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Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests

DMG chart, no sauce, thanks BG

so hey, some of you may already know me, and i think i’ll be uploading videos about ToS

probably most will be PvP but i’ll only start recording them in a few weeks, when i feel strong enough to do so xD

anyway, i’m testing Last Rites and Aspergillium, the video is long, and could be shorter, but i took my time~

if you just want to see the final results, go to part 3

#NOTE [edit]:
i tested the aspergillium dmg recently, and i’m not sure if it’s really increasing with last rites bonus, i’ll test it later and if it was just my impression, i’ll just delete this note z.z

plus, this info might get outdated eventually, since it was tested on kToS and before iToS launch

here is the link:

(part 1)

click here for part 1
(OBS: i’m having some troube with the quality it was uploaded D: trying to solve it before uploading part 2)
(OBS2: i think i got it, could someone try the video and see if it’s in good quality?)

(part 2)

Click here for part 2

(part 3)

click here for part 3

i realize i forgot the cat gif, so here it is <3


It seems that in your video
Last Rights:
The 40% bonus might be a % dmg increase to holy damage ( this may or may not be true)(this may hold true even without the 40% bonus when Last Rights is used)
If you are not planning on leveling aspersion past 5 then there is little to no benefit in putting any points at all (refering the aspersion)
It seems that without aspersion, aspergillium uses a defualt lvl 3 or 5 aspersion to get its dmg.
Aspergillium lvls seems to only increase its duration

This is what I learned from part 1 so far (22 minutes in).

Alright after finishing both vids above still stands (for what I know)
It seems aspergillium with every basic attack will cast aspersion (dmg, whether that be from SPR scaling or INT)

edit: more txt


yeah, but i’s weird because it didn’t seem to apply on sacrament dmg, maybe because it’s an extra hit instead of spell dmg? (but then again, it works on last rites itself, which is an extra hit)

and maybe it’s worth to pick aspersio lv 1, just for the enhance attribute, but it’d be better to have it at least lv 5

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Last rights probably increases holy dmg of spells? As it seems when you put on last rights and aspergillium, aspergilluims dmg skyrocketed.

Yes aspersion lvl 1 should be taken for the enhance, but if you dont plan on enhancing (YOUR INSANE), then dont get aspersion at all.

edit: spelling error


added a part 3 with a higher dmg output, after finishing distributing stats and skill points

Thanks for taking the time to make these videos and post this. Very helpful. =)

I appreciate the effort, but this isn’t that helpful imo;

Keep in mind that:

  • Earth spectras take 150% holy dmg since they’re dark element and ghost armor. (also takes a lot less physical dmg)
  • Earth apparitions take 100% holy dmg since they’re dark element and cloth armor.
  • Others enemies on the map don’t take bonus holy dmg.
  • Cloth armor enemies (apparition/mage) takes reduced dmg from blunt weapons (rod/hammer) but that should only affect the main physical hit.
  • Sacrament partially double dips on the second hit vs holy weak enemies. (see the dmg guide) This may affect last rites when sacrament is active as well.
  • You wore equips that altered your dmg and dmg range like your arde dagger and crystal bangle. Which makes your single hit tests a lot less accurate.
  • It’s better to wait for the recast to try again, sometimes buffs don’t properly update. At least sacrament didn’t do so. Better safe then sorry imo.

Still aspergillum does very nice dmg.
And the dmg range on last rites/sacrament doesn’t seem to super. But decent at least.

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Thx for the effort doing the videos :wink: .
I gathered the numbers if u want to draw a conclusion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1st Video: Mix build (with hammer)
(Sc1) LR1-> 547 (LR)
(Sc1) LR1+(-40%HP)-> 570 (LR)
(Sc2) LR1-> 577-580 (LR)
(Sc2) LR1+(-40%HP)-> 600 (LR)
(Sc10) LR1-> 810 (LR)
(Sc10) LR1+(-40%HP)-> 885 (LR)
LR1+Sc10-> 1010 (Sc)+982(LR)
LR1+Sc10+(-40%HP) -> 1085 (Sc)+ 1032(LR)
(Sc10) LR2-> 885 (LR) (same dmg as LR1)
LR2+Sc10-> 1037 (LR)

Aspergillum (%dmg Atributte 0?)
(Asp0) Aspl1-> 1015-1050 (Aspl)
(Asp0) Aspl2-> 1020-1065 (Aspl)
(Asp1) Aspl2-> 872-962 (Aspl)
(Asp7) Aspl2-> 1116-1280 (Aspl)
(Asp7) Aspl2+LR2-> 1364-1572(Aspl)+708-885(LR)
(Asp7) Aspl2+LR2+Sc10-> 1526-1800(Aspl)+1085(Sc)+1030 (LR)

2nd Video: Mix build (with hammer)
Aspergillum with %dmg Attribute lvl 34:
(Asp7) Aspl2->1685-1762(Aspl)

3rd Video:
Int (80) build (i think a staff is used instead of a hammer)

(Asp15)Aspl3-> 2515-2929(Aspl)
(Asp15)Aspl3+LR-> 3351 (Aspl)
(Asp15)Aspl3+LR+Sc10-> 3631(Aspl)


i forgot about the ghost armor, i admit D: but i even warn about the dark element
the equips gave the bonus to every hit, so it was just a “scaling” test, it’s easier to test with higher numbers XD but yeah, maybe i should had them off

i tried waiting for the spells to end or even canceled the timer, that’s one of the reasons the video is that long xD

but thanks for the notes <3 i’ll try do better on the next videos

i did some switching on the videos, between a hammer and a staff, the staff having a better result, so i used a staff on the third video

Could you check these attributes of Chaplain pls? XD

This translation doesn’t seem right…or is it? It totally seemed like it is about Block Penetration before XD …or did I miss something?..

I’m afraid this one is right…but if you don’t mind to sacrifice 1 point on capella and check if the attribute affects the capella or the buffs…X)

it’s on my to-do list XD but i think i’d need another player to test, because if it’s “block”, it’ll be hard to test on monsters D:

maybe a priest with stone skin

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Well first I guess it would be enough if we would know if it has anything to do with Last Rites damage…but that part is already strange because the translation mention Revive at that part too…Something seems off. X)

Btw the description that google translate gave us back then seemed quite suspicious…maybe it’s something combined like you get +60% damage when you penetrate block while Revive and Last Rites is on.

Oh and you can also just check your Block Penetration Stat when those buffs are on. If it’s just extra block penetration maybe it shows it.

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yeah, maybe it’ll update on my character stats, i’ll try level the attribute tomorrow


tested it lv 1 today, no change in my character chart at least D: so it’ll need to be a more in-dept test G_G

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It might be asking too much but, could you do these tests following these instructions?

  • Unequip everything
  • Test it on mobs that aren’t Dark type mobs and that aren’t Ghost property.


i’ll test somethings today, i might include this ;D

i’m having trouble to figure out what the revive + last rites do… i’ll just record it anyway, so people might figure it out :confused:




here is the dmg showcase[?]

and me testing the attribute, but failing to figure what it does @_@

Linke Here

having video quality problems again G_G
i think i got how it works now…


well…maybe it is still something when you penetrate block ( I hope damage and not extra block penetration :smiley: )… we also don’t know btw if both buffs are necessary but still we should find out first what does it do… XD

I think it would be the best to test it on a swordman with high block who can manually block maybe… but I dunno if you could find anyone. Maybe we have to wait till iobt with this… xD

i don’t think there is such a thing as “Penetrated block”, i think block as a “dodge”, and block penetration as “hit”, then either the attack is blocked or not, the block penetration just lowers the block chance

i could be wrong, but then again, i can’t test it alone :frowning:

Well I guess you are right… the most likely that left is that it is just more block penetration what doesn’t show up in the stat window… I guess… or no idea…XD

…but nvm…it doesn’t change my build in any way so at worst we will figure it out in the obt… X)