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Is chaplain class worthy to get?

yes yes. im planning on cleric>priestc3>cleric2 or krivis1 or chap > cleric2 or krivis1 or chap > PD…

why is the chaplain offensive supp? because of the magnus?

Cleric priest priest priest cleric krivis PD if you want to be Fs
But Fs in this game is not that useful since every class can do decent damage(even with supporting)
But if you go Fs, Do not take Chaplain because he need ~max sacrament, aspersio, maybe blessing, without aspersio and sacrament he is useless
Also go for full SPR with some CON ~100, Fs do not need int

this is exactly why im being troubled in my build now. since i will only invest level1 on asper,monstrance and sacra…

mainly because you can deal tons of damage with just an auto attack and you get huge scaling bonuses with flat elemental damage.

after you buff and heal up you have the option of dishing out damage, but your buffs and heals are not on the level of a pure support character

oh i see. thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
i guess ill be dropping chaplain since im going to full defensive support. all buffs and heals no skill damage.

Im torn between Diev and Krivis myself.

Krivis has Daino and Zalciai which are nice but Pardoner exists and Scroll for Daino makes it less impactfull

Diev has the statues, which i hear are nice for Eatrh tower, but i dont know if ill have time to lolcarve them in the middle of fights.

This is what i think ill go with.

Diev lvl 1 not worthy to get at all
With this build you better take chaplain

Then i would have to ask, how good is Aspegillum with only 1 point in Aspersion?

Is Last Rites really that great? ive been looking around and the damage it provides doesnt seem to be that great.

Honestly, either way doesnt seem that great to me, Chaplain or Krivis, im just not a big fan of having to buy a ton of Daino scrolls. If only those didnt exist my choice would be more clear :sob:

watch Tomazelli video about Aspegillum

Here you go. Most of your questions have been answered here.

Thanks for that, so if i got this right, its best i put zero points in aspersion? :open_mouth:

In that thread you mentionned [quote=“megamanex14, post:4, topic:142052”]
Yes aspersion lvl 1 should be taken for the enhance, but if you dont plan on enhancing (YOUR INSANE), then dont get aspersion at all.

Yet the enhancement is only 1% more damage per point, which seems alot less than the damage Tomazelli actually lost by putting 1 point in Aspersion

Ill guess this coming month will be more testing grounds, and i have a little list of things i need to try out, but from the looks of it, untill i can test it, it seems its best not to put any points into Asperion.

woaw?! rly? let me check that vid out. o.0

because enhancing scales. It is a % bonus modifier at the end of the damage formula. So the damage will always have some sort of scaling. More % means more damage.

Yes, i understand that, but we’re talking about 1 point here, not 15

So from what you said here, it seems like its best to put 0 points in Aspersion, that 1% from the enhancement is much less than the lost damage from putting 1 point in, as weird as that sounds :upside_down:

That is, also, considering i dont plan to put many points in Aspersion, Priest C3 has so many skills and so few points to distribute, im not 100% sure if its best to go 15/15 Aspersion and takes points off of others skills though.

No, your getting it all messed up
1 point in aspersion for the skill. Enhance is the attribute…

You always max the attribute when you can.

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Ok then, it would seem i misunderstood how this attribute thing works, i thought it was only 1% per point, so for Aspersion rank 5 youd get +5% damage, Rank 10 youd get +10% damage and so on.

Now i see the attribute itself is the one being lvled, so thats a potential +100% damage, now THAT seems more than putting 0 points in it.

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Yes, the attribute itself is leveled independently from the actual skill itself. You level the attribute by paying for it from the respected skill masters. Etc etc bla bla bla. But you can only get the attribute if you have the requirements met. In this case 1 point into Aspersion.

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In no case should you ever not put a point into Aspersion. I understand if your not getting Chaplains Aspergillium, but even then…

Welp, i got my answers, learned something, thanks alot for that megamanex14 :smile:

No problem, I try to help when I can. :kissing_heart: