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List of Gimmick Rewards



let me be the first one to say thank you for your hard work.

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Cranto Coast shooter got me annoyed I wasted 1 hour on it, gave up and just ported away

i see, back when i played ToS my favorite is the scarecrow that give sp regen buff. the quiz is so much fun.

you see, when you summon as sorc your sp drain to death right? but in that map if you got the buff from scarecrow the summon can last until the buff is gone. awesome stuff.

Thank you for this! I haven’t had the time to go around solving these gimmicks, so this is amazing :two_hearts:

I’ve been trying to figure out some other map gimmicks too (which are here, though much less pretty than yours). I believe the Pendulum can also be used in Storage to get a Kalejimas Cube (which can get a Ritual Coffin hat), though I’ve yet to test it out since I’m too low levelled. :9

(Is it okay if I link to this in my document (with credit, of course), by the way? :sparkles:)

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No problem.

Also thanks for the head-up on storage and kalejimas, I’ll be there in a few days to check too

Here’s another that might be useful for getting a nice amount of exp if you’re tired of Storage/Evac

Grynas Hills torch defense


Great stuff. Could you explain how to complete the Gravestone number quest?

I’m curious about the Gravestone number quest also. There is one like this in Grynas Hills. Also, you can do the math gimmick in Grynas Hills up to 2 only.

and @auurroon sorry I got no idea how to complete the Gravestone number quest too, if you meant the one that tells you which one to find next, but here’s what I know: They only appear at a certain time.

and thanks for the heads up on Grynas Hills math.

Also for everyone who loves doing gimmicks: Thaumas Trail Potion reward is pretty handy, I got 150 Thaumas HP potion now, they’re better than Lv10 Alch potions in terms of healing amount, but have longer cooldown.

Is there a fixed time to when the torch defense at grynas hills happen.

Probably, I was there at 4:00 and 12:00, forgot if AM or PM but from that it might be every 4 hours

I’ve checked at 6am all channels but had no luck.

try 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 and 0:00

Does it only give grynas gauntlets?
I’ve seen someone with a grynas set (top bot glove and shoes).

Well, I’ve been trying to roll it several times but I always get silver and got the gauntlets recipe once, so I cannot confirm yet if it drops the whole set.

I was able to catch the ‘protect the beacon’ event in Grynas Hills at 12:00. But it wasnt there at 0:00.

There is a similar beacon event in Steel Heights. I got 5 achievement points.

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You forgot two:

  1. Elgos Monastery Annex has a “shooter game pro version” too and;
  2. Nahash Forest also has a memory game.
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Database lists a full set of Grynas Armor, but it’s Plate only. I assume you can get all armor pieces from that torch defense event

Looks deadly with white spion mages, adding that up, thanks

@MattBR thanks too, I left those because I never got back to the map

@lukaspreidys yes, but it might be from other gimmicks in the map so I’m not going to list it yet unless I get confirmation from other people

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