on another regional server. Please look out for our announcements on the exact date the TP bundles will be available on Steam.

We would also like to let you know about the F2P servers many players may be wondering about. Previously, we announced that we plan on opening new servers to meet the influx of new players in this announcement.

We currently have an overload of players on Telsiai, so we’ve decided to open a new server for Telsiai first, on the day we release the game as free-to-play. The name of the new SEA server is Varena, and new SEA players will be able to start only on this server. Access to Telsiai will temporarily become exclusive to players who have started playing on it before the game’s F2P release, namely those who purchased at least one of the DLC products. This only applies to Telsiai and not any other servers.

New servers for other regions are TBA, and we will open them accordingly if there are enough new players.

Lastly, the regular maintenance on Tuesday, May 10th, will be scheduled a bit differently. We’ll start the maintenance an hour early, at 12:00 am EDT, and finish at 6:00 am EDT.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We hope to bring satisfactory service and an enjoyable game to our players.

IMC Staff


I agree that Telsiai is overpopulated, but wouldn’t it be better to just increase amount of channels as well as add “horse powers” to the same server? For example some of my friends are waiting for F2P and was planning to join me on Telsiai, and now they have to play alone on new server.


Noo now my friends cant join me >…>


Let me make it real short.
I have a lot of friend who waiting for F2P over a month to play with me. I and some of my friend alr play and create a guild and wait for F2P for them to join us and now u said that we should be separate or play again at new server.


If theres no other choice you might as well join your friends instead of them joining you. Who knows when will Telsiai will be available to the new free players, just another choice for the mean time with lighter load of players since it lags in Telsiai.

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Im not even playing on SEA Server and I find that a bit unfare. Too many people are waiting for F2P release so they can play together and now they cant? I dont know whats the idea here, thats not a viable solution


So… our Guildmates and friends that has been waiting for F2P won’t be able to join us asap eh? More waiting time yay!

just increasing channels don’t do well if the server itself is overpopulated


Yeah screw my gear that’s worth more than 10mil, as well as my high level character that I’ve spent all my free time to level. Wait… no, that’s not gonna happen.

I didn’t say just increase channels. In fact I was expecting them to improve server’s hardware and connection ever since they transferred players from other servers to Telsiai, because even with current population it’s way too unstable. But seems like that’s not a part of their plan.


Totally agreed!
We have waited too long to play with our friend.
They Delayed and now THIS is what we receive!

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Wow, mixed feelings regarding this. So sad, I already prepared a level 1 character to play with my friends who’ll join in on F2P release. Now this announcement really made the game even more SINGLE PLAYER for me than it already was!!!.

This is just frustrating! I was expecting I’ll finally be able to play with my friends in a few days!!!

When are server transfer from Telsiai to Varena be offered? If there’s none you basically screwing people who supported the game.
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Oh lord Jesus, the game’s rating will become Mostly Negative at this rate!



Date of F2P release has never been announced.
The closest statement is:
We expect the transition to F2P to happen sometime early to mid-May, and we will make a separate announcement once the date is confirmed.

taken from:
there werent any updates since then.

Does that imply that F2P release will be on May 10th?

You should be clear about this or else it WILL create alot of confusion.

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It was announced LOL

Server wars they announced before. They need multiple servers in the same region for that.

Another thing is that we are not sure if the software is ready to deal with a huge amount of players in a single server. Market, shouts, everything would be

Haha first IMC wants us to party up and now it seems liked they want us to make new friends too.

WTF? It was announced.

You should learn to read before complaining bro. But at the same time I can’t blame you because main page is mostly flooded with “banned accounts” topics.

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Still unfair for founders who were willing to spend and risk money supporting the game and were waiting to be able to play with their friends who didn’t want to spend and risk money for the game!


I know right like what the hell!