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Priest C3, Krivis C2, Plague Doctor (Independent support) Give me your opnion

these are aoe debuffs alreadx xD…

Bleeding, shock, atk weakened etc. YOu want to spread stuff like that for incineration to tick of more.

Zalcia, aukuras, deprotect and co are aoe debuffs ^^.

Spreading things like:
+type dps bonus torugh debuffs

Will make you happy. Get into aparty xD.

Well, clearly going Cleric C2 or not is something that is open to discussion. I personally think that mass heal 10, revive 10, stone skin 5 without heal 10 may do the work, but i admit that cleric C2 is as really an awesome choice, and at some point, even necessary!

Seems like going chaplain is realy a better choice instead of krivis C2, to both, dps and support.

So I have an idea how to solve this… I’m going to Cleric>PriestC3>Chaplain and latter on i will decide for Cleric or Krivis. Today I would chose Krivis because of personal choice, but I’ll see about it latter.

I think is it!
I got 4 points of ressurection and 1 point of revive to put aspersion in lvl15 beause of chaplain. I left Blessing lvl 3 for passive atributes, but maybe I pass this 2 points to ress or revive and leave it to lvl 1.

Edit: actually is tha same build that Niatomi posted! haha

Thank you all for the replys and patience
I’ll be glad to see this post going on

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can i know the reason for not maxing sacrament? i read in the Chaplain’s skill description that last rite scales with sacrament?
The Holy property damage is increased in proportion to the caster’s Sacrament level and becomes more powerful when the HP is under 40%.
and is maxing revive really that important?
and if i do wish to add in some more blessing level to speed up training speed and slighlty more damge, which skill should i forgo?
and is lv 10 mass heal a must? seems like alot of points wasted there.
sorry for asking so many questions haha

Do you guys think that Kirvis C1 can be replaced with Pardoner C1 at Rank 6? It seems like DE has been confirmed to extend duration of Incinerate by 10s!

Possible trade offs:
Loss of Daino
Loss of 2 debuffs (akuras & zalcai)
Loss of Zaibas Lv5

To gain:
10s of Incinerate, which can be extended to become an aoe for up to 5targets (DE attribute)

I’m not sure too, but seens like a lot of points and the benefits are not that much.

i dont think is going to make a huge difference really, points wasted.

I got this two lvl 10 because i dont have heal level 10, so for me seems like is realy necessary

Well, i didnt know that, never paid so much attention on pardoner, but actually seems like a good thing

But, i’m not playing kTOS, so someone can give you two a better opnion

I feel Wizard is a better support, and I feel Cleric are better off being a DPS Healer. In my experience, Wizard is more fun to be a support.

Maxing sacrament only offer higher based value with holy property attacks (+Element Attack). To be honest, at first, the extra damage sound really nice, but once you get deeper into the late mechanic + experiences, you’ll realized that extra attack are limited to element property.

Chaplain’s true damage is based on Aspergillum. Plus, even if you max out sacrament, your other skills will fall off such as Aspersion, Revive, Mass Heal, or Stone Skin (Depending on which skills are being allocated into sacrament).

Here is the chart between Sacrament + 40% Bonus vs Aspergillum.

Way more important than Resurrection because Cleric are less mobile than any other classes in Tree of Savior, so meaning if one of your teammate in the party got slayed from far away. (in tough and difficult situation where you aren’t mobile against hoard of monsters during boss fights): This usually doesn’t happen a lot, but Revive offers so much benefits than Resurrection such as

##Revive versus Resurrection
-Hp recovery (50% Max vs 25% Max)
-AoE buff vs Single Target
-No casting time vs delay casting time (Up to 2 second)
-Long-distance vs mobile revive
-Invincibility vs Non.

Five out of Five, Revive win against Resurrection.

You can spare off a few Aspersion levels for Blessing, but that is not really necessary once you hit level 50 enhanced which will give you +100 flat damage bonus whenever you cast Blessing.

But if you’re running pure support Chaplain, Blessing and Sacrament are the ideal skills build that necessary needed. Meaning you are heavily depending on your party through difficult dungeons with less healing power and damage with Aspergillum.

Here is one skill build that might give you an idea.
Pure Support Chaplain

Level 10 Mass Heal is extremely important and scaled extremely hard in late game. If you don’t have C2 Cleric Heal, this is the best way to heal your party under any circumstances. Also, This is a burst healing skill compared to “Public Square” Heal where as you have to run to the open square from Heal to recover your Hp.

Plus, you are more likely to take C1 Krivis for Diano because of Priest Skill Tree. Too many buffs :expressionless:

To make it short.

##Chaplain (Max Sacrament and Blessing)
Pure Support Chaplain


  • Offer high flat base damage
  • Offer high holy property attacks
  • Offer high auto-attack along with Last Rite


  • Offer less healing power
  • Low scaled Mass Heal
  • Low level Revive
  • Low scaled Aspersion > Aspergillum

##Chaplain (Standard build)
Chaplain (Standard Build)

  • Three point Blessing and one point Sacrament


  • High healing power
  • High supportive buffs (Aspersion, Revive, and Stone Skin)
  • High scaled Aspersion > Aspergillum


  • Offer less flat damage Blessing
  • Offer less elemental property attack from Sacrament
  • Offer less auto-attack and heavily depending on Aspergillum.

I hope this answer your questions!



@niataomi your information and insight is awesome! Thanks for sharing:)

@shaun_wlj92 I totally agree with you, @niataomi is awesome

So I was wondering, in the way of a pure support, is it really good to take chaplain??
Cleric>PriestC3>Chaplain>Krivis/ClericC2>PD ???

Because I am thinking that maybe for FS purpose this way could be better:
C2 priest seems like way more good than Chaplain

Chaplain: Last Rites, bonus flat dmg (and i’m going with sacrament 1)
Deploy Capella: endless buffs at the same place
Aspergilum: Solo

ClericC2: Fade, Divine Might, Heal 10, more S. Zone. (every skill is party oriented)

I saw a Cleric > Priest c3 > Cleric > Krivis > Kabbalist streaming yesterday, and it was actually pretty good(lv243). He was running a SPR/CON build and he did support really well, he didn’t do alot of dmg tho. His Heal also didn’t heal alot(bc of no INT) but the Mass Heal lv10 was normally enough to keep ppl healthy.

if u wan full support build…cleric c2 is essential.
Cleric->Krivis->Cleric->Priest->Priest->Priest->Plague Doctor
Hope this help:)

I don’t understand very well kabalist skill and their real utility, but I think is a good build too

Yeah, that is a thing that I always think of, the sequence of classes! I really like to get Krivis at Rank 2 for a more independent early leveling, but i fear that when I get to dungeons I will miss the priest skills as a support, even more if I got Cleric before priest, because at Dung 90 i will still be priest C1.

C1 Krivis can be replaced with C1 Pardoner, which is really not a bad idea to extend incineration duration for extra damage. You can always take C1 Krivis at Rank 8-10 (In the future patch).

But i do say this, Incineration is Fire magic based so meaning if you ever encounter any monsters that is immune (or one with high amount of fire resistance) against fire magic. This is really back-fire your build in the late game (Level 200+). Let compared between C1 Krivis and C1 Pardoner.

##C1 Krivis
Taking C1 Krivis is more viable because you will gain access to Daino, Akuras, Zalciai, and Zaibais.

  • Diano: Extended your buff up to +6
  • Akuras: The might fire ward
  1. Decrease accuracy
  2. Pull agros
  3. Reduce Hp regeneration time
  4. Increase your fire resistance (42 max attributed)
  5. AoE Debuff to unlimited amount of monsters in range.
  • Zalciai: Increase critical attack and reduce enemy critical resistance
  1. Provide Magic Amplification (48 Max)
  • Zaibais: Lighting magic based
  1. Can hit up to 9 times and 18 with overheat. (30 second CD)

##C1 Pardoner
Taking C1 Pardoner will allow you to gain access Simony, Indulgentia, Discerning Evil, and Increase Magic Defense.

  • Simony:
  1. Craft your skill into scrolls so that everyone can used
  • Indulgentia:
  1. Debuff and Buff damage skill that can cures your whole party with the cost of 500 slivers
  • Discerning Evil:
  1. Extend debuff duraction up to 10 second. (Up to 4 targets with attributed)
  • Increase Magic Defense:
  1. Increase your party magic defense (125 + SPR at level 5) + (5 extra second with attribute)

Based on these calculation, C1 Krivis offers more party play while C1 Pardoner is more off-land solo support for DPS. In between, Zaibais is most likely deal more damage and numbers of hit than Incineration. Take a look at this video [Chaplain Standard Build] ( at 1:00 minute mark.

You will notice that she used Zalciai for magic amplification to boost the damage for both Incineration and Zaibais. This skill is very important and scaled extremely high in late game.

Let take this as an example

  • Incineration + Discerning Evil + Other Debuffs
  1. 5 second based + 10 second + 2 extra second (From Monstrance and Deprotected Zone) = 17 second = 17 number of hits in total
  2. (Without Zalciai attribute):17 hits x 4,000 damages = 68,000 damage x 5+ (Targets) = 340,000 - 900,000 damages
  • Level 5 Zaibas + Incineration + Other Debuffs
  1. Mixture of both elemental damages
  2. 18 hits (Overheat) + 5 second base + 4 extra second (From Monstrance, Aukuras, Zalciai, and Deprotected Zone) = 18 hits + 9 second = 27 hits combo
  3. (With Zalciai Attribute) Zaibas (18 x 5,300) + Incineration (9 x 4,800) = 138,600 total damage (Single Target against boss)


To make it short,

The only problem with C1 Pardoner is that you can’t sell your scroll without C2 Pardoner’s Spell Shop skill.

Replacing C1 Krivis with C1 Pardoner doesn’t sound that bad, but it doesn’t offer much utilities for both support and DPS.

  • It’s still possible to take Pardoner later on in the future with Rank 8+ classes and beyond.

  • In the opposite side, taking C1 Pardoner early and C1 Krivis later on with Rank 8+.

Lastly, it doesn’t really hurt the skill build that much replacing C1 Krivis with C1 Pardoner in mid-late core (Around level 225), but you are more likely to be suffer from not having utilities to support your party. Other than that, Pardoner is recommended for those who want to take the Plague Doctor casting path.

Maybe something like this
Pardoner + Plague Doctor



You are more likely and heavily depending on your party from level 135+ above (Without Chaplain) if you are playing pure support Cleric. (Unless you have a premade team that run with you all the time).

The ideal of Chaplain is to open up that missing “DPS” within the Cleric build. Playing Chaplain will help you avoid several situations like “One Cleric Per Party”, “Leeching”, or “Four-man Support”.

##Problem #1: One Cleric Per Party

  • I had problem where players doesn’t allowed more than one Cleric within their party, because they wanted to clear the dungeon fast (One Support + Three DPS).

##Problem #2: Leeching

  • The other problem is sometimes players considered us as a leecher because we don’t have more than four attacks as full support Cleric (Cure, Heal, Zaibas, Auto-Attack) so all we do is planting Zaibas, heal boxes, buffing the party, and sit in the back.

(I can’t really argue with the idea of being a leecher because I’m a full support Cleric and that is all i can do most of the time). I’m not entirely saying that us Cleric isn’t entirely doing our job, but there are some party prefer Chaplain or someone who also supporting the party while contributing the DPS in their party.

This should give you an idea of what type of Cleric that most people prefer.

##Problem #3: Four-Man Support

  • The last problem that i have encountered usually ending up with four Cleric in a party… the run went terrible because everyone was running full support Cleric! :expressionless:

(Except for myself because i was the only Chaplain, but still… my damage was terrible).

Between Chaplain and a pure support Cleric, I do say that Chaplain open up more different variety of DPS style (Without any delay DPS due to Aspergillum) than a full support Cleric where as they are less mobile because of long CD skills like Zaibas and Cure.

I would considered taking Chaplain in the early game as soon as possible and take C2 Cleric for Rank 7-8+ and above. Even though you will be able to solo all the time or part of it, you are still considered a full support Cleric because you are contributing damage to the party play.

I hope this answer your question!

Your preference on Cleric’s role in a party


Hi guys, I’m intending to play as a main tanker sup, with some dps based on magic attack. So these are the 2 builds i have made, based on this discussion, I would like to know your critics and suggestions.

i made a new character planning a cleric2 priest 3 pardoner PD build

What’s the best choice for 6th rank? i would hate it to be a filler rank, ned something really useful
pardoner? chap? krivis?

personally i think pardoner is best, but chap might be better?

also, what should be my stat distribution?

Hello Niataomi
Do you think this build work?
i want to play support party
and solo play any time
pls reply me ty


The build from this thread is a little bit outdated as iOBT is progressing deeper for all players in the community. If you are looking for ideal support type + solo power/DPS, i do suggest getting into this Saintone’s Diev Doctor Build.

Lot of information and extremely useful for those who are still confuse about which path to take as they progressing in the game. Otherwise, if you are looking more into auto attack Chaplain build, the post above is suggest’d.

Best regard,

thank you very much Niataomi for information.

Is Krivis C2 worth?

People say Zalciai Lv. 3 is enough to get attributes and stuff.

So it means Krivis C2 isn’t worth?