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Chaplain Math - Aspersion vs Blessing vs Sacrament

Well, there are countries that use 15.7 and countries that use 15,7 - sorry for confusing you :wink:

Added it into OP :slight_smile:

Pardon my ignorance but how does pardoner buff sacrament?

I’m referring to the case when you buy Sacrament from a Pardoner Spell Shop. If we assume you always rebuy the buff, then lvling Sacrament will only increase Last Rites dmg buff - therefore it’s less efficient to lvl Sacrament in this case.
Corrected some wording regarding this.
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Thank you for the insight! So, by doing this, I think we can create a table that you can input the amount of skill points you have in your disposal for Asp/Sacr/Bless and the table shows you how you should efficiently distribute the points according to the damage output.

In my case, I have bare minimum Blessing just to get the attribute maxed (Bless3), Sacr1 and Asp15 (attribute in 54 by now). I usually buff myself with Pardoners’ Sacr/Bless and my damage output is awesome for now. But by seeing this, I think I should redistribute some points on Asp to Sacr or even to Bless as soon as the patch reach us.

I’ve seen some vids of people on iCBT using Aspergilium without having Aspersion and the damage output was higher than using Aspersion lvl1~5 (I actually can’t remember the actual level range). Have you studied this case?

Frist, all increasing values per lvl are linear -> it’s always the same flat increase / lvl.
You wouldn’t need a table as you have the increase values above. See TL;DR
It’s just that there’a little variance depending on Aspersion Attribute lvl - it doesn’t change the priority though

If you’re always buying Sacrament buff, then you shouldn’t change points from Aspersion to Sacrament. In this case it’s just better to put points into Sacrament before Blessing.

And yes, as soon as that kTOS patch hits us, put poinst into Blessing as first priority if you have much INT / SPR

You have also to consider, that i didn’t count the Last Rites Dmg Bonus (below 40%). I might add it, too -> done

EDIT: I found one mistake in the Sacrament feat. Pardoner calculation. -> Attribute doesn’t matter here as it’s always better than Blessing

That seems strange - no I haven’t researched that case

Just to clarify @greg8745.
It wasn’t on the ICBT, it was on KTOS. Heres the link to the post of some testing. Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests

Are you saying that buying Pardoners Sacrament buff is calculated for your Last Rites?
Also where are you getting the %s for Sacrament? (Sacrament = +42 at A%0 | +49 at A%100)
If I am reading correctly the % you are adding is from Aspersion? How does Aspersions % enhance work on Sacrament? :upside_down:
Is it some kind of hidden interaction?

I believe he is saying that the Attribute applies to the end damage, after all bonus are applied, so the extra damage it gains from other spells are enhanced as well

I don’t know if this is how it works, but it’s what i understood from his post

But this would only apply to the aspersion hit


That is what I assumed and need to test further. If you would be casting Aspersion by itself, the added damage would be counted before the attribute multiplier.
EDIT: Checked it and it is as stated.

If you’re buying Sacrament Buff you only get increased Sacrament damage. Therefore lvling Sacrament in addition to that would increase the Last Rites dmg only.

Can you tell me, based on your calculations, what will be the most efficient way to spend my skill points in those skills? I’m currently Priest C3 with 17 unused points because numbers are really not my forte, I’m trying to favor damage over support.

@Mantequilla look at the TL;DR on top :wink: - if you want the most dmg with always buying Sacrament buff from Pardoner go Aspersion -> Sacrament -> Blessing
If you’re not relying on Pardoner Buffs it’s Sacrament -> Aspersion -> Blessing
This of course will be only true as soon as you are Chaplain with Aspergillum and Last Rites

i would recommend blessing > anything


you need to level aspersion; aspergillum depends on the Aspersion skill level you -cast-, not on what you wear.

you need to level sacrament; last rites bla bla Sacrament skill level bla bla. (same as above.)

you need to level blessing; it’s just too powerful to not have. (and someday when that patch gets here that gives blessing scaling damage, it’ll only get more important.)

as ANYTHING ELSE: (any build without chaplain in it)

just buy them from pardoners.
if possible, have a priest with you, or level blessing if you are priest.

Priest will need to revisit blessing now that it’s been buffed (at least in KTOS). With those changes it makes sense to not max sacrement or aspersion.

Can anyone confirm if Aspergillum is still using Aspersion lvl1~5 when you don’t invest in Aspersion, like on kTOS (thank you, @megamanex14 for the link)? I think this feature will be very useful when the Blessing patch hits us since Blessing would be our highest priority.

Well regardless of if it still does or not, if you read the whole page I linked, we’ve come to the conclusion that not putting a level in Aspersion is not a smart idea. Even if it is 1 point in Aspersion, it will be leaps and bounds better for Aspergillum than to not put a point at all. This is due to the fact that with at least one point in Aspersion, you can get the % enhancement, allowing for Aspergillum to stay relevant later on.

Now whether or not you want to try and match Aspergillum(s) damage with a 1-5 (or more) Aspersion, then I see confirming if Aspergillum is still using Aspersion lvl1~5 when you don’t invest in Aspersion.

Sidenote: I feel like Priests and Chaplains now have to choose if they want a more damage oriented role in reflection to the current healer/rezzer role (both support of course). This is exciting! :nerd:

There is still something that I dunno if anybody checked about it…

You can actually buy the Aspersion attribute without Aspersion itself…:F So the question is if anybody checked if the enchance attribute works with Aspergillum without any point on Aspersion or not.


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if you don’t put any points in it, then it’s the same as using lv1 Aspersion.

i would -expect- that if you do not put any points in it, the attribute will not count.
it’s the same as buying lv2 resurrect, getting the attribute for Revive duration, and then resetting skills so you no longer have lv2 Ress – the Revive attribute stops working because you don’t meet the requirement.

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I read and I understood what to prioritize but I still don’t know how many points I should invest in those skills, I’m looking for a SP worthy ratio without relying on pardoner buffs.

What do you think of this one?