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Thoughts about this buil?

a full buff build, tried to take the most usefull buffs for aa or stats, planning to run 1con 3spr, any ideas on how to make it better?

It’s ok.


Because you want to do a mainly SPR build… You have to get at least lvl 1 Stone Skin.

Monstrance is not that good… if you rly want to debuff with it…it still doesn’t need more than 4-5 points on it…but its animation is kinda annoying and putting down more circles makes the animation longer…and because of it and because you get the same DEX buff with it on every level most ppl just put 1 point on it.

Mass Heal is quite important you can consider maxing it instead of other skills like Blessing.

Some points on Revive would be advisable too…some would say max that too.

I know it’s hard to make a Priest build good…there are too much skills.

It is quite ok. I think it is a bit debatable if Aukuras or Zalciai is worth more point…but both of them scale badly skill lvl-wise. I’m also not a fun of Divine Stigma…not just because it is a flat stat bonus but…you need to kill something for it…and in addition it has a quite small duration…so i just don’t rly like it…but if you think you can handle it…the other choices aren’t much better either… XD so I leave it to you it is good as it is.

Also Chaplain could complement your build sometime…I think if you get it earlier you could have an easier life. But also there would be lot of other choices ( and will be some we don’t know about yet ) to make your build even more full support buffer later.

@atari next time rather tell him that he can even move his topic instead of making a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Priest C1

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Krivis C1

  • I would advise shifting 2 points from Zalciai to Zaibas. This makes leveling easier for you since Zaibas can be used twice before going on cooldown, and because Zalciai scales horribly off skill levels. Its scaling is mainly from your SPR. [Ayalon edit]

Priest C2

  • Remove 4 points from Sacrament. You can have 100% upkeep time with it at Lvl 1 and the scaling is very, very weak. Use those 4 points on Revive/Aspersion.

  • Revive needs at least 1 point in it, although I’d recommend all 4 of your leftover points.

Krivis C2

  • We’ve reached Zalciai again. Leave Zalciai at Lvl 3, and put those points into Aukuras or Zaibas. [Ayalon edit]

  • Divine Stigma is weak end-game and not worth 5 points, so leave it at 1 or 0 (You can put it at 1 if you just want it for the sake of having it) and put those points into Aukuras or Zaibas.

Priest C3

  • Monstrance is not worth 9 points; putting more skills into it only increases its number of circles and cast time, and the circles spawn pretty close to each other. Take 4 points out of it, leaving it at Lvl 5.

  • Sacrament at Lv10 would make me cry. Pls don’t make me cry. Leave it at Lvl 1 and use those 9 points on one or more of the following skills: Stone Skin, Mass Heal, Revive, Aspersion.

  • Leave Blessing at Lv10, because rarely will you party with someone able to use up 100 hits in 45 seconds (130 if you include the Attribute). Use those 5 points on one or more of the following skills: Stone Skin, Mass Heal, Revive, Aspersion.

Still need to choose a Rank 7. Would you like suggestions? (Someone else will probably do it before me, though)

@Ayalon (Below):
Ah, right [Edited].

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Lvl 3 Zalciai is still advisable for its attribute.

Also I don’t argue about that Sacrament is not that big deal either but in that 1 case if he would choose Chaplain later maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.

Eeh my bad :confused:

i didnt choose a 7th rank cuz i thought it wont be in the obt yet, if i got from cleric to priest c3 right away, will i be able to pick chaplain? or will i have to wait and unlock it as a 7th circle only?

Krivic C1
if i have a party that will be grinding with me is it still worth to take the zaibas? i planned this full buff build bcs i know that i will have a dps that i can buff

Priest C2
I plan to go chaplain later on, is the sacrament still not worth maxing even when going for a chaplain?

can revive be used on anyone else or just on me?

Priest C3
same as C2 (chaplain)

If i wont take the chaplain, which class would be best for this build?

sry for broken english, aint my native language

Yup, still is. You could help contribute to the DPS, and have something to assist you when farming for materials/items or doing dungeons while your group is offline.

I’m unable to determine that, but here’s a user currently running tests on it at this thread:

It buffs all Party Members within range.

Plague Doctor would be the best choice out of the other remaining classes if your focus is Support. It prevents and cures most status ailments, can pass current debuffs onto other nearby enemies, and has a pseudo-healing skill.

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The earliest rank that you can get Chaplain is Rank 5 and it requires c3 Priest.

Unfortunately we don’t know how Last Rites depends on Sacrament… I always think that maybe it is just a 2nd Sacrament with that addition that it gets some bonus under 40% HP

Anyway the only thing I could say that most likely if you will have Last Rites it is better to max Sacrament than Blessing.