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Chaplain vs Dragoon

Hoplite 3 is more like Spear Throw spammer.
don’t have it just gimp yourself.

You can clearly see that the build isn’t support oriented, I plan to dual wield an Arde dagger and go for pure dps with auto buffs.

Are there even any alternatives at rank 5? 1 rank of cata?

can’t really advice. your monotone build is simply stupid suck in this game especially that Chaplain.

About the chaplain build:

  • Max blessing isn’t necessary, you should allocate at least 5 points elsewhere
  • Afaik how last rites scale with sacrament isn’t confirmed, so max sacrament can be not necessary (same goes for aspersion)
  • Monstrance give +20% DEX as buff from lvl 1, no reason not to take it

IMO, chaplain is more a rank helping support healer in solo play rather than a viable auto-attack DPS (also, if you don’t live on the NA East Coast, forget any auto attack build ^^).

@Panplemousse @ziherl_rok_phx Sacrament/Aspersion can make a big difference to the Last Rites/Aspergillium damage so be careful what you say about that.
It hasn’t been totally confirmed on the formula for their scaling but here is a link to a thread where it is tested. Keep in mind this was tested in the scenario where multipliers (ghost/demon) are in effect.

Read it for some info (take with a grain of salt though)

@frould Thank you for your constructive reply.

@megamanex14 That videos are exactly what I was looking for, do you know how those numbers compare to a same level Hoplite? I’m guessing that at the end of the day, I can follow the Dragoon path and chug down buff scrolls along the way, but playing without heal is just so damn painful as a solo player.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Is playing an auto attack DPS oriented Chaplan a bad idea, or could it work, at least as a niche build?

Well I am not to familiar with the swordsman class and its ranks so I try to stay away from it.
As for auto attack oriented Chaplain, that is considered the norm, so it’s not bad at all. What would your stat allocation be? Auto attack Chaplain benefits from Str, Int, Spr, & Dex.
Str = Beef up you normal attack damage
Int = Beef up your aspergillium magic damage
Spr = Same as Int due to aspersion scaling with Spr
Dex = Same as Str due to crits
Keep in mind that aspergillium is what gives the real meat in your auto attacks, as the other skills do not scale with stats (I.e. Str, Int, Con, Spr, Dex)
Also remember Chaplain isn’t the only rank you must pay attention to in your class build. All ranks have synergy in some way that can benefit each other or play styles.

I was wondering the same. I guess the benefit of going 1-2 STR/DEX is a lot of mitigation, but I wonder what would yield the most DPS in the end? Full STR/DEX or full INT/SPR? If I follow the STR/DEX route, I might as well pick Paladin and vice versa,Druid, if I’m going to invest heavily into INT anyway. I don’t see much point in investing into Monstrance, as it has no synergy with anything, but I’ll probably remove 5 points out of blessing and divide them between revive and mass heal. Going full INT, I might as well pick Exorcise + Magnus Exorcismus combo, but I’d rather just play a Wizard, if I’m going to be an all in nuker in the end.

You said that Aspergillium scales with INT, are we talking about the standard +1 magic damage/int, or is there some extra scaling?

In the end of the day, would you go 1/1/2 STR/CON/DEX or INT/SPR + CON?

EDIT: Is there any point in choosing monk over paladin for a STR/DEX build. I assume that buffs don’t apply to skills such as Double Punch?

Aspergillium scaling with Int is because Int increases magic damage, magic damage increases the damage of all magic based spells, etc. (You understand :thumbsup:)

In regards to stat allocation, I’m not going to say because I’m a special :snowflake:
There’s a method to my madness :imp:

Monk or Paladin… That depends on what you like about either one. If you are going for a Str/Dex build Monk is a path to go towards. Sadly the same can be said with paladin… Smite scales with those stats, as well as Conviction (C3 skill). Conversion also has an attribute that converts 50% of your Str to the enemies you convert.
(Conversion is not a one point wonder skill (Very similar to Bokors Zombie, but not as dumb))

If you are referring to Priest buffs, then the ones that work on Double Punch are Blessing and the added bonus damage of Sacrament.

Damn, I guess that you are going some hybrid form then :P. Oh well, I’m probably going with STR/DEX, while having at least 60 SPR. As for rank 6 and 7, either Cleric in order to be able to fill in as a support if needed, or probably Paladin.

Did you perhaps do any tests with Sadhu Out of Body skill? Do the buffs apply to it?

Most likely the best dps chaplain would be a full INT one…but of course it doesn’t mean that would be the best build. Also it always depends on your playstyle too etc. I think a STR build could be close but it is hard to tell because there are much more factors for physical builds…like crit…armor type…etc.
Also with INT build you can have INT magic skills…like cure…and you just put it down and you can continue auto attacking the enemy while cure hits it too… We don’t have any skills like that with Physical builds… so as I said most likely INT builds would be the best dps builds for Chaplain.

One last time I mention again that Aspergillum gets more damage from a full INT build at the end than from a full SPR one because INT gets +10% bonus with every rank…so at the end you will have almost like double as much INT as SPR if you put the same amount of points on them… But SPR has it’s benefits too. You can get insane amount of Block with it with Stone Skin…etc.

Almost all Priest skills are worth 1 point btw. The build you made first rly would be the “best” auto attack dps chaplain… the problem with it that you wouldn’t be that much better because those skills scale pretty badly… Actually the non dps skills like mass heal, revive…stone skin… has a much better scaling.

Monstrance give 30%+10 DEX on every lvl so most ppl put 1 point on it…but at least at the moment chaplain’s Capella skill provides the buff even if you don’t have the skill so if you think that’s enough for you then you can skip it.
(the debuff part of Monstrance is only worth something with SPR oriented builds and even then more then 5 point is a waste on it…that skill scales horribly with skill lvls)

Skills like Sacrament and Last Rites will definitely won’t work with out of body…at least they won’t provide any additional hits… I don’t know if the small damage part that sacrament adds to things is actually added to it or not…

Is Blessing even worth getting? Can it proc effect such as Arde dagger or Sacrament?

It is worth getting. You just get more damage from its attribute than the skill levels. The attribute requires lvl 3 Blessing so that’s the minimum.

For the hit count part maybe lvl 3 is already enough because you would have 60 hits with the attribute that gives 30…and I can’t confirm it but from videos it kinda looked like you hit once/sec with mace and Blessing lasts for 45 sec so… but daggers for example are maybe a bit faster…and there is chronomancers attack speed buff…but Iguess you still wouldn’t need too much more levels on it for those…
Oh and also with Capella if you stay close to your Capella you can reapply Blessing easily so…whatever

But anyway at the end it depends on you…if I remember right I’ll still have like lvl 10 Blessing I think in my build…

Arde dagger doesn’t give you an additional hit (only Cafrisun set gives as an item) The element attack from Arde works like Blessing actually. They both add to every hit you make. With multihit skills they added to every hit of that skill…and yeah both your normal auto attack and Sacrament as separate hits gets both Blessing and Arde dagger’s elemental damage as bonus damage.

@Ayalon One last question, does the same thing apply to Aspergillum?

Aspergillum casts Aspersion on every auto attack so it’s somewhat similar to Sacrament…but still quite different… but for sure it is an additional hit.

Blessing and Element damage is added to Aspergillum. Also as we said before Sacrament has a portion ( the holy damage ) that is added to every hit like Blessing and other Elemental damage.
Aspergillum doesn’t have any portion like this. It is also a self buff and it rly just casts (I think a smaller version range-wise of) Aspersio on every hit… and it is a magic damage of course.
Oh and Aspergillum does not apply the def buff of Aspersio but you can get that from either Aspersio itself or from your Capella.

Last Rites is more of a mystery…it quite seems like a Sacrament no.2 but I’m not sure if it has a portion that is added to everything or not.

What @Ayalon says sums it up pretty much.

How strong would Aspersio be to normal enemies? Isn’t the video only tested for dark/ghost type monster?

If the magic damage against normal monster won’t be worth it, is it not risky to build full int?
Doesn’t we will benefit more in str/dex/con as DPS rather than full int?
Or am I thinking wrong?

If we will divide to percentage the damage this build does, how much percentage are we relying in magic damage and physical damage?
I was thinking it will help us think which gives better benefits…


Also, I thought adding Krivis to the build to push it better as DPS…

(I dropped Blessings just to give way to my other support skills… Atleast, I’m still good as a party member though I’m DPS… Is it worth it?)

I was thinking of the same build… Hope I can join the discussion…