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[GUIDE MASTER] Hakkapeliitain Marssi: A Hackapell Guide


Hackapell IconHakkapeliitain Marssi: A Hackapell Guide

Preface & Acknowledgements

Server: Klaipeda [NA]
Team Name: Twinbrook

Welcome to my Hackapell guide!

Hackapell is one of my favorite jobs to play, even though it is not my main. Before re:Build, I had a qs3 - wugu - rogue2 - hackapell3, now I have a highlander - barbarian - hackapell. This guide is a quick introduction to playing Hackapell, including a sample skill build, card advice, and more.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the legacy guide to Hackapell - Hackapell & Rogue Class Guide. While the guide is pre-Re:Build, it helped a lot when planning out my Hackapell back in the day, and I did try to keep a few of the things that stayed the same in that guide into this one (like the quest). Thanks @greyhiem!


Hakkapeliittain Marssi (English)
- Original Swedish Lyrics by Zacharias Topelius (1872)

The snowy north is our fatherland;
there our hearth crackles on the stormy beach.
There our sinewy arm grew by the sword,
there our chest burned with faith and honour.

We watered our snorting horse in the Neva’s bath;
he swam across the Vistula as happy as to a feast,
he carried our avenging steel over the Rhine,
he drank the emperor’s toast from the Danube.

And if we ride forth over ash and gravel,
from the hoofs spring sparks of light,
each cut like the blow of a hammer descends
and for the world a future day dawns.

Take heart, you who dwell in darkness and chains!
We’re coming, we’re coming, we will free your hand.
Slaves do not sigh in our frosty North;
freeborn we ride into the field for God’s word.

At Breitenfeld we took Pappenheim into our arms;
we wrote on Kronenberg’s armour our name;
we burnt Tilly’s beard grey at Lech;
we bled with our King’s blood at Lützen’s hedge.

And if we ride far from our northern track,
to glowing grapes and bleeding wounds,
then the trumpets call the message of our victory.
Cut them down, brave ranks! Forward! With us is God.


Hakkapells, aka Hakkapelliitta, were Finnish light calvary troops during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). These troops excelled in sudden attacks, raids, and reconnaissance. As light calvary, they typically wore a helmet and leather armor or a steel breastplate, and their preferred weapons were pistols and swords, using the pistols at range before cutting the enemy down in close quarters.

Hakkaa päälle pohjan poika! (Strike them down, son of the North!).

Skills & Attributes

All skills are One-handed sword and shield only, and can only be used while mounted.

Level 1+

Skarphuggning Icon SFR: 87-127% x4 AAR: +10 Overheat: 5

Skarphuggning: Aim at the upper half of the enemy and slash.

Now affected by ATK speed.

Skarphuggning Enhance Icon

Skarphuggning: Enhance

Increases the skill factor of Skarphuggning by 0.5% per attribute level.

Storm Bolt

Storm Bolt Icon SFR: 126-184% x3 AAR: +0 Overheat: 1

Storm Bolt: Push your sword in with great force to attack. Increases damage dealt to frozen or Ice-property enemies. Attacked targets receive increases damage from Slash attacks. Increases the number of Storm Bolt hits to enemies under the Storm Bolt debuff.

Debuff Duration: 10s
Slash Attack Damage: +50%
_Frozen/Ice-property Enemy Damage: +100%

Storm Bolt Enhance Icon

Storm Bolt: Enhance

Increases the skill factor of Storm Bolt by 0.5% per attribute level.

Cavalry Charge

Calvary Charge Icon SFR: 444-649% AAR: +5 Overheat: 1

Cavalry Charge: Charge forward and deal damage to enemies you come in contact with. Your physical and magic defense increase momentarily after using Cavalry Charge.

Physical/Magical Defense: +100% Duration: 10s

Cavalry Charge Enhance Icon

Increases the skill factor of Cavalry Charge by 0.5% per attribute level.

Helm Chopper

Helm Chopper Icon SFR: 180-264% x2 AAR: +3 Overheat: 3

Helm Chopper (Remaining/15): Strike the enemy’s head, causing them to be afflicted with [Stun]. If the Frenzy buff is active, the attack range of Helm Chopper increases and the duration of [Stun] changes to 4 seconds.

Stun Duration: 2s

Gem: Wendigo Searcher Gem

Helm Chopper Enhance Icon

Helm Chopper: Enhance

Increases the skill factor of Helm Chopper by 0.5% per attribute level.

Level 16+
Hakka Palle

Hakka Palle Icon Attack Speed: 50-500 Immune to Knockback/Knockdown

Hakka Palle: Shout and assume an attacking stance. Increases basic attack speed and makes you immune to being knocked back or knocked down while riding a companion.

Duration: 12-30s

Grind Cutter

Grind Cutter Icon SFR: 78-113% x5 AAR: +6 Overheat: 3

Grind Cutter: Continuously cut down enemies in front of you with a single-handed sword. The skill’s AoE attack ratio increases by 10 while the Cavalry Charge buff is active.

Grind Cutter Enhance Icon

Grind Cutter: Enhance

Increases the skill factor of Grind Cutter by 0.5% per attribute level.

Level 31+
Infinite Assault

Infinite Assault Icon SFR: 285-399 x2% x5 Targets: 12 Overheat: 2

Infinite Assault: Rush to attack an enemy and return to your position. Your movement speed increases momentarily after using Infinite Assault.

Movement Speed: +3-15
Duration: 3s

Infinite Assault Enhance Icon

Infinite Assault: Enhance

Increases the skill factor of Infinite Assault by 0.5% per attribute level.

Recommended Skills

Hackapell Skills

Skarphuggning is maxed because the damage type is [Slash], which meshes well with Storm Bolt. Max Hakka Pelle to be able to cycle knock back/down immunity with Pain Barrier. Grind Cutter and Infinite Assault both have the best SFR and as such are maxed. Cavarly Charge and Storm Bolt are both 1 point wonders for the buffs/debuffs. Any remaining points went into Helm Chopper, so if you want to boost any of the other skills I’d pull points from there.

Class Synergies

* = Ok Options
** = Good Options

Highlander**: Only one skill can’t be used mounted (Cartar Stroke) and only one can’t be used with a one-handed sword (Cross Guard). Useful for [Bleed] (Crosscut) and [Shock] (Crown), the former especially useful if abusing Prison Cutter cards. Many of Highlander’s skills benefit from Storm Bolt. When the Hackapell buff comes this will be even better, with Shock and Bleed adding damage to Skarp and Grind Cutter.

Peltasta**: Only one skill can’t be used mounted (Shield Lob). Everything can be used with one-handed sword and shield. Tons of defensive buffs and tanking abilities, but not much on damage.

Hoplite: Only two abilities can be used with one-handed sword and shield. Leave this one to spear users.

Barbarian**: Warcry and Frenzy are great, as is Pouncing. Frenzy synergizes with Helm Chopper. Cleave and Seism will soon be usable mounted, making this a really good choice.

Cataphract: Steed Charge, Trot, and Acrobatic Mount all work with Hackapell, but the rest of the attack skills are for spears. Probably best to avoid for now.

Doppelsoeldner: Only the buffs work with a one-handed sword and shield while mounted. Pass.

Rodelero**: Everything but Targe Smash works for Hackapell. Shield Shoving makes Infinite Assault better, and Shield Push reduces the enemy’s defense.

Murmillo: Every skill works with one-handed swords, but nothing works mounted.

Fencer: Nothing works with one-handed sword, or while being mounted.

Dragoon: Everything is usable while mounted, but nothing with one-handed swords. Probably not worth weapon swapping for.

Templar**: With the Templar buffs being live this a decent choice. Brings alots of buffs that can be used mounted. Horse is still an issue, but you can do a decent build without it.

Lancer: None of the attack skills are usable with one-handed swords.

Matador: Nothing works with one-handed swords, or while being mounted.

Nak Muay: Nothing works while mounted.

Retiarius: Any skill using the rete or the dagger can be used with one-handed swords, but the rete skills buff one-handed spears so not much point. Nothing can be used while mounted.

Recommended Builds*
Barbarian is pretty much an insta-lock after the changes that allow Cleave and Seism to work mounted. The third class really depends on what you want to do, but Highlander, Rodelero, and Templar are all good here for DPS, and Peltasta is good for a tankier build.


Even rolling with a tank build it is best to use cards like a DPS.

Red Cards

Glass Mole: +30% damage after drinking an SP potion is pretty significant, especially with how fast SP drains in re:Build.

Centaurus: Useful for the AAR.

Prison Cutter: Useful especially if you took Highlander. +30% damage on bleeding enemies.

Highlander: Prison Cutter x3
Otherwise: Glass Mole x3

Blue Cards

Zaura: +30% Physical Defense.

Nuaele: +30% Magic Defense.

Armaos: 30% chance of generating a 1000 damage shield. Budget option.

Zaura x3. Armaos is perfectly fine while saving money though.

Green Cards

Blut: If you really need more HP/Defense.

Simorph: Provides less STR than Netherbovine, but gives some CON for HP/Defense.

Blut cards are the best here as the extra health is useful. Simorph is for those that cannot afford Bluts.

Purple Cards

Only category that you may want to do a 2-1 split on cards for.

Stone Whale: The cards I currently use, 10% chance to take 10% less damage.

Rikaus: Makes SP potions 10% more effective per card.

Stone Whale x3, or check the link for cards that give SP recovery when a certain mob dies, which are useful for CM farming.

Other Cards

My current card setup is Glass Mole x3, Armaos x3, Stone Whale x3, Simorph x3.


Of course, the current best gear is all Velcoffer with good ichor. Many of the options presented can be replaced with budget primus gear while leveling, returning savior gear, or the wake up weapon as needed.

Weapon: I use Wastrel Zvaigzde Sword here. It may not be as good as in the hands of, say an Enchanter, but there are plenty of [Strike] skills Hackapell has access to in order to trigger the effect. Asio Sword is pretty good too, especially now that Highlander-Barbarian-Hackapell is set to be one of the better DPS choices.

Shield: Asio. The Wastrel shield has SPR and CON, while the Asio has STR and CON. Emengard Shield can also get a lot of use.

Armor: Unless you really need the (Magic)Defense from (Cloth)Plate, respectively, your best best is a good leather set. The 350 crafted uniques or the 380 primus with physical DPS stats (STR/DEX/CON/Patk/Crit) are good here. Early leveling gear includes Vubbe Fighter Gauntlets.

Accesories: Physical DPS accessories. These include: Phada, Sissel Bracelet, Gladiator Band, Frieno. Follow the same idea as the primus armor, stat wise, as a guide and get whatever is in budget.


Weapon/Shield: Red Gems
Top/Bottom: Yellow Gems or Monster Gems.
Hand/Feet: Red if needed, otherwise Green or Monster Gems.

The only Hackapell skill that has a gem is Helm Chopper, and I wouldn’t recommend it (you get a ~6% SFR bonus for using it). Gems that might be useful are ones for Gung Ho, Pain Barrier, Hard Shield, and more.


Companion Guide

I currently use Rocksodon, for the increased HP/SP buff.

My Best Buddy

Please…Do you think that’s gonna make me think your companion is any good?

Not a Hackapell exclusive quest, but a quest from the Hackapell Master. Must be mounted and use the “Best” emote. Quest Details.


Hackapell Discussion


Regardless of where we stand on the Swordsman vs Scout debate, IMC chose (poorly) to place it into the Swordsman tree. Is it the top DPS? No. Is it the tankiest build? No. But it is one of the more mobile classes, and still pretty fun to play. Hopefully, IMC continues to work to integrate Hackapell better into the Swordsman tree (or move it) and help it come into it’s own, just please don’t change the icon color (Sorry, Sages)!


Gazing Golem doesn’t work in most PvP. However it does proc vs summons, or like monsters in Gem Feud so it still could have some value, but Hackapell is not a class that should be taking it since they have their own Pain Barrier, and in total they actually have 100% up time.

Which brings me to the biggest issue with this guide. Hacka Palle is far superior to Helm Chopper.

By going from level 3 to level 12 Helm Chopper you gain 54% SFR *2 108%, Even if you Enhance 100, that is 162%. You’re going to say that 162% is worth giving up 18 seconds of KD immunity. Absolutely not.

I don’t think 2 Dullahans is worth it either, but 1 alright, I’d suggest looking into cards like Stone Whale, Manticen, or Shadowgaler for Hackapell, maybe Marionette if you have a good way to proc it.

Other minor things are like forgetting Emengard Shield exists, Not mentioning Froster Lord for PvP. Suggesting anyone ever takes trash cards like Netherbovine when there exists versions with CON that are far superior even if you’re too poor to ever buy Blut.

These are minor though.


I see your point with the skill layout, fixed it. I’ll fix the other minor things a bit later, I was heading to bed but didn’t. Thanks for the feedback! Was the overall layout and stuff ok? A lot of this needs to be added to, I’m sure.


Today I learned hackapell originates from my native language.

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