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[DropPerKill] Drop rate system- DPK- Explained [Updated]2

This post is now outdated, but i will keep it on for history purposes.

I will post again only the results of my findings to those interested.

DPK is implemented.

1-Each channel has its own kill count of its monsters.
2-Every X amount of kills of a particular monster on the same channel drops his DPK item.
3-Channel kill count is based on kills of all players.
4-DPK resets after the item DROP.
5-Channel kill count resets on maintence. thanks @StratosLash
6-For weapons, the respective class has double points in the dpk system. Meaning swordmans gets sword,2handsword by half DPK required for the other 3 classes.
7-Drop are defined with kills not on spawn.

Edit: @hkkim This makes impossible to farm rare items such as GEMs on low spawn rate monsters.
Edit: @STAFF_Max @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_John Could you moderators ask IMC to share some light to this problem?


Are you sure you want to use the word “Debunked”?

I think you’d spread more awareness if you replaced “Debunked” with “Discovered” ^o.o^

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This is my first time hearing about it. Kinda surprising ^o.o^

I knew that many players were hunting rodelin gem (improve aspersion skill) at tenet church b1, but I got one with my new toon while questing in that map.

Got any proof to back that up? (focussed on all people on the map/channel, not bound to character alone and not server wide)

For example, did you kill 9999 monsters while being alone on a map, then have a friend do the 10000 kill and the rare item dropped, every time at the 10000th kill? Repeated it a few times to make sure? That’d be some actual proof.

I’m not saying that you are neccessarily wrong, however your asusmptions and assertions do not really indicate that you are 100% right. If (IF!) such a system is really there, i could post many other ways how it could work… for example maybe it’s server-wide, so all kills on the entire server count and instead of being map-focussed every (for example) 1000000 kill on the entire server drops a rare.

Even if you’re right, it does not neccessarily mean that it’s bad. While you posted some negative points there would be some positive points aswell:

  • what if you’re the one who’s lucky and got the rare after a few kills? I bet you’d be happy
  • it ensures that a drop is guaranteed after a while, contrary to games like Ragnarok Online, where you could grind alone on a map for days and don’t get your rare since there was no guarantee that rares would drop after X total kills

I just got 3 Geppeto Leaves in Tenent farm by killing somewhat around 9-10 white geppeto and I’m the only 1 person in that channel at that time (check with LKChannel add-ons)

got 2 monsters gems from 2 bee’s after eachother. Must have pissed somebody off then haha

Not trying to debunk your debunking but…

How do you know the kill count is channel bound and not just cumulative kill count of all channels of one area?

Wasn’t the drop rate table withdrawn from the client so we don’t have drop info anymore? Do you mind giving more proofs and evidences? I prefer some pictorial proof than reading a huge wall of text.

Tbh, I believe this is more of RNG than DPK. A few days ago, I was farming Lizard Amber for 8 hours straight. There was a case of 2 Lizard Amber dropped from 2 nearby mobs. I was literally the only one in that map. Man, Fedimian server feels barren as hel

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This DPK thing has already been known on the KR server to be true for months.


I also remember reading something about it on reddit a while back, i never switch channels while grinding just in case. However i’ve never seen much about it here until this and the boater thread popped up.

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Debunked means "expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief).“
Your title is essentially saying, " I have proven DPK false” which is completely against your argument. So I’m with your commenters on this one, change the title please.

Next up, your proof assumes that drop chance ?% means DPK. You have to prove that first. Who runs tosbase? How did they gather this information? Certainly it might be DPK, but it might also be just missing information. It’s also as likely that the droprates are all DPK-based, and the tosbase numbers are just wrong.
It’s an unproven point until someone presents the evidence.

Next, you conclude that this punishes effort. But actually, you could read the data the other way. If an item drops after 100 kills, the person who killed 99 had 99% chance of getting it.
So yes, it does reward effort more than pure chance.
Chance applies to everyone, not just the individual. In your scenario, the person who did the 100th kill had a 1% chance of getting the item. By chance, he did. He didn’t know he was getting the 100th kill, you didn’t know he was getting the 100th kill. That’s how luck and probability works. Unless of course there’s a way to see that counter and time your assault.

If anything, proving the DPK system works on channel-based kill counters opens up these issues:
A. If someone can track the total kills in a channel, they can get the drop 100% of the time (Chance being voided because they now know).
Should we ban addons that aggregate kill info?
B. A DPK of 30,000 (commonly hypothesized value for White Boater) would mean that a channel has to kill 30,000 mobs to generate an item. Does this reset on maintenance? What if a channel dies?
B. Can we prove this is per channel per mob? What if it’s just per mob, scattered out across the whole server? What if it’s across the servers as well?

All in all, a decent attempt. But it needs to be more scientific to be acceptable. Best way is to conduct experiments, and always assume you’re wrong instead of the other way around.


i don’t think it work that way
just RGN


You won’t find anything in this game, because the top 3 kill rankings on all monsters is dominated by botters

Everyone in the “50,000 Kills Later~” thread is seeing the same thing as the op. If anybody wants to take a gander.


1 Siaulamb Lagoon gem in 2xx kills, another one on my 5xxth (lol what luck). Didn’t find another after 1000+ kills.

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Test it yourself

Didn’t change channels. I stayed there for a bit to grind.

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