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Xan's Leveling Guide

#Xan’s Leveling Guide!

###Last Updated: 10/25/2016

Hello and welcome to my leveling guide!

First off I would like to state that this guide was being written primarily to help friends and guild mates of mine, however due to the lack of leveling guides and outdated information as well as misinformation in some of the guides I decided to make it available here for everyone!

Secondly I would like to openly state that a lot of this guide actually goes against what a lot of people suggest, have read in other guides, or did themselves. I am not necessarily saying that my guide is perfect or the best guide, in fact it is actually a relatively poor guide for completionists as it focuses primarily on speed and does skip a good amount of quests and zones.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please do leave a response, however I would greatly appreciate if we can keep the profanity and insults to a minimum.

Thank you and I hope this guide serves you well!


###1. Choosing A Starting City

###2. Finding Quests / Addons

###3. Card Saving

###4. Adventure Journal

###5. The Guide!

###6. TL;DR Zone Progression

###7. Skipped Quest Zones

###8. Grind Zones; Explained

###9. Additional Stat Points

#1. Choosing A Starting City

Alright so you’ve got two options, Klaipeda and Orsha for cities to start in when creating a character. Almost anyone who isn’t me is going to tell you to start in Klaipeda because it has the better/more fluid quests.
Where as that is true, I actually tend to prefer/recommend Orsha as my starting city for two main reasons:

  1. Orsha’s Class Advancement quests actually tend to be a lot easier than Klaipeda’s, and more of the Rank 1-4 trainers are located directly in the city instead of in surrounding zones.

  2. Since you somewhat have to quest both sides of the world anyway, you might as well get the nice fluid early part of Orsha out of the way so you can start Klaipeda side with a nice little headstart and not have to quest too much or grind at all while questing to make Tenet Church go smoothly.

Whether you decide to start in Orsha or Klaipeda is entirely up to you. That being said this guide will start out on Orsha side, but it should be relatively easy for you to replicate the experience on Klaipeda side as well.

#2. Finding Quests / Addons

When leveling in Tree of Savior it can be really difficult to find all of the quests, especially on your first character.

If you are open to using addons there are several available to you that will make your leveling experience more enjoyable and fluid.

You can download @Excrulon’s addon manager here:

Some addons that may assist you in leveling include:

Better Quest: Which gives you quest markers and a quest checklist for each map.

Experience Viewer: Which gives you a module that tracks your experience gained per kill, experience gained per hour, and time-to-next level. I’m unsure but it may also make exploring zones easier by showing you where you have and haven’t explored (It used to do this, however I’m not actually sure if it does now with the new separate addon).

Map Fog Viewer: I’m unsure if Experience Viewer still comes with this built in or not, so this addon can be downloaded separately to easily see where you have and haven’t explored, making map 100% exploration easier.

###That being said

If you do not wish to use addons, that is fine, you just have to get in the habit of talking to every NPC and odd-looking object you come across for quests, and hugging the edges of the map for exploration.


Tree of Savior Admin/Devs have stated that helpful or UI-changing addons are currently legal and allowed for use, any addons that can be used maliciously to fundamentally change gameplay are not allowed and may result in a permanent ban. Use common sense about which addons are and are not like cheating, and in general use addons at your own risk.

#3. Card Saving

A lot of people tend to save their cards for almost no reason at all, or for the dry quest area in the mid-100s. Where as I understand the logic to an extent, it’s actually almost always a bad idea to save your cards.

The only time I save my cards and the only time I recommend saving cards is when:

  1. During the first 100 levels or so when there is an abundance of quests and you almost level too quickly. In this situation it is acceptable to save your cards as long as you are 5-10 levels above the area you are questing in, so not to cheat yourself out of the experience you’ll get in the zone from killing monsters.

  2. During difficult quest areas that you happen to be struggling with to use them as a quick heal/sp refill, such as Tenet Church, Mage Tower, Demon Prison, Sentry Bailey, etc.

  3. During the dungeon level range. There’s no reason to use cards around 50-65, 90-100, 130-145, etc. If you’re leveling via dungeons anyway at the moment. Sure, resume carding once you’re finished with the dungeon however using cards in these ranges if you plan on running the dungeons could potentially cheat you out a lot of kill experience.

That being said, to each their own, I will never attack someone for saving their cards. I suppose there is a small amount of preference in the card using vs card saving argument, but in almost any case you are definitely best off using your cards as soon as you get them, to level quicker and make the area you’re questing or grinding in go smoother.

#4. Adventure Journal

In case anyone doesn’t know, the adventure journal is an in-game progress tracker. You can open your adventure journal by pressing F4 in-game.

The adventure journal can give you “free” cards from fully exploring zones and killing a certain amount of each monster in each zone. These cards can be obtained from the Wings of Vibora NPC in both Klaipeda and Orsha.

That being explained, the following is my suggestion of when it is important to capitalize on these extra cards and explore/kill the monsters in an area.

Exploration cards are typically not worth bothering with until level 4 EXP card zones. You may or may not decide to fully explore level 3 EXP card zones as well if you’re questing in the area anyway. Level 1 and 2 card zones are not worth exploring at all unless you simply want a nice neat looking map.

Kill cards are more difficult to give a straight forward “when to do them” suggestion. In fact kill cards are almost never worth it at all prior to about level 6 or 7 cards, due to the abundance of quests available before then. That being said, you may want to keep an eye on the kill requirements when level 6 and 7 cards start to see if you can easily knock them out here and there. Once level 8 cards start, it is almost always worth it to take your time and complete every kill card requirement. However, some of them are simply not worth it based on the amount of kills required and the density and/or health pool of the monsters in question.
Keep an eye on the kill requirements while you quest and use your best judgment to decide when it is and isn’t worth doing.

#5. The Guide!

###Level 1 - 50

Select Orsha as your starting city.
Begin following the yellow quest markers, doing only story quests up to and including Ashaq Underground Prison.

NOTE: You may want to get in the habit of casually grinding as you run, especially if you’re a ranged class. This small amount of experience does not particularly matter but if you can grind while on the move you should always be a little higher than the recommended level for the zone you’re in.

Once you’re finished in Ashaq Underground Prison the quest line will send you back to Orsha. Upon turning in the quest go to the Item Merchant NPC and buy a Klaipeda Warp Scroll and use it.

Upon arriving at Klaipeda resume doing only story quests until you start getting level 3 EXP cards.

Once you start getting level 3 EXP cards, do all quests, story and optional, until level 50. Do note that there is a fairly noticeable experience break at level 46, so going from 46 to 50 will be quite quick.

###Level 50 - 90

As soon as you hit level 50 do the level 50 dungeon (entrances located at both Tenet Garden and Novaha Assembly Hall) 3 to 6 times. To do this you may want to consider planning logging off for the day after your first 3 runs and doing another 3 runs the next time you log on. That being said, you really only need to do this dungeon 3 times, so feel free to resume questing instead of doing 6 runs if you wish.

###Gear Detour:

One of the best chest plates in the game for Cloth and Leather wearers is a quest reward in this level range.

The recipe is obtained in Gateway of the Great King from the quest Crazy Archivist (2).
The Yonazolem Fragment is obtained in Ramstis Ridge from the quest Mop Up The Forager (4).
The Denoptic Eye is obtained in Overlong Bridge Valley from the quest Unfinished Commission (1).
The Scorpio Hook is obtained in Akmens Ridge from the quest Missing Researcher (5).

###Resume Leveling:

By now you should be approximately level 60-65+, however if you’re not for whatever reason, don’t worry, there are still plenty of quests to do.

Resume questing on Klaipeda side, doing only story quests until you start getting level 4 EXP cards.

Once you start getting level 4/5 cards, do all quests, story and optional, until level 90. Do note that your next experience break is at level 86, so going from 86 to 90 will go quite quickly.

###Level 90 - 130

As soon as you hit level 90 do the level 90 dungeon (Entrances located at both Zachariel Crossroads and Bellai Rainforest) 3 to 6 times. To do this you may want to consider planning logging off for the day after your first 3 runs and doing another 3 runs the next time you log on. That being said, you really only need to do this dungeon 3 times, so feel free to resume questing instead of doing 6 runs if you wish.

Doing the level 90 dungeon should bring you to approximately level 100, possibly higher. Again, if not, don’t worry, you’ve still got plenty of quests to do.

At this point, switch to Orsha side again and do a bit of catching up. Resume doing only story quests until level 4 cards, once back into level 4/5 cards, resume doing all quests.

Continue forward on Orsha side all the way to Fedimian.

Once reaching Fedimian you should be approximately level 100-110.

Go to Stele Road (through Zachariel Crossroads) and quest to Fedimian Suburbs.

Upon finishing Fedimian Suburbs make sure you are at least level 110. If you are not level 110 consider questing in some of the zones we skipped (Gytis Settlement Area through Tenants’ Farm and/or Feretory Hills through Genar Field).

Make sure you have spoken with Grita in Fedimian so you are ready to start Mage Tower.

If for whatever reason you have any cards saved you may want to consider using them before or during Mage Tower.

Do all quests on all floors in Mage Tower, story and optional.

By the time you finish Mage Tower you should be approximately 120 minimum, if not higher.

If you are not level 120+, consider questing some of the level 4/5/6 card zones we skipped, and/or queuing for the 115 dungeon 3 times, and/or queuing for the Siauliai mission in Fedimian 3 times.

####Finally! You’re out of the beginning areas and on a more linear questing path.

Quest eastward out of Fedimian (Starving Demon’s Way through Forest of Prayer), doing all quests, story and optional from now on. Also make sure if you were not 100% exploring all of the maps prior to this point you start to.

You should hit level 130 by either Forest of Prayer or Apsimesti Crossroads, or if you skipped too much, you may even have to do Main Chamber before hitting 130. If this is the case do not worry too much about it, but you may want to consider spending a day or two just doing dungeons and missions on this character to “fix” it a little bit, however even if you don’t do that, the next experience break is right around the corner and everything will sort itself out.

###Level 130-190

NOTE: From this point forward you should make it a habit of doing your 3 daily missions every day, or as often as possible.

Upon reaching level 130 do the 130 dungeon a preferred minimum of 6 times, 9 if possible. To do this without directly affecting leveling speed you may want to consider really trying to hit 130 before logging off one day so you can get your 3 dungeons in, and do the next 3 immediately after you log on the next day.

After your 6+ runs of the 130 dungeon you should be at around level 140-145+, thanks to the experience break at 136.

Resume questing where ever you left off, likely Aspimesti Crossroads or Main Chamber, and complete all story and side quests in all of Main Chamber.

You should be an absolute minimum of level 145 by now. If you are not at least 145 you need to fix it through the 130 dungeon and missions, or ensuring you’ve done all quests and 100% explored all level 6+ EXP card zones.

Now you need to jump over to Greene Manor and quest through Greene Manor, Shaton Farm, and Shaton Reservoir. If you’ve been following this guide the fastest/best way to get there would be to warp to Septyni Glen, go through Dina Bee Farm and make sure you pick up the statue, go west to Shaton Farm and south to Greene Manor. Otherwise if you have Tenants’ Farm warp, that way is faster.

Upon finishing these 3 zones you should be at least level 150.


A lot of people decide to grind out 10-20 levels at Demon Prison District 2.

Where as I genuinely know it’s not necessary to grind here at all, and technically doing so can actually slow your overall leveling speed, if you do not grind here for at least 5 levels during 145-165 (DP2), you may struggle greatly making it to the next experience break at level 186.

My recommendation is actually trying to grind at least 2-4 levels here, ensuring you complete all of the adventure journal kill requirements during the process for the free handful of experience cards.

Once you are approximately level 155-160, resume questing:

Quest all through Demon Prison District 1, make sure you talk to the NPCs after completing the story quests on each floor to pick up the side quests that only appear after finishing the floor. Upon completing all floors of Demon Prison you should be approximately level 165, possibly or hopefully even higher, but if not, again, it’s not a huge deal.

Quest through Dina Bee Farm, Vilna Forest, Uskis Arable Land, Spring Light Woods, Glade Hillroad.*

By now you should be at least level 170. Go south from Glade Hillroad to Viltis Forest, in the middle area of the map there is a warp statue. Use it and go to Stele Road, and then north to Nuoridin Falls.

Do all of the quests in Nuoridin Falls, Namu Temple Ruins, and Istora Ruins.

You should now be at least level 173.

Go back to Viltis Forest and finish questing in Viltis Forest, Laukyme Swamp, and prepare yourself for Tyla Monastery.* Honestly if you have a friend or guild mate willing to help with this zone, it’s not necessary but the zone tends to be annoying unless you out-gear it or have a friend or two questing with you.

Upon completing Tyla Monastery you should be at least level 177. If you are not 177, make sure you have done all explorations and quests up to this point, have done your daily missions, and consider doing some adventure journal kill requirements for additional cards.

Warp over to Forest of Prayer and go north to Aspimesti Crossroads.


Take a quick detour into Roxona Reconstruction Agency West Building and Roxona Reconstruction Agency East Building. I recommend 100% exploring both maps and possibly even grinding out the kill card requirements real quick, if you’re in the mood.

Now go north of Apsimesti Crossroads to Verkti Square and quest through Verkti Square, Roxona Market, and Ruklys Street.* By the time you finish Ruklys Street you should be approximately 181-182, if not higher.

Warp south to Dina Bee Farm or Viltis Forest and go to Mokusul Chamber, through Laukyme Swamp.

Quest through Mokusul Chamber, Underground Grave of Ritinis, and Videntis Shrine.* By now you should be level 185.

Warp north again to Ruklys Street, go through Verkti Square to Downtown. Quest all of Downtown.*

By the end of Downtown you should have hit level 186, the experience break, and the stupid hard shenanigans is over, it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

Go to Inner Enceinte District, through Downtown, and quest all of this zone. It should get you to roughly level 190.

If you did not spend long grinding at Demon Prison or Dina Bee Farm, you may not meet the level requirement to quest in some of the zones listed above. If that is the case, simply do some ahead-of-level zone exploration (ie. explore all zones up to 20 levels above you for the exploration cards). This should fix any issues in the possible level discrepancy.

###Level 190 - 210

Warp to Mokusuul Chamber and finish Valius’ Eternal Resting Place. By now you should be level 193+.

Warp north to Inner Enceinte District and begin the story quest there that leads to Sentry Bailey.

Quest the first floor of Sentry Bailey. This should bring you to approximately or at least 195.

Warp out of Sentry Bailey once you’ve finished the first floor and go quest Coastal Fortress and Dingofasil District. By now you should be about 198.

Resume questing through all 5 floors of Sentry Bailey (Drill Ground of Confliction, Resident Quarter, Storage Quarter, and Fortress Battlegrounds)

By the time you’ve finished Sentry Bailey you should be at least/around level 205.

Warp to Ruklys Street and go to Vedas Plateau. Quest through all of Vedas Plateau, including the repeatable quest that appears after you’ve finished the zone. While here you may consider doing all of the adventure journal kill requirements for the extra cards, since the quests tend to have you kill a lot of guys anyway.

Once finished with Vedas Plateau, go to and complete all quests in Stogas Plateau and Mesafasla as well (typically in that order due to convenience but if you’re a little under leveled either order is fine).

You should now be at least level 210 and the actual grinding begins!

###Level 210 - 254

Grind Red Truffles at Alemeth Forest from 210/212 to a maximum of 232, as once you hit level 232 you will begin gaining much less experience.

Some where in the middle or towards the end of your Alemeth grind you’re going to want to complete the remainder of the high level quests in this level range. This includes Alemeth Forest, Nahash Forest, Barha Forest, Veras Coast, Elgos Monastery Anneex, Elgos Abbey Main Building, Cranto Coast, and Igti Coast. You can feel free to use these cards as soon as you get them.

Grind all of Evacuation Residential District mobs from as low as 228 to a maximum of 249.

Upon hitting 246-249 you need to resume questing the following zones: Ibre Plateau, Grand Yard Mesa, Sventimas Exile, Kadumel Cliff, Steel Heights, Grynas Trails, Grynas Training Camp, and Grynas Hills.

###Level 254 - 280

Grind all of Storage mobs from 254 to approximately 265.

Upon hitting 263 ~ 267, resume questing: Thaumas Trail (Level 258), Salvia Forest (Level 261), Sekta Forest (Level 265), Rasvoy Lake (Level 268), Kalejimas Visiting Room (Level 259), Storage (Level 262), Solitary Cells (Level 265), Oasseu Memorial (Level 271), Maven Abbey (Level 274), Workshop (Level 269), and Investigation Room (Level 272), typically in this order for difficulty’s sake, however if you want you can rearrange the order.

Upon completing all of these quest zone you should be approximately 270-272, though it doesn’t overly matter, as regardless of where you ended up, you’ll be grinding Maven Abbey until level 280 (287 when level cap is increased).

Grind all of Maven Abbey mobs from 266 to 280.

###Level 280 - 330

NOTE: I am still experimenting with ways to level quickly to 330 as well as how much experience can actually be gained through exploration, quests, and grinding. Due to the difficulty of the new zones this section will assume you are essentially a solo player. I will likely re-write this section, possibly multiple times, and offer the best option(s) as I discover them.

At this time I’m writing this (10/14/16) there is an event for an additional card for exploring the new zones. You might as well capitalize on this and explore all of the new zones for the extra “free” cards. DO NOT USE THESE CARDS YET

Continue grinding Maven Abbey mobs from 280 to approximately 293. You can grind Maven upwards of 298~300 if you wish before the reduced experience gain becomes entirely not worth it.

Upon reaching approximately 290 (technically earlier but you should wait until at least 290) you can begin grinding Timerys Temple. Timerys is good until 313~315.

Upon reaching a minimum of 300, begin using all of the cards you obtained from exploration. If you have not explored ALL of the 280+ zones yet, do so. If you wish to save these cards you can but for rushing purposes you should save them no longer than 313.

By this point you should be able to begin questing. Stock up on potions and realize, depending on your class and build, these zones can be quite painful. Deep breaths and baby steps. You’ll be 330 soon.

Quest the following zones in order:

Due to the difficulty increase of the new zones I will rate each zone from 1 to 5 difficulty. 1 being similar to pre-280 maps and questing (ie. Maven, Kalejimas, etc.), 2 being you are going to need potions/soul crystals/buffs/etc., 3 being you may want a party, 4 being you may want a full party, and 5 being glhf.

Khonot Forest (Enter from Knidos Jungle) - Difficulty 1 - Do all quests.

Khamadon Forest - Difficulty 1 - Do all quests up to having to fight 2 bosses at once, if you can’t do it solo, come back later with help.

Tevhrin Stalactite Cave 1F through 5F - Difficulty ranges from floor to floor but overall this place is pretty much a 5 - Skip this unless you have a party of 3+ /// This is the hardest questing gets in the new zones probably. If you managed to do all of these floors it’s somewhat smooth sailing after.

Inner Wall District 8 (Enter from Sventimas Exile) - Difficulty 2/3 - All of the quests here are fairly easy and straight forward however you may struggle with the machine gun magic mobs

Inner Wall District 9 - Difficulty 2/3 - Do all quests here, dodge pillar of death.

Outer Wall District 9 - Difficulty 1 - Do all quests up to the boss fight, come back later if it’s too difficult for you.

City Wall District 8 - Difficulty 2 - Do all quests here, dodge more pillars of death.

Nheto Forest - Difficulty 1

Svalphinghas Forest - Difficulty 1

Lhadar Forest - Difficulty 1

Timerys Temple - Difficulty 2

Jeromel Park - Difficulty 1/2

Jonael Memorial - Difficulty 1/2

Taniel I Memorial - Difficulty 2

Kule Peak - Difficulty 2

Zima Suecourt - Difficulty 4

Arcus Forest (Enter from Pelke Shrine Ruins) - Difficulty 1/2

Phamer Forest - Difficulty 1/2

Ghibulinas Forest - Difficulty 1/2

Mollogheo Forest - Difficulty 1/2

Alembique Cave - Difficulty 2

Emmet Forest - Difficulty 2/3

Pystis Forest - Difficulty 2/3

Syla Forest - Difficulty 2/3

Mishekan Forest - Difficulty 2/3

CONGRATS! You’re 330. Or probably were half way through those quest zones depending how much you grinded Maven/Timerys

If you are not 330 or do not wish to use your cards or simply enjoy grinding, the new “Maven” so-to-speak is Martuis Storage Room. Grind here until 330.

#6. TL;DR Zone Progression

Listed below is the order of the maps you should do when following the guide above. You do not necessarily need to do every quest in each of these zones, particularly the early zones, but this list is simply in case anyone gets lost while following the guide.

The list below does not include instanced dungeons.

The level in brackets following the zone below is the level of the zone, NOT the level you should be when going there.

Lemprasa Pond (Level 1)
Woods of the Linked Bridges (Level 8)
Paupys Crossing (Level 12)
Ashaq Underground Prison 1F, 2F, 3F (Level 17, 21, 25)
West Siauliai Woods (Level 1)
East Siauliai Woods (Level 6)
Miners’ Village (Level 12)
Crystal Mine 1F, 2F, 3F (Level 16, 20, 22)
Srautas Gorge (Level 26)
Gele Plateau (Level 29)
Nefritas Cliff (Level 32)
Tenet Garden (Level 35)
Tenet Church B1, 1F, 2F (Level 40, 44, 48)
Veja Ravine (Level 46)
Vieta Gorge (Level 49)
Cobalt Forest (Level 52)
Septyni Glen (Level 55)
Gate Route (Level 58)
Sirdgela Forest (Level 61)
Kvailas Forest (Level 64)
Gateway of the Great King (Level 58) – Optional, no story
Ramstis Ridge (Level 61) – Optional, no story
Overlong Bridge Valley (Level 64) – Optional, no story
Akmens Ridge (Level 67)
Tiltas Valley (Level 69)
Rukas Plateau (Level 73)
King’s Plateau (Level 76)
Zachariel Crossroads (Level 78)
Royal Mausoleum 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F (Level 81, 84, 87, 90, 93)
Koru Jungle (Level 29)
Dadan Jungle (Level 36)
Novaha Assembly Hall (Level 45)
Novaha Annex (Level 49)
Novaha Institute (Level 53)
Karolis Springs (Level 57)
Letas Stream (Level 61)
Pelke Shrine Ruins (Level 65)
Absenta Reservoir (Level 68)
Delmore Hamlet (Level 76)
Delmore Manor (Level 80)
Delmore Outskirts (Level 84)
Bellai Rainforest (Level 92)
Zeraha (Level 96)
Seir Rainforest (Level 100)
Stele Road (Level 96)
Goddess’ Ancient Garden (Level 99)
Escanciu Village (Level 103)
Fedimian Suburbs (Level 107)
Mage Tower 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F (Level 113, 116, 119, 123, 126)
Starving Demon’s Way (Level 121)
Pilgrim Path (Level 124)
Altar Way (Level 127)
Forest of Prayer (Level 130)
Aspimesti Crossroads (Level 133)
Main Chamber (Level 137)
Grand Corridor (Level 140)
Penitence Route of Great Cathedral (Level 143)
Sanctuary (Level 145)
Greene Manor (Level 149)
Shaton Farm (Level 152)
Shaton Reservoir (Level 155)
Demon Prison District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Level 151, 154, 157, 160, 163)
Dina Bee Farm (Level 160)
Vilna Forest (Level 163)
Uskis Arable Land (Level 166)
Spring Light Woods (level 169)
Glade Hillroad (Level 173)
Viltis Forest (Level 176)
Laukyme Swamp (Level 179)
Tyla Monastery (Level 183)
Verkti Square (Level 184)
Roxona Market (Level 187)
Ruklys Street (Level 190) – Interchangable with Mokusul if needed
Mokusul Chamber (Level 188)
Underground Grave of Ritinis (Level 191)
Videntis Shrine (Level 194) – Interchangable with Downtown if needed
Downtown (Level 193)
Inner Enceinte District (Level 196)
Valius’ Eternal Resting Place (Level 197)
Sentry Bailey (Level 200)
Coastal Fortress (Level 204)
Dingofasil District (Level 207)
Drillground of Confliction (Level 204)
Resident Quarter (Level 207)
Storage Quarter (Level 211)
Fortress Battlegrounds (Level 214)
Vedas Plateau (Level 208)
Stogas Plateau (Level 215)
Mesafasla (Level 212)
Vedas Plateau (Level 208) – Just to explore the last little area from Mesafasla
Alemeth Forest (Level 220)
Barha Forest (Level 223)
Nahash Forest (Level 223)
Veras Coast (Level 226)
Elgos Monastery Annex (Level 229)
Elgos Abbey Main Buildingn (Level 232)
Cranto Coast (Level 232)
Igti Coast (Level 235)
Ibre Plateau (Level 238)
Grand Yard Mesa (Level 242)
Sventimas Exile (Level 246)
Kadumel Cliff (Level 250)
Steel Heights (Level 253)
Grynas Trails (Level 245)
Grynas Training Camp (Level 249)
Grynas Hills (Level 253)
Thaumas Trail (Level 258)
Salvia Forest (Level 261)
Sekta Forest (Level 265)
Rasvoy Lake (Level 268)
Kalejimas Visiting Room (Level 259)
Storage (Level 262)
Solitary Cells (Level 265)
Oasseu Memorial (Level 271)
Maven Abbey (Level 274)
Workshop (Level 269)
Investigation Room (Level 272)
Khonot Forest (Level 278)
Khamadon Forest (Level 282)
Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Sections 1-5 (Level 287, 291, 294, 298, 301) – 5 players recommended
Inner Wall District 8 (Level 279) – 3+ players recommended
Inner Wall District 9 (Level 282) – 3+ players recommended
Outer Wall District 9 (Level 285) – 3+ players recommended
City Wall District 8 (Level 289) – 3+ players recommended
Nheto Forest (Level 282)
Svalphinghas Forest (Level 286)
Lhadar Forest (Level 289)
Timerys Temple (Level 292) – 2+ players recommended
Jeromel Park (Level 292)
Jonael Commemorative Orb (Level 295)
Taniel I Commemorative Orb (Level 303)
Kule Peak (Level 300)
Zima Suecourt (Level 308) – 3+ players recommended
Arcus Forest (Level 307) – 2+ players recommended
Phamer Forest (Level 310) – 2+ players recommended
Ghibulinas Forest (Level 313) – 2+ players recommended
Mollogheo Forest (316) – 2+ players recommended
Alembique Cave (320) – 2+ players recommended
Emmet Forest (Level 316) – 2+ players recommended
Pystis Forest (Level 319) – 2+ players recommended
Syla Forest (Level 323) – 2+ players recommended
Mishekan Forest (Level 327) – 2+ players recommended

#7. Skipped Quest Zones

So this guide skipped a good amount of quest zones. In fact, some of them are truthfully a good amount of experience for the level range. The primary reason I/we skip them is because they’re out of the way and tend to be unnecessary, meaning I/we tend to outlevel the card range before even getting to them.

That being said, if at any point you are struggling and need to gain a couple levels, or are bored and want to backtrack, or simply don’t wish to skip any zones, refer to this list of skipped quest zones:

Knidos Jungle (Level 32)
Gytis Settlement Area (Level 69)
Baron Allerno (Level 84)
Myrkiti Farm (Level 86)
Aqueduct Bridge Area (Level 89)
Tenants’ Farm (Level 92)
Sienakal Graveyard (Level 70)
Carlyle’s Mausoleum (Level 74)
Feretory Hills (Level 82)
Mochia Forest (Level 85)
Sutatis Trade Route (Level 88)
Galeed Plateau (Level 103)
Fasika Plateau (Level 106)
Manahas (Level 110)
Genar Field (Level 113)
Etrance of Kateen Forest (Level 106)
Owl Burial Ground (Level 109)
Poslinkis Forest (Level 112)
Saknis Plains (Level 114)
Dvasia Peak (Level 120)
Sunset Flag Forest (Level 123)


#8. Grind Zones; Explained

Grinding is an essential part of Tree of Savior. Some people enjoy or at least do not mind grinding where as others tend to do it as little as possible. For the sake of both types of people I’ll attempt to list out each grind zone, whether or not it is necessary to grind, and how long you SHOULD stay there as well as how long you CAN stay there.

###1. Demon Prison 2F (145 ~ 165)

This grind zone is entirely optional. The vast majority of people tend to skip Demon Prison 2F nowadays to the point where it’s nearly not an option. That being said if you are leveling extremely quickly on a character and don’t wish to wait for your daily mission queues or additional dungeon queues this grind area is still an option to make the dead zone (~160-186) go a little more smoothly.

Located: North of Klaipeda, off of Aqueduct Bridge Area, second floor of Demon Prison District 1.
Closest Vakarine Statue: Demon Prison 2F, else Tenants’ Farm

###2. Alemeth Forest (205~240)

This is the first near-mandatory grind zone. It is still possible to skip Alemeth through quests, exploration, and missions if you absolutely do not like the area, however I highly recommend grinding Alemeth from approximately 210 to 220. Any more than 10 levels gained at Alemeth is unnecessary and should only be done if you cannot find an Evac group or simply enjoy grinding.

Located: East of Fedimian
Closest Vakarine Statue: Forest of Prayer

###3. Evacuation Residential District (225 ~ 255)

Evac is another grind area in the same situation as Alemeth Forest. Technically you can skip it if you spend a lot of time at Alemeth and use quest and exploration cards to make it moot. Some people tend to skip Evac or do it for as little time as possible due to where it’s located and the fact that it gives very poor class experience. I highly recommend going to Evac from approximately 228 to 236 as a bare minimum. Despite the fact that it gives poor class experience, base experience is more important to hitting max level quickly and class levels simply come when they come. On top of this, Evac can give potentially twice as much base experience as Alemeth if you’re in an ideal group.

Located: North of Fedimian, through Sentry Bailey, off of Inner Eincente District.
Closest Vakarine Statue: Fortress Battlegrounds, else Sentry Bailey/Inner Enceinte District

###4. Storage (250 ~ 270)

Storage is my least favorite grind area and I am likely to be a bit biased against it but I do highly recommend doing it for 2-5 levels nonetheless to get the “free” kill cards and experience it for yourself. Storage is on par with Evac for experience/hour and much better than Evac for class experience, but the amount of running around is even more tedious than Evac and near-requires a Chronomancer to make bearable. I personally force myself to spend a minimum of about 3 hours doing Storage and it tends to work out but whether or enjoy it or don’t mind grinding and decide to stay longer is entirely up to you.

Located: Far North of Fedimian, second floor of Kalejimas Prison, north-east of Sventimas Exile.
Closest Vakarine Statue: Kalejimas Visiting Room, else Sventimas Exile

####5. Maven Abbey (262 ~ 300)

Maven is one of the absolute best grind areas in the game. The annoying purple holes from Alemeth are back but despite this most any Maven group should get you approximately 2 levels per hour before 281 (the break) and 3-5 per hour after that. On top of this you no longer lose your silver when you die unlike in Storage. Chronomancers are helpful but not nearly as necessary as they were in Evac or Storage. I recommend doing Maven from roughly 265 to 290.

Located: East of Klaipeda; West of Orsha, central very southern area.
Closest Vakarine Statue: Rasvoy Lake, else Grynas Trails

####6. Timerys Temple (285 ~ 305)

Timerys is the new main grind area for rank 8 content. It is slightly better than Maven in pretty much every way, however it is also more damage and healing demanding. If you’re looking for efficiency, this is one of the best maps for it. If you’re looking for a nice mindless grind, you may want to consider going back to Maven. Ideal groups will need a Chrono, FS healer, taunt, and 1-2 good AoE DPS. That being said, it is just a grind area, I don’t mean to make it sound hard, but more so than any other zone, the strength of your party does directly affect your experience gain in Timerys.

Located: Far North-West of Fedimian, in the northern 280-330 area.
Closest Vakarine Statue: Pystis Forest, else Svalphinghas Forest

####7. Martuis Storage Room (310 ~ 330)

Martuis Storage Room is the new end-game grind area. It has mob density similar to Maven and a running pattern similar to Storage. At first glance it does not look like the best grind option but the mobs give a very large amount of experience per kill and are fairly easy to group up. While grinding here currently isn’t necessary you may decide to do it in order to save cards or if you simply enjoy grinding.

Located: South-West of Fedimian, second floor of Zima Suecourt, off of Stele Road
Closest Vakarine Statue: Martuis Storage Room, else Stele Road

#9. Additional Stat Points

You get 279 base stat points from levels.
You get up to an additional 38 stat points from Zemyna Statues, Story Quests, and Side Quests.
Therefore, you get a total of 317 stat points.

Seven (7) stat points are gained through Statues of the Goddess Zemyna:

  1. Lemprada Pond
  2. West Siauliai Woods
  3. Miners’ Village
  4. Royal Mausoleum Constructors’ Chapel
  5. Zachariel Crossroads
  6. Saknis Plains
  7. Inner Enceinte District

Twenty-four (24) stat points, three (3) each, are gained through story quests:

  1. Revelation of Crystal Mine
  2. Revelation of Tenet Church
  3. Revelation of Kvailas Forest
  4. Revelation of Royal Mausoleum
  5. Saving the Goddess in Seir Rainforest
  6. Revelation of Mage Tower
  7. Revelation of Great Cathedral
  8. Revelation of Kalejimas Prison

Two (2) stat points are gained through boss quests, both automatically gained if following the story quests:

  1. Helgasercle in Mage Tower 5F
  2. Naktis in Sanctuary

Five (5) stat points are gained through side quests:

  1. Protect the Heritage - Stele Road
  2. Treasure of the site > Ruklys’ Inheritance - Stele Road
  3. Traces of Stars - Goddess’ Ancient Garden
  4. Epitaph of Flurry / Flurry’s Inscription - Escanciu Village
  5. Old Tale - Fedimian Suburbs

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped, and again, please do leave any feedback, questions, or concerns!

Happy hunting!


This is a very nice and well written guide. It should be an invaluable aide for those players trying to go all the way to max. It is always nice to see people put the time and effort to put together something like this. Definite sign of a quality player base when there are those who contribute to and help the community.


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nice job. i’ll help summarize for people. to reach max lvl:

-do quests, dungeons, and dailies until 210 and reclaim all your exp cards from wings npc

-kill monsters at alemeth until 23x, evac until 25x, storage until 265+, then maven until max level

thank me later fam


reserved for future content leveling guide

Worth noting, I was able to level my Templar (Cataphract) from level 1 to 229 in 50 hours played, +/- 2 hours, by using almost this exact path except I skipped grinding at DP/Dina and actually didn’t grind at Alemeth either.

Updated 7/17/16:

Now includes a gear detour recommendation for Rokas Armor.

Nice guide, good job man!!! :smiley:

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Problems with finding party for dangeons (full run, not rush) begin at 130 lvl ;(

Are you on Fedimian or Silute by chance? I’m on Orsha and the queue times for the 50, 90, 130, and 190 (pretty much all the ones that are good for experience) tend to be 5 minutes or less.

Of course time of day matters but yeah generally speaking I wouldn’t think those 4 dungeons would ever be more than 5-10 minutes, 15 maybe if it’s the middle of the night.

Thanks for the guide. Very nice. Much level. Good exp. Wow.


7/23/2016 Update: Added more zones to Skipped Quest Zones, initially forgot a few.

How do you do that? I was able to skip DP grind on most alts but never Alemeth, and I actually believe Alemeth to be the worst place for grinding and would like to skip that if possible to evac.

I actually personally think Alemeth is one of the best grind places for exp/h to exp-to-level. That being said I totally understand personal preference and whatnot.

I was able to skip Alemeth in a similar way if you were to skip DP/Dina and push to 186; quest and explore ahead of level. You should be like 212-215 or so by the time you finish Stogas/Mesafasla up north right? Then you just go quest Alemeth, Nahash, Veras, etc. If you can’t quite quest the next zone, go exploring a bit, and come back and keep questing.

That’s probably the best way to rush an R7 character. Of course it does mess with your future experience gain and isn’t the best way to level a character, but it is probably the best way to R7 rush.

###7/25/2016 Update

####Important Changes!

The guide has been altered to include the new quest zones implemented with tonight’s patch.

More changes may come once I have more first-hand experience with the Team Battle League EXP Cards and the new repeatable quests.

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####Important Update:

After having done the new quests personally I’ve updated the guide yet again to include all new quest zones; Igti Coast through Grynas Hills.

I’ve still yet to test and decide whether or not PvP is worth participating in for strictly leveling purposes.


Sorry to bother you gents but I realized this should likely be in the Game Tips And Strategy section of the forums. If one of you could kindly move it. If not, no big deal. :smiley:



No changes have been made or are necessary regarding cards gained via Team Battle League.

The time requirement is not worth the experience gain from the card(s) obtained. You could easily achieve a higher experience-per-hour rate questing or grinding.

This doesn’t even consider or include the fact that you could be saving your points and using them on L2 Gem Abrasive or something else you’re after either.

In summary, don’t do Team Battle League for experience.

Having been killing mobs in the areas that the new quests have been adding.
I disagree about attempting to tackle them @ 246-249 according to what the map says.
You’re just gonna get pummeled needing to take potion and fire breaks after every 2-3 mobs. From cranto and ligi is fine since they’re 230~, but I say most people would get wrecked trying to tackle grand year-hills at equal level.

I would do them @ 8-9levels above the “map suggestion” at this stage.

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