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[Class] Chaplain - Hidden Class Rank 5

Thanks, but how does it scales equally? There is only SPR formula in Aspersio description

Aspersion is magic damage, all magic dmg skills scale with int.

does any1 knows if the aspersion enhance attribute which adds 1% damage to aspersion per level will also increase the damage of Aspergillum or not?

isnt that the same damage attribute increase as with any class?

Yes, it will increase the damage.

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Someone tell if the Double Punch combo with aspergillum or Last Rites ?
What buf the maximum allowed?

double punch is a spell and won’t proc extra basic attack hits

like aspergiliium, last rites, or sacrament

Cleric > Priest x 3 > Chaplain is mandatory. So we only have 2 ranks left for our imagination. But I’m not sure that Cleric x 2 is needed or not? Is Heal 5 enough to keep party going (PVE)?

For now I’m considering these variations for rank 6 and 7 (Full SPR/Full Support) :

  • Cleric, Krivis = Heal 10, more buff slots but no Rank 7’s skills
  • Cleric, PD = Got Heal 10, Healing Factor but overbuff
  • Krivis, PD = More Buffs slot, Healing Factor, more debuff for Incinerate but Heal is only 5
  • Krivis, Pardoner = More buff slot, Magic Defense, can sell scroll but again, Heal lv. 5

My suggestion is to get 6 and 7 that you want
Everyone says that if you will be the only Cleric in party, heal lvl 5 will be not enough at high level
Gettin Krivis only for buff slots is not that wise since you can buy scrolls
But Krivis will have more DPS than Cleric 2
7 PD is mandatory for me, because I want to play him

I won’t include Cleric 2 in my build…at least yet with the current max rank. Also Priest has Mass Heal as a compensation so it shouldn’t be mandantory for Priests… I think it is more mandantory for those who don’t have Mass Heal but maybe others wouldn’t agree.

Cleric 2 is very good for parties with tank then priest 3, since it has much more single target heal and doesn’t need stone skin that much.

But other variants are just as good, cleric 2 is simply the most classic and easy to use. +DM.

My problem with cleric c2 is that you are taking a circle 2 class on circle 6. This is very prone to getting recked by balancing patch. It was a change to single skill (heal) that suddenly made this build viable. But any further buffs / nerfs will likely work towards higher ranks being better than low ranks.

i agree. can you imagine if they revert the healing tiles to max of 5 again? that would be soooooo bad

They also recently added a new attribute that requires Cleric C2 for Safety Zone to get +20 extra charges~ pretty damn nice.

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how much damage does chaplain do? I’m picking either chaplain or krivis. How much more damage would chaplain do compared to krivis? 100% more? 50% more?

Krivis has pretty low damage in late game. So if you are seeking damage then chaplain is your choice.

Anyone know if Aspergillum can be shared with Spiritual Chain?

What do you mean with element equip and element +248? :o

Anyone know how do we trigger Chaplain quest? Cant seem to make the Chaplain master appear.

This link dont work.