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Synergies among classes

So… First of all this is not specifically a question for archer, but since i have a falconer C3 i thought it’s best to post here.

From your experiences (or theoretically, it’s fine) what are some classes that go very well with each other? (Besides the obvious full support clerics-priest-chaplain)

For example, i have a falconer, and i thought it would go quite well with a necromancer with pyro C1. QS-falconer auto attacks alot, so enchant fire helps. Dirty pole also adds decay.

Share your ideas and experiences, thanks a bunch!

FalconerC3 +WizC2/C3. Lethargy increases Strike damage dealt to the enemy by 50% via attribute (Falcon skills are Strike type).

For the same reason, Monk+Falconer. Double Punch adds an additional strikedamage-debuff. God Finger Flick also debuffs for additional Strike damage.

Falconer&Hunter. Snatching also increases Strike damage via an attribute by up to 100%.

There are a lot more combos with Falconer I believe, but those are the ones I was able to recall from memory to increase Falconers damage.

For Falconer you ideally want anything that will benefit from either Aiming or Circling.

If you’re going QS3Falconer3 you want your ally to provide you with Extra Auto Attack Damage, so indeed Enchant Fire is great.

Most likely you would want something like Enchant Fire, Enchant Lightning (Debatable if it’s worth it here instead of Sage though…), Sacrament(Can just get it from a buff shop though…), Last Rites, Blessing, Cafrisun/Manahas.

Should give you a very sizable amount of hits/auto that you can scale Property Attack on, in particular with that new accessory it should be very nice. EF+Sac+Last Rite+Cafrisun+Running Shot is damn nice. Monstrance will be icing on the cake as well if a 3-man includes a Chaplain, and I believe if he goes Inquisitor he’ll benefit strongly as well.

I know of a few more but overall I’m guessing you mean cross-class synergies so somethnig like an Archer benefiting with a Wizard, and not just synergies within the same character?

Great! Thanks.

Though i think skills that add strike damages synergizes better with pelt-rodel-murm (if im not mistaken those 3 classes have mostly strike?)

I wanna hear more combos from you guys please :slight_smile:
Doesnt have to be with falconer

Last rites is another line of damage?!
So is enchant lightning?!

But yea, im more interested in synergies among different classes from different branches (warrior, wiz, archer, cleric)
I think most players already know synergies from classes within 1 branch.

No enchant lightning isn’t, but it’s good for autos if you have so many lines because it should add damage to each one. I don’t recall if last rites is for sure but it makes damage very nice against those weak to holy which is great It’s not something I especially looked for, was just told it was by someone and never bothered checking myself, if it’s not I apologize.


Seem,s that it does, this also shows the same more or less Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests

So 1initial line + Sac+LR+Cafrisun+Running Shot+Enchant Fire = 6 lines of damage, if you can scale Property Attack that should be real neat. (Enchant Lightning is just one more method of getting said bonus damage)

Lol that video feels so glitchy for some reason XD

Pyro-necro-enchanter would have been great as a support with QS-falc, too bad enchanter doesnt seem that popular atm…