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F2P Release and New SEA Server Coming May 10, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

Here’s an announcement to summarize and confirm some details of what’s changing after today’s weekly maintenance.

###F2P Transition Schedule
The game will become F2P after today’s weekly maintenance.

As previously announced, this means that our DLC products will no longer be available for purchase; instead, we will be launching a series of TP bundles on a date TBA.

###New SEA Server
The F2P transition will also see the opening of our new SEA server, Varena.

Please note that [SEA] Telsiai will temporarily become exclusive to players already on the server, meaning new users in the SEA region will need to start playing on Varena. We won’t be restricting access to any other server.

Finally, should the number of players in another server justify it, we will consider opening more servers in the relevant regions, so make sure to keep an eye out for any future announcements regarding these and other updates.

IMC Staff


Important questions: How long is Telsiai restricted access? And will there any transfer from telsiai to Varena later?


Wow… so how long do we have to wait to buy TP? Jesus… Can you please take my money already? Thank you very much! HAYAKU!!!


that corsair art is <3


Reminder that this is Open Beta.

Reminder that this game isn’t even half finished.

any news on things that are being added to TP store new outifts please hahah and new hair did’s guuuurl xoxoxox

Fk yeah finally! haha thanks! time to play O_O

nope servers still locked…

All i wish is more cute costume and TP sells <3~~~~:tulip:

You should have created another [SA] server, just sayin’. I don’t think I can take another week with extreme lag like this weekend.

$1.00 popcorn!!!~ $1.00 popcorn!!!~

Sit back and waiting to see Commander Load and a whole lot of - issue tonight.

I bet tonight gonna be a very entertaining night to watch the forum.

enjoy the game everyone~ have fun~~

Guess it is still not “after” maintenance yet

cant log in… the whole world is a lie

So F2P will be launched without giving us the ability to buy TP, guess IMC doesn’t like money at all.

I have friends just joined the game, does that means that I can’t play in the same server with my friends? :frowning:

I cant connet to the servers, i would like to play in the Klaipeda server

Just make a new ID and join them… how is that hard? Wait till they allow you to transfer servers, then use your ACTUAL ID to impress your friends.

Are there going to be new Free to play servers for all regions? or are the free players joining on top of founder members? I’ve heard nothing about a wipe so Id only assume that free members are going to be thrust into

seriously??? is it mean that i cant play with my friends in one sea server?? i bought founders pack so that i can help them with their quest.