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[Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge


Notice: this guide is no longer up-to-date and will not be updated. I am not playing hackapel anymore. Many thanks to everyone for visiting all these years/months!

Rogue info in second post (Rogue info click >>>) [Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge

New Hacka skills (swordsman class now):
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This Post overview
.Build examples with Skill planner & Videos
.Hackapel Weapons
.Info about gems & swords in off-hand
.Card recommendation
.Class Attributes
.Hackapel Active Skills
.List of Skills which dismount
.Other info on AoE mechanics
.More archer resources
.Other things

Rank 10 builds

Hackapel3 skillpoint distribution options<<click

.100% up-time on stormbolt debuff with Lv4 stormbolt
.Hakka Palle buff maxed for lower SP costs and evasion
.Hakka Palle buff attack speed increase is a minor buff on qs3 running shot and reiter limacon, and for skills which use attack speed to boost animation
.Hakka Palle’s attribute provides 20s immunity to knockbacks, knock-ups and knockdowns.

.Strongest offensive skills with higher SP cost
.Optional to take Hakka Palle buff Lv1 for stamina reduction during dash, or Lv14 stormbolt

.Higher damage option
.Higher SP cost option (lower Hakka Palle)
.Still Hakka Palle 6 to unlock its attribute

Hackapel2 skillpoint distribution options<<click

Version1 - moving to hackapel3


Version2 - final circle hackapel2 (not moving to hackapel3):

Hackapel1 skillpoint distribution options<<click

Version1 - (moving to Hackapel2)

Cavalry Charge & Leg shot
The cavalry charge skill is never leveled beyond Lv1 because the debuff does not scale per skill level. Lv1 Cavalry Charge provides full debuff benefits. The damage increase per level is low compared to the other hackapel skills.
Similarly, the leg shot skill is rarely leveled beyond Lv1. The slow debuff applies on bosses but the skill requires a pistol. Most hackapel builds without schwarzer reiter do not level the leg shot skill.

English skill planner sites

(English) NEW Steam Server skill simulator site: click here <<<


Note: hackapel3 is not stronger than hackapel2 because the infinite assault skill is weak. Consider other fillers for hacka3 when you are serious about high damage.

Build chart text <<<<click

Early ranks - archer, ranger, quarrel shooter
Explanation of rank options and skills. It will be mentioned if special weapon requirements are needed for skills. Hidden AoE attack ratios are mentioned if it is useful for the skill.

Archer2: swift step critical rate attribute.
Full draw is a decent crowd control to push normal mobs. The skill pins 2 mobs together.
Oblique shot’s slow attribute debuffs bosses.
Multi shot has a hidden AoE attack ratio of +1.
Heavy shot pushes mobs. Acts like a short stun because pushed mobs need 1s to recover.
Kneeling shot dismounts and locks out all skills. Not useful for hackapel.
Benefit of archer3 over archer2 is low. In all cases your damage will be higher with archer2 + ranger1 (critical shot buff).
Passive attribute for bow (+50% damage vs flying targets) and crossbow (10% defense penetration).
10 swift step + both attributes. The critical rate attribute is shared to party members by the other attribute.
1(+) multi-shot for leveling. Early game buff from pardoner’s shop (blessing) applies to each of the 10 hits to easily clear bosses.
1(+) oblique shot for leveling. Oblique shot easily clears 2 mobs per use until mid-game.
1(+) full draw. Higher levels grant a longer root effect. Take the defence decrease attribute. Do not take the push-back attribute unless you are experienced.
1(+) heavy shot to push mobs.

Ranger1: critical shot buff is very strong. Critical shot (5 overheat, 10s cooldown) provides a self-buff for 15s. Stacks 5 times to provide a final damage boost of 50% on critical attacks. Refresh 5th stack every 14s by using critical shot once.
1(+) critical shot for its buff.
1(+) barrage for leveling. Barrage has a hidden AoE atack ratio of 4 for each arrow. The knockback attribute acts like a short stun on mobs however it makes it more difficult to point-blank them with all arrows. Barrage effect of bow and crossbow is different and barrage has a hidden interaction with rogue’s feint skill (view second post of this thread).
5 steady aim + attributes.
4(+) high anchoring + attribute to decrease critical resistance.

Ranger 3: steady aim buff is best with 2-handed bow.
1(+) critical shot for its buff.
15 steady aim + all attributes.
5 spiral arrow for bossing and high HP targets. Spiral arrow ignores 20% of the target’s physical defence. Spiral arrow applies a 18s debuff. Subsequent spiral arrows on the debuffed target increases the hitcount +1 (up to 5 times, for 11 hits spiral arrow).
5 bounce shot.
15 barrage. If you have rogue, always use rogue’s feint skill before barrage (view second post for the hidden interaction).
3(+) high anchoring + all attributes.
0 or 1 time bomb arrow without knock-down prevention attribute, to crowd control mobs. The explosion uses AoE attack ratio.

Ranger3’s AoE is sufficient.

Quarrel1: shield master passive attribute provides 10s of +10 movespeed (60s cooldown) when blocking a physical missile attack. Passive boosts chance to block physical missile attacks.
Pavise dismounts you. The pavise skill drops a shield and the shield taunts nearby mobs (aggro effect).
Caltrops lures aggressive mobs.
Stone shot bounces to 1 additional target. Buy stones at the quarrel master.
Quarrel1 does not provide good skills to clear groups of mobs. Keep using normal attacks and oblique shot during leveling. Multi shot and caltrops on bosses.
Quarrel1 provides 3 skills and 15 points, so no choice but to max all skills.

Quarrel3: running shot self-buff for mobile normal attacks (‘z’ button on keyboard mode). Normal attacks scale on attack speed (dex). Mind your lag/ping (type //ping in normal chat and hit enter). //ping below 0.05 is decent for attack speed higher-dex-builds. Try //ping at crowded places too. Reiter builds have limacon self-buff which is similar to running shot but applies to pistols. Do not take qs3 on reiter builds.
5 running shot. Buff works with all weapon types. Great with pardoner shop’s buffs sacrament and blessing for leveling/questing. At end-game, this skill is most useful with +additional property attack buffs and +lines buffs. ‘+lines buffs’ are buffs which apply an additional line of damage on your normal attacks: wugushi’s zhendu (does not stack with enchant fire), pyromancer’s enchant fire (scrolls at market), pardoner shop’s sacrament, chaplain’s last rites, cafrisun set’s 4 piece effect, manahas set’s 4 piece effect.
6(+) pavise to taunt mobs. You may drop this skill when your each hackapel because it dismounts. However the taunt is very valuable and the pavise skill locks bosses if you aim correctly (puts bosses on top of the pavise and roots them for the entire pavise’s duration). Pavise + attribute bleed chance is useful for rogue. Pavise works with all weapon types.
15 caltrops + attributes. Caltrops works with all weapon types. Caltrops use AoE attack ratio to hit multiple mobs per caltrop.
1(+) stone shot to crowd control mobs. Buy stones at the quarrel master. Only for crossbow users.
0(+) rapid fire + critical resistance debuff attribute. Only for crossbow users. Skill includes a charge-up time. Hidden AoE attack ratio of 1.
0(+) teardown. Dismounts you but breaks some objects with 1 hit. Useful for the Castle dungeon’s (Lv 300 dungeon) orbs. Place a pavise close to the orb and use teardown. For all weapon types.
Quarrel’s AoE is low.

Text limit reached.

Bird takes 1 character slot

Use pheasant + quick roost combo to prevent roost’s destruction by mob attacks.
Sonic strike (Blistering Thrash) is affected by AoE attack ratio. Pre-emptive strike is named First Strike on the image.

Rogue1 filler

Spoliation dismounts. May drop spoliation (capture) levels for vendetta.

Rogue2 for hackapel

Rogue3 for hackapel

Take max evasion and 1 lachrymator, or 10 lachrymator and 0 evasion (feint up to 9). Evasion duration vs cooldown is bad. Lachrymator stuns mobs inside the smoke. More rogue skill info on second post.

Appraiser filler

Overestimate does not boost sword levels. Take 5 appraise if you like to be a shop.


More rank10 reiter info on this post here<<click

Bulletmarker1 filler for reiter build

Mount skills taken. Silver bullet provides 50% bonus damage on dark types for reiter skills.

Not for new players:
Wugushi: take the secondary-physical attack attribute. Your poison damage will scale on Sword. Poisons cannot crit. The strongest skill Throw Gu Pot dismounts.
Scout3: not recommended unless very casual. Most scout skills dismount. Split arrow is for casual farm.
I will not recommend it:
Sapper, too many dismounts.
Hunter, dismounts, pet does not listen properly.
Different weapon & dismounting circles: cannoneer, musketeer, mergen, pied piper.

Rank 10 vids
Ranger3 rogue1 falconer3 hackapel2 feline post town challenge mode here<<<

Qs3 rogue1 Falconer3 Hackapel2 spell tome town challenge mode here<<click here

Ranger3-Rogue1-Falconer3-Hackapell2 Raid: <<<here

Qs3 rogue2 ranger1 hackapel3 here <<click

Old rank 9 builds & videos (at own risk) <<<click

Moved to the end of the second post due to text size limit.


Hackapell Weapons

Hackapell is available at rank 8. Hackapell is a mounted class. All Hackapell skills require [mounted] status.
A pet takes 1 character slot!

Hackapell is able to use crossbow + sword (off-hand sword). Depending on your build, you may have to invest into multiple weapons. Most archer class damage scales on main-weapon (bow, crossbow). Most hackapel skills scale on Sword. The scaling of each hackapel skill is listed at the Skills part below.

Hackapel Weapon-type options for main-slot and secondary-swap-slot:<<<click

Invested means anvil, trans (end-game), good stats and gems.

Usually ranger & falconer builds:
Bow + Sword --> Main-hand: Bow (invested), and weapon swap slot: crossbow(just stats and gems, no anvil) + sword (invested). Keep attacking with Bow. Using hackapel skills automatically swaps to crossbow+sword to use the skill, then it swaps back to bow very fast. Advantage of bow: higher attack than crossbow and 50% bonus damage vs Flying mobs from archer1’s passive attribute.

Usually builds with quarrel shooter:
Crossbow + Shield + Sword --> Main hand: crossbow (invested) + Shield (may be lower invested), auto-swap slot: same crossbow + sword (invested). Running shot works with bow, however wearing a shield will allow you to block physical attacks. Missile attacks are easily blocked with quarrel shooter’s shield passive attribute. After rank 10 you gain a +10 movespeed boost for 10s (cooldown 60s) after blocking Missile attacks with quarrel’s passive. Using hackapel skills automatically swaps to crossbow+sword to use the skill, then it swaps back to crossbow+shield.

Reiter builds:
Crossbow + Pistol + Sword --> Main hand: crossbow (may be invested if you use lower-rank archer skills which scale on crossbow) + pistol (invested), auto-swap slot: same crossbow + sword (invested). Using hackapel skills automatically swaps to crossbow+sword to use the skill, then it swaps back to crossbow + pistol.


Special info on gem & sword off-hand
Sword is considered a [main hand] weapon.
Gems on sword will apply the Main Weapon effect of the gem, even though your sword is equipped as an off-hand weapon (off-hand = secondary ‘weapon’ such as pistol, cannon, shield).
Appraiser subweapon booster (overestimate) skill does NOT increase sword levels.

Note difference between main hand bonus and off-hand bonus on this red gem:

Click to open image of red gem <<<


Gem bonus list:
NOTE: always roast your gems at an alchemist Gem Roast shop. Roasting will remove the negative stats of gems. Find a roasting shop with equal or higher roasting level than your gem stars (gem with 8 stars = find gem roast shop lvl 8 or higher).

important: gems increase your character’s stats! This means gems on main-weapon buffs attacks with the off-hand weapon too! And the other way around.

Gem bonus effects link:

Hackapel mounted and a bird??
Yes, it is possible to use falconer + hackapel. Your bird will follow you and all falcon skills will work. Just hanging shot will dismount you. Please note: a bird pet consumes (another) 1 character slot.


Suggested cards:<<click

Red = Centaurus (AoE Hacka build),
Glass mole (burst with potion),
Prison Cutter (Stormbolt Bleed),
Velnia Monkey card (for wugushi-based builds),
other viable red cards are cards which increase % damage vs specific-types (such as Moa card for damage vs devil type).

Blue = Zaura or Nuaele (best cards for Blue).
Other card recommendation: Armaos card.

Green = Any card, except INT bonus cards.

Purple = 2-3x Gazing Golem card (pain barrier effect!).
Other viable purple cards: Stone whale (% chance to reduce damage taken), biteregina card (poison effect to combo with velnia monkey card). Prefer biteregina card over rajapearl card (% chance to inflict bleed) because rajapearl card bleed does not affect all Bosses (Rank 1 Bleed), unlike biteregina’s poison.
Rogue specific: werewolf card works with rogue Sneak Hit. Other rogue options for bossing: velpede card (more movespeed to reposition faster for sneak hit). Overall, werewolf card is more useful on rogue (mobbing & bossing).


Class attributes

Use one handed sword in off-hand <<Click here
A. Use One-handed sword in off-hand (sub-weapon, right hand).


Companion Riding <<Click here
B. Companion Riding - you may mount your companion.
During mounting you will gain bonus stats. Bonus stats depend on your companion stats. Your pet needs to have stamina to provide bonus stats.

You gain +4 movement speed when mounted.
If you dismount & remount you will lose the max HP bonus -> have to heal up.

Your maximum HP is increased, the increase is equal to 25% of your pet total HP.
You get bonus def stats equal to 10% of your pet def stats.
You receive evasion stat (dodge rate in F1) equal to 8% of your pet evasion.

Note: TP shop pets have 2 weapon and 2 armour slots. Put equips in those slots to increase pet status => increase your bonus during mount.

Important info on Pet bonus equip stats for you!

Some useful equips to increase pet HP (to increase mounted HP bonus):

More options:

Hackapell Dash <<Click here

C. Hacka Pelle Mount - Increase dash speed on mount by +10 when dashing. Double tap a direction to dash. Dashing consumes character stamina.

Destroy tree root crystals to restore stamina to max. Consume stamina pills to restore stamina.

Dashing makes hackapell one of the top movement speed classes. Other speedy classes are the mounted classes (cataphract, lancer, schwarzer reiter), Chronomancer (party Haste buff), Bokor (samediveve speed buff), Druid3 Lycan form Dash, Pied Piper2&3 (Allegro attribute on Marschierendes Lied), and Cataphract (Trot buff).

Class Active skills

Video explanation of Hackapel’s own combo:
(please make sure you are able to view .webm file to watch the explanation below)


Rank10Update SP cost reduction

view new sp costs<<<click here

Hackapel3’s infinite assault skill SP cost was reduced (not updated on image yet):
Reduced to: Base 151.9 sp cost, +25.7 per level


Text explanation / skill overview

Hackapel Circle 1 skills

Skarphuggning --Physical Slash-- *Damage based on: sword <<<Click here


Type: [Physical melee] & [Slash]
AoE attack ratio = [Character AoE Attack Ratio] + 3
2 x 2 hits.
Combo: stormbolt debuff + skarp = 2 x 3 hits with skarp.
Damage based on: Sword
Base damage:
CD: 20s
Overheat: 2
Target box: front, square
Requires: Mounted + Bow & Sword

NEW hitbox(rank 10 update):

OLD Hitbox, many thanks to @Nyuha

Stormbolt --Physical Pierce-- *Damage based on: sword <<Click here

Storm Bolt

Type: [Physical melee] & [Pierce]
AoE attack ratio = [Character AoE Attack Ratio]
3 hits
Combo: stormbolt debuff + stormbolt = 5 hit stormbolt.
Damage based on: sword
Base damage:
30% Chance to apply [Bleeding] status effect. Bleeding damage is equal to your character physical attack.
Bleed duration: 10 seconds

CD: 18s
Overheat: 2
Target box: front, square
Requires: Mounted + Bow & Sword

Stormbolt has no % enhancement attribute.

NEW hitbox(rank10update)

OLD Hitbox, credit to @Nyuha

Cavalry Charge --Physical Strike-- *Damage based on: main weapon (bow, crossbow) <<Click here

Cavalry Charge

Type: [Physical melee] & [Strike]
AoE attack ratio = [Character AoE Attack Ratio] + 5
Amount of hits: Single hit
Damage based on: Crossbow
Applies [Decreased critical resistance debuff] on the enemy.
Minimum crit chance on debuffed mob = ~33%
Debuff applies to bosses too.
Debuff duration: 15s
Debuff level: 1
Mob: you will charge through the enemy
CD: 24s
Overheat: none
Target box: front, circle
Requires: Mounted + Bow and Shield/ Sub-bow/ Crossbow Dagger/Crossbow Pistol/Crossbow Cannon/Bow And Sword

Note - about the critical resistance debuff:

Cavalry Charge enhance cost:

Hackapel1 Attribute: Increases physical defense by 10% per attribute level for 5 seconds after using [Cavalry Charge] (max +50% def, attribute lvl 5):

(Rank10Update) New hitbox buff: Range increase is +50% width, and +30% forward.

Leg Shot --Physical Missile Gun-- *Damage based on: Gun <<Click here

Leg Shot


Type: [Physical Ranged Missile] [Gun]
AoE attack ratio = none. This is an aimed-single-target skill.
Target limit: 1.
Amount of hits: 2
Damage based on: Gun
Base damage:
Applies [Movement slow debuff] on the enemy. Enemy movement speed decreases by 50% (halved).
Debuff duration: 7s
Debuff level: 3
CD: 24s
Overheat: 2
Requires: Mounted + Crossbow Pistol
Debuff works on bosses.

Image, by spaceneko — thank you spaceneko:

Leg Shot enhance attribute cost:

Hackapel1 Leg Shot Slow enhance attribute cost (increases movespeed slow by 1% per level, up to 10%):

Hitbox (single target, aimed) by @Nyuha


Hacka Circle 2 skills and attributes

Hackapel2 Skarp: NEW attribute: AoE Attack: Increase the AoE attack ratio of Skarp by +1 per attribute level (max level: 10).

Hackapel2 Stormbolt: NEW attribute: Lightning: Stormbolt deals +50% damage to frozen enemies, and to Ice-Type enemies.

Hakka Palle --self-buff-- <<Click here


Hakka Pelle (buff)
Applies only to yourself.
Duration: 45s
CD: 60s
.decreases SP cost of hackapel skills by 5% per skill level.
.decrease stamina cost by 30%.
.attack speed +10, +1 per skill leve
.dodge chance 10%, +2% per skill level

Grind Cutter --Physical Slash-- *Damage based: Sword <<Click here


Grind Cutter [physical] - [Slash]
AoE attack ratio = [character’s AoE attack ratio] + 6
Overheat: 3
CD: 25s
Damage: 5 x 655%, +45.8%
Must be used on mount.

NEW hitbox(rank10update):

Hackapel 3 Attributes and Skills

Hackapel3 Hakka Pelle attribute:

Hackapel3 Cavalry Charge attribute: <<< click

Hackapel3 Infinite Assault Skill --Physical Strike-- *Damage based on: Sword

skill details<<click


Requirements: mounted, crossbow+sword
Cooldown: 25s.
Overheat 2.
SP cost: 151.9, +25.7 per level.
2 hits
12 target limit
Damage: 1209%, +145% per level
Damage type: Physical Strike


Which skills dismount?

List<<<click to view

Archer : Kneeling shot
Quarrel Shooter : Deploy Pavise, teardown
Hunter : all skills
Sapper : all skills
Wugushi : Throw gu pot, Jincan Gu
Scout : Camouflage (barrel), cloaking (invisible), perspective distortion
Rogue : Capture, Burrow
Falconer : Hanging shot
Cannoneer : all skills
Musketeer : all skills, but it is possible to use grooving muzzle with a trick. video to show trick<<<
Mergen : Spread Shot, homing arrow, triple arrow, arrow sprinkle, zenith.
Bulletmarker: double gun stance (and all skills which require double gun stance), R.I.P., Bloody overdrive, Mozambique drill, outrage.
Pied Piper: all skills

All other skills are usable on mount.


AoE in Tree of Savior

Explanation<<<click here

AoE mechanics of skills
Tree of Savior skills use 2 different Area of Effect (AoE) mechanics:

  1. AoE attack and AoE defence mechanic (AoE mechanic)
  2. Amount-of-Targets mechanic (targets-mechanic)

    AoE mechanic explanation
    1.Depends on your AoE attack ratio (F1 status window).
    Archers have 0 AoE attack ratio (AoE-atk) base. AoE may be increased by equips, buffs, and potions.

    2.Uses enemy AoE defence (AoE-def) ratio:
    Small enemies have 1 AoE defence ratio.
    Medium size enemies have 2.
    Large have 4.
    Bosses have 5 AoE defence ratio.

    Calculation of targets hit =
    .1. Inside your skill AoE area, the target with the highest AoE-def will be hit first.
    .2. Substract their AoE-def from your AoE-atk.
    .3. If your remaining AoE-atk is sufficient, your skill will hit the next enemy.
    If your AoE-atk is 0, no more enemies will be hit by the skill.

    Target mechanics explanation
    .The skill will ignore AoE mechanics.
    .Skill will always hit the amount of indicated targets (on skill description), 1 enemy = 1 target.
    Advantage: ignores enemy’s AoE-def.
    Disadvantage: you cannot increase the amount of targets hit with equipment, buffs or potions.


More archer resources

Video explanation series by Tom (some old videos but skill functions are still up-to-date):
Falconer video here<<click

Wugushi video here<<<click
Wugushi text guide <<click and the crescendo pot combo here<

Ranger, Fletcher, Mergen video here <<< click
Mergen3 skill explanation <<<
Mergen3 skill test <<<
Mergen text guide <<click

Pied Piper video here <<<click
Piper3 <<<
Piper text guide <<click

Bulletmarker3 click here<<

Hackapel1&2 explained <<here
Hacka3 skill test <<here

Appraiser here<< and here<<

Musketeer video here<<

Cannoneer video here<<


Old Hackapel used to drain a lot of SP with each skill. Even the developers used the name ’ bye SP’ on their character:

skills used on the .gif<<<click

Shows rogue lachrymator smokebomb -> hackapell cavalry charge --> rogue feint --> ranger barrage -> hacka stormbolt -> hacka skarp x2 --> rogue vendetta.

Hackapel Master’s hidden quest

Info on how to activate the quest <<<click

-character status must be Mounted near the Hackapel Master

by MattBR (click to jump to post for image): [Legacy Guide] [Outdated after Re:BUILD patch] Hackapell & Rogue Class Lounge

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Updated on 2018 20 July

Rogue Info

Hidden combo = Enemies with Feint debuff receive double hits from Ranger: Barrage.


Rank 10 update: Feint + Barrage combo still works to double barrage hits. Feint-debuffed enemies receive 2 hits per barrage arrow instead of the usual 1 hit per arrow. Each arrow of barrage uses 4 AoE attack ratio, and may be boosted by AoE attack ratio. AoE mechanics are explained on the first post.

Barrage differences between bow and crossbow
Bow: bigger distance between each arrow (wider barrage). More difficult to get all 5 hits on enemies. Sometimes 1 arrow misses if your positioning is off.
Crossbow: smaller distance between each arrow (narrow barrage). Easier to get all 5 hits on enemies (point blank shotgun-barrage effect).

Sneak hit
Sneak hit does not affect the normal crit formula! It does not boost your existing crit rate (for example, archer2 swiftstep attribute boosts your crit rate). Instead, sneak hit will give you a final % bonus to crit chance.

Crit rate calculation + Sneakhit = Crit formula + Sneakhit_TrueCritChance
Crit formula = (character crit rate - enemy crit def) ^ 0.6
Note: Sneak hit is a real % crit chance boost!

Example: even if you have 0 crit rate status (F1 window), sneak hit lvl 5 will still give you a 40% critchance from behind.

Uses your stats to deal damage. Captured Magic skill + your low magic attack = low damage skill.
Captures 1 ‘tile’ or 1 magic circle per skill level.
View which skills can be captured --> CLICK HERE

Evasion skill does not affect the normal evasion formula! It does not boost your existing dodge rate (F1 status) (for example, archer swift step boosts your normal dodge rate). Rogue Evasion skill will give a final % dodge chance.

Evade stat(dodge rate) + Evasion skill = Evasion formula + EvasionSkill_TrueDodgeChance
Evasion formula = (your evasion – enemy accuracy)) ^ 0.65
Note: Evasion skill is a real % dodge chance boost!

Example: even if you have 0 dodge rate status (F1 window), Rogue Evasion lvl 10 will still give you a 50% chance to dodge.

Does not affect flying enemies. At PvP, it will reduce player visible screen size (black/darkens it similar to the PvE Mob Blind/smokebomb effect).

Backstab --Physical Pierce-- *Damage based on: Dagger & Sword
3 overheat, 10s cooldown.
View more info on the skillplanner site.
Damage from behind = +50% damage.
Attribute: Massive Bleeding must be used on a [bleeding] enemy.
Massive Bleeding = Bleed effect ticks faster when the enemy is moving.

NEW(rank10update) HITBOX

-normal attacks work (including dual-gun-stance auto-attacks of bullet marker)
Burrow available skills:
Archer skils: multishot, oblique shot, twin arrow, heavy shot
Ranger: barrage, spiral arrow, bounce shot, critical shot
QS: stone shot, scatter caltrops
Wugushi: needle blow, wugong gu
Scout: flare shot, flu flu
Pied Piper: Dissonanz

Sapper, hunter, rogue, appraiser, musketeer, cannoneer, hackapel, mergen, bulletmarker : NONE

Some archer attribute changes with rank 10 update

Only listed attributes for classes which are often used with rogue-hackapel ranks

Rank10Update SP cost reduction

Hackapel old rank 9 builds & videos

Text <<<click

Some build ideas for AoE (PvE) with some vids

(not updated for rank10 yet)
*If you have some videos/guide/questions feel free to post them. I will add them to the collection.
How to visit youtube channels: right click on vid -> copy URL/link -> paste in new tabbrowser to visit channel.

Quarrel3 + Falconer3 Hackapel1 skill planner here
Sustained Auto-attack damage, auto-sonic strike AoE damage, and AoE burst with falconer3. Falconer3 Aiming increases enemy hitbox size. Falcon2-Hackapel2 version possible too skillplanner here
.Video qs3 rogue1 falcon3 hacka1 challenge mode 5 at sausys room 9 here
.Video of QS3 Falconer3 Hacka1 at HG340 here
.Archer2 Quarrel3 Falcon2 Hackapel2 video challenge 5

Archer/ranger + Appraiser Reiter3 Hacka1 skill planner here
Limacon-based build, activate limacon and hold C button to use mobile pistol attacks. Appraiser subweapon booster can be replaced by rogue for sneakhit if you prefer. You will not wear a sword. Hacka will provide a dash to farm faster. It is possible to use cavalry charge and pistol shot with crossbow+pistol. Cavalry charge is a crit debuff, pistol shot is a slow debuff. Pistol shot debuff works vs bosses and will slow them a lot.
.Video ranger3 archer2 reiter3 hacka1 at sausys room 9 here
.Video of reiter hacka vs album boss here
.Archer2 Quarrel3 Falcon2 Hackapel2 video challenge 5
.Raid team with Hackapel video

Some build ideas for low-target/single-target (PvE)

Ranger3 Rogue3 Hackapel2 skill planner click here
Rogue variants: either take lachrymator smoke bomb maxed for CC, or take Evasion max for True Dodge. Can also take vendetta max with level 6 feint. Note: rogue feint + ranger barrage is a combo, deals doubled barrage hits. Hackapel cavalry charge is level 1 to apply crit resist debuff.
.Ranger3 rogue3 hacka2 solo challenge mode stage 5 here
.Dragon Raid here<<<click

Fletcher3 based Hackapel2 builds
Magic arrow spam build. On fletcher, max crossfire (AoE choice) or Barbed arrow (if hunting cloth/leather enemies/bosses a lot). Broadhead is a bleed and will combo with prison cutter card (red card).
.Ranger3fletcher3hacka2 dragon raid here and skillbuild here
KTOS variant:
QS3 fletcher3 hackapel2 here and without using hackapel skills here
QS3 Fletcher3 hackapel2 vs Drake raidboss here
Ranger3 fletcher3 version viable too.

Quarrel3 + Hackapel2 skill planner click here
Auto-attack based build with Quarrel running shot. If your connection is bad, your auto-attack will be slower. Type //ping and hit enter in normal chat in-game. Ping below 0.1 is ok for auto-attack builds. On rogue, either take vendetta max or Evasion+feint. Replacing archer2 with rogue3 is possible too.
.QS3 rogue hacka2 refugee raid here
.QS3 Rogue Hacka2 at 340 HG nazar tower here
.Another one here
.QS3 Rogue Hacka2 vs event boss here
qs3 rogue3 hacka2 low gear at sausys 9 here
QS3 Fletcher3 hackapel2 vs Drake raidboss here
Another vs drake raidboss here

Quarrel3 Scout3 Hackapel2 skill planner here
Auto-attack and fast-split arrow mobile spam build. Decent at farming medium-populated mobs, casually.

What about scout3rogue3?
FalconerC3 thoughts
Ar2 > QS3 > Rog1 > Fal1 > Mer2 Viable?

Ping really aggravates the class problems.

Stormbolt is hard to get into a rotation.The debuff should just keep the target as it had max stacks all the time.


Actually has Scout in his build. But oh ■■■■, he’s using Feint without dismounting. I guess ToSbase is wrong. This is really heartening since I’m going for a ranger3 rogue3 hakka. Other than some skills not being usable while mounted this seemed like a really good synergy build with Hakka’s skills forcing turn arounds and applying bleed for Backstab, and even moreso if I can feint without dismounting.


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Oh yes, he is ranger2 scout1 rogue3. Will edit.

Just noticed his STR is ~843. True glass cannon. Added vid of him vs manticen boss.


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I’m ranger 1 instead of ranger 3 but I don’t think the damage difference will be too much with all the damage buffs we just got. I’m happy about feint though, now I can just rely on lachry to auto dismount me into using my hunter skills.

Although I’m sacred about HP though, I think I’m going to aim for 30k+ hp, going up close in that video you could see that he can easily get wrecked if any boss later on has moves that are more random.


You can use skills while burrowed, but since it’s mount incompatible it’s pretty pointless. I’ll probably throw one point into it just because it’s a lolsy skill. Still unsure about Evasion. It’s either more points in Evasion or more points in Lachrymator which dismounts you anyway.

I think Evasion is probably good for PVP. Even without DEX you can get a pretty high evasion rate with it.


Is it just me or when rogues dodge something with evasion up does a little (Evasion) text pop up?

This lead me to believe that the evasion skill doesn’t simply multiply your evasion.


Evasion skill of rogue should be True Dodge (similar to sneak hit = true crit chance). The duration/cd is silly though.


Makes sense though, there’s no conditions unlike sneak hit.


They probably want rogues to get their evasion from leather sets and not from dex


IMO the skill would be better off being short duration/short cooldown “true evasion” so you can use it to hit and run.


It still dismounts, he just “remounts” really fast.

The boons of having good ping in this game.


Oh, I see. I wasn’t paying attention to the buff bar. God damn Korean internet infrastructure is so good (and ToS’s netcode is so bad as a result). Oh well, dreams crushed.


Just my 2cent, if you mounted and use 2hand bow or xbow gun, you can still use hakka skill and reduce the freezing animation afterward. Yes it is a mongol style.


I do that a lot and it still has a delay, back when SIlute was hosted on Hue-istan it was really close to the Korean.

It’s very noticeable on skill rotations, the “expected remaining cooldown” on other skills was completely different than the current.


Mergen with Hakapalle :o…


the hakapell’s charge twice the damage from criticals atks ?
i dont know if tis is nice build for r8 no many do a hakapell and locks like a expensive build but i think tis is the best build to deal basic damage. betterd than falconer 3 QS 3

pd: what is better? trinity or manamana for auto atack with tis build ?