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Xan's Leveling Guide

You could wait but the primary reason to do them at 248+ is because of the gap from about 248 to 254 that you lose experience to level difference at both grind spots (Evac and Storage).

Being 248 when you start Ibre Plateau puts you 10 levels above the map suggestion. And you can put each map at an average of 1 level per quest clear/exploration. This will put you at about 252-254 by the time you’re at Steel Heights, which is 253 map suggestion. You shouldn’t have too many problems doing it this way and this is hands down the best time exp/h-wise to get and use these cards.

Granted, I get where you’re coming from, some of these maps are a pain for some classes. Namely the Cronewt Needlers and Cronewt Magicians, and maybe even the Hohen Mages. Yeah I had to use a couple bon fires and a good amount of potions (10-20 per zone) while questing through these zones as an equal-level archer.

Regardless, I still believe this is the best time to do these quests. You may struggle depending on what class you are, especially if you’re solo, but it still should beat the exp/h you’d get in Evac at this point.

Considering removing the “Finding Quests / Addons” section due to last Tuesday’s changes. Thoughts?

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I’m guessing this is a bot you can steal kills from in Worker’s Lodge? Or?

###8/2/2016 Update

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Not sure what server you’re in, but there are never bots in that area on Klaipeda.

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You are the best Randy!

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150k off my achievement, maybe I’ll still help people lvl.

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Help me with Dina’s grind :smiley:

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I don’t do dinas unfortunately, I don’t like it there. :frowning: I think dvine can help you out, since he’s leeched a lot of people in dina. Once I get ele3 wl on my other character I can help people leech in dp2.

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Thanks a lot :3 I’m working my way to 150 atm.


###8/9/2016 Update

Added additional stat point section (section 8).

All credit for this section goes to SavageSand.


Hahahaha Dvine, I remember one night I came to do some grinding on my sorc. Non-afk style, and came upon Dvines camp. He threatened me, that that was his camp and I should leave and blah blah. Then jumped on his Oracle and tried to PK me which was miserable as hell. Funny though, so then I jumped on my PD killed his Oracled mobs. It was so much fun, me and that tool-bag are best friends.

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###8/15/2016 Update

Added all additional quest zones being implemented on 8/16/2016. Guide is now up-to-date and accurate for 1-280.

Good job!! Very well explained guide

Bookmarked :grin:

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