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i am still going for a pure dex build on my auto attack chaplain, my pure dex priest worked just fine in ICBT, i was very satisfied with it. (even more so than my pure dex, and pure str barbarian in some cases)

Aspersion is the only offensive skill in my build that scales with spr and its not worth it i think for the extra damage i feel.
monstrance scales with spr too but im planning to use it as buff, not a debuff.

dex allows you to almost never get hit and do a big damage bonus as well by critting a lot. without dex every monster will be able to get atleast 1 or 2 hits in making u have to heal a lot.

still its hard to know whether a spr or dex build have more pro’s/cons until comparing it actually within the game so i hope ill come across some of you to test it out :slight_smile:

Random question tho, wouldn’t a ratio of 1/1 INT/SPR work best for Chaplain? Talking mostly about Stone Skin’s 400% SPR ratio and the overall damage shouldn’t suffer much with Aspersion scaling 1/1 with SPR anyway.

You get bonus stats with INT, so you will lose good % of damage if you will level it 1 by 1, also you will need CON to survive
Its better to heal less than lying dead

I agree even if INT gives the most dps… to get some extra Block from Stone Skin is worth it and you don’t lose that much dps.

Also I was still thinking of STR build and I realised I missed the Aspersion Enhance attribute factor… XD So yeah STR sux anyway… I don’t think crits could compensate that difference… we would need another skill for it that enhance the power of basic Auto Attacks.

So yeah… INT and SPR are the best stats for Chaplain. (and CON is always good for anybody who you want more HP)

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I have come with a slightly different conclusion about Blessing. Please bear me with my bad grammar.

I’m currently playing 2 characters, one dps hoplite and one support priest (lvling it for my gf). I surprisingly find out that blessing actually protects the usage count of concentrate - that is, the 10 hit limit of concentrate won’t be used as long as there’s blessing buff. I don’t know if this is a bug or intended but for now, i can have my concentrate 100% time on my hoplite with blessing buff and that’s considered quite a dmg booster to me.

Besides, a large portion of Blessing damage comes from its attribute (+100 with lvl50 enhance). That makes the point investment in Blessing mainly for its hit count.

Thirdly, you have to consider that Blessing does not only affect you but also your teammate, and Blessing procs multiple times on multi-hit skills - skill such as stabbing, multishot, or even cure would benefit greatly from its flat damage increasement.

Finally, in your previous calculation, defense was not taken into consideration. What if the enemy has 100 physical defense and 300 magical defense? I don’t know much about the defense of end game mobs but what’s certain is the more defense they have (or the less attack we have), the better Blessing will be, unless mobs defense are so high that we still only do ~1 damage after buff, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen?

So it comes to my conclusion that, investing in Blessing is a good idea - but not too many points. We just need enough Blessing lvl to sustain hit counts, probrably lvl5? Don’t forget we still need lvling and Blessing is quite strong in lower lvls…having Blessing lvl5 would make one’s Priest C1 life better.

The claim that Last Rites (+l10 sacrament) is a party-wide 40% boost in skill damage is very interesting. It would make chaplain awesome in almost any situation.

If this is however taken from the @Tomazelli thread ( Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests ) there are some problems there, as testing on mobs that take increased damage from holy property.

Topic after topic and I’m still not sure if I want blessing or not. It just seems to scale so very very poorly late game. :confused:

You can leave it at 3 to make levelling to Chaplain more smooth. Especially with a Cafrisun set. Cafrisun+Sacrament = your blessing applies thrice per auto attack, which is a big difference. You won’t be using that much after you get Chaplain, but I wreck things with it up.

How is Aspersion scale With INT? I read it Only scale With SPR
Can someone explain

Magic damage skills scale with magic attack stat X) You get magic attack from INT.

oh ok thx bro

Can anyone enlighten me on how Deploy Capella works? Specifically, can you keep Stoneskin up 100% of the time with it, or will it not apply one of it’s buffs if it’s already active/on cooldown?

I’m having trouble deciding if Chaplain is worth fitting into a Pardoner build. The damage buffs are absolutely a bonus, but I’m looking more towards being as close to full support as a Pardoner can get without sacrificing Spell Shop and Plague Doctor as a last rank, as it appears mandatory due to the debuff protection.

The Capella buffs will always override the same buffs not gotten from Capella. Even if they have a longer duration.

So yes you can keep up stone skin 24/7. But you will override other buffs and need to make sure the buff limit doesn’t block of stone skin either.

Pardoner/pd can still use discern evil + incinerate and exorcise + pandemic(?). But it’s a pain to level.

Anyone know if Vubbe Morning Star plus Blunt mastery for stun activates on all of Chaplains multi hits or just the first auto attack?

Anyone know if the 40% stun chance for Swordsmen work with multi hits?

Does INT scaling outpace SPR scaling with Aspersion?

It’s exactly the same 1/1 ratio, but you get 10% bonus to INT after each class rank. SPR however scales crazily with stone skin.

i have a question about monk and chaplain… works double punch with Aspergilum ?

Sorry, double punch doesn’t work with Asperglium, normal attacks only.

if you’re going monk with chaplain, you’re definitely going to want everything but double punch. chaplain basic attacks hit harder than a monks double punch by a long shot.

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