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The Chapel [Cleric Build Discussion]

Dayum, they basically doubled Conivction’s base damage and increased Smite’s damage by 600(1.7K@15).
Hurray for the constant Paladin buffs.
I might actually play Pardoner c1 to get more secs of Conviction, 3 hits on a 1.7K base skill with low CD is quite strong tbh

Oh so that is the new one… The official site is so confusing because they didn’t update Carve but it looks like they updated Smite and Conviction then.

Smite also have 6 aoe attack ratio now and Conviction has 5.

paladin will only get really good if they cut that animation time from smite

landing melee spells in PvP is hard enough without long animations D:

when using smite it looks like the player is trying to throw a ball

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I am starting to like the idea to this build:

With a lot of SPR you will have some pretty strong physical and magical midigation with Aspersion, Stone Skin and Barrier, Resist Elements.
You even have a fair chance to one shot groups of mobs.
The only drawback is the mediocre healing abilities. But revive will compensate this by a bit.

This build goes pretty good along in a party with the following build:

This is mainly for daino, healing and status immunity and is more offensive.

I imagine that this could be good in some endgame content.
But it may be enough to just combine these to builds and go either for priest or paladin.

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Answers some of your questions: Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests

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I saw it yesterday but thx :wink:

Hey guys, i would like some opnions about this build.

Done some reading about the skills, this build is completely focused on buffing/healing, having no Revive or Ressurection, these skills are definitely necessary?

(There’s a lot of topics, if such a build has been discussed before, i haven’t found it)

Safety Zone is a must…with Heal… so you left with 5 point on Cleric for the others. :smiley: (If you plan an INT build then most likely you should put all or most of those points on Cure)

What do you want with Monstrance? Get some Resurrection and Revive instead. If you rly would like to debuff with it I recommend to have some SPR and lvl 5 is enough. Also keep in mind that putting down more circles makes the animation longer and more annoying. If you want just the DEX buff lvl 1 is enough.

Lvl 2 Resurrection is needed for the Revive attribute btw.

This is quite a full support btw so you will have quite a hard time…

No one care about Aspersion nor Monstrance Everyone ask Priest for Blessing, Sacrament, Resurrection, Mass Heal and Revive

Carve World Tree is a much have skill.

Yeah the ideia is to have a hard time alone XD

I believe Monstrance icreases party DEX doesn’t it? With 15 points on hit the party members could rely more on the buff and put skills points on other atributtes, since it also decreases enemy’s evasion.

It’s a very party oriented build to play with people that know the “attack plan”.

The DEX buff from Monstrance doesnt scale with skill points(Monstrance lv1 and 15 give the same bonus)
I would never put more than 1 point in it

Dex buff applies to everyone in the party when you cast monstrance and it gives the same amount on every skill lvl…so a lot of ppl just put 1 point on it.

Also it works quite badly and doesn’t spread the circles enough to be able to cover a bigger area for easier debuff so 4-5 points for debuffing is enough too…and higher SPR would give more to the debuff than skill lvls.

It is just not rly a good skill…other skills could be worth more.

Decreasing the enemy evasion would have the same effect as increasing the ally DEX wouldn’t? The hit change would be better.

The whole point of it is so a singular party with certain atributte points would work, so other players could use less points on DEX.

Not using Revive or Resurrection it’s kind of a gamble that such players would not die in the dungeon.

I mean, in PvP, idk if ppl would willingly walk into your small debuff magic circles scattered around. I dont think you should count too mich on the debuff applying.

Oh, i have no PvP in mind for this build.

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As I said you would also need high SPR too for the debuff… you get -39 from skill levels only…that is like nothing… and you get the same amount of bonus from SPR on every skill level. So still reduce that at least with 10 skill levels and put it on Revive and Resurrection.

Also as @frould said Aspersion is not that great either.

Ah k then, have fun!

Well, hope this build might work in the future then, i do like the ideia.

Thanks guys :3 @Ayalon @iago_l @frould

Question about the Druid’s Chortasmata.

can i apply both Carnivory and Sterea Trofh on the same Chortasmata?

this will determine if i will go for Druid1 or Druid2 on my Diev build.

if you can’t use both at the same time on 1 Chortasmata, i will just go with Druid1