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[Class] Chaplain - Hidden Class Rank 5

Nope they don’t work on oob, you are correct.

does this atrib only work if i have both revive and last rites on?
or do i need just one of those buffs?

Krivis is super good for magic damage and short duration buff heavy parties. Int buff from divine stigma and melstis are quite OP and comparable to full skillset of c4 priest. Also in late game there would be even more buffs so diano would become must.

could someone link me a guide on the chaplain quest? ;i

i’m looking for it, but i think it wouldn’t harm to ask if anyone has a good guide xD

nvm, found one (it’s even in portuguese :smiley: )

Can Pardoner sell or make scroll of any Chaplain buffs with Simony and Spell Shop? I will create an alt Pardoner to make some money and I thought about Cleric C1 - Priest C3 - Chaplain C1 - Pardoner C2 but if Pardoner can’t make any use of Chaplain skills I may just rush Cleric C1 - Priest C3 - Pardoner C2 and stop at rank 6 where I can open Spell Shop.

i’m uploading a video testing aspergillium and last rites :smiley: i’ll create a topic once i end uploading

the video is loooooong, i tested a lot, hopefully it’ll answer all the questions those spells might bring

Zaibas works like Carnivory, actually. The attribute just lets it hit multiple targets at once but each hit on each target takes up a hit count. It’s not a true AoE even with the attribute.

Wut? Proof? 20characters

The skill is already clear it has limited hit count same as cure, Carnivory, fire ball

unlike Pyro’s flame ground, Ele’s Frost Cloud or Zapper,s Bloom trap those skills are true aoe unlimited hit count until duration end.

Sorry. I dunno why I didn’t include this in the quote. All the attribute says is this doesn’t raise the hit count. It says nothing about each hit eating up a count. If you look at [concentrate] and [blessing] each hit in an aoe or multi hit skill only counts for 1 hit count

Majority of translations aren’t accurate to begin with, cough cough, and aoe ratio by definition is to make a single hit affect more then one enemy.

And did you test with a aoe ratio stat to begin with? Cause i’ve seen more people state the opposite. (granted that was a while ago)

I pulled a video from my iCBT2 footage. Looks like it is pretty straight forward. Zaibas lvl 10 should hit 14 times, which it does, no matter how many targets it is hitting at once. Take a look:

Edit: Changed comments, didn’t realize Zaibas lvl 10 was intended to hit 14 times.

That’s not my issue. Altariel says that each hit per wave will count towards the hit count. So 1 wave from a lv 10 [zaibas] (14 hit count) hitting 3 mobs can only call down 11 waves of lightning (14 - 3) instead of 13 waves (14 -1).

Is that how it works?


it will hit 14 times, the splash atribute makes each wave “splash” to other targets based on your aoe ratio


zaibas with splash atribute against ONE target will hit it 14 times
zaibas without splash atribute against ONE target will hit it 14 times

zaibas with splash atribute against TWO targets will hit them both 14 times
zaibas without splash atribute against TWO targets will hit the 1st target 7 times and the second target 7 times.

basically each wave will acquire X targets based on your aoe ratio.
this is what makes the five hammer highly desirable for the early stages of the game for a krivis, since it provides a whopping 5 aoe ratio


made a build like this:

thinking to go full str before getting last rite and Aspergillum; and change to full int build later if possible

im not sure whether to go kabbalist or PD at rank 7…

what do u guys think? i think this build can do enough support so should be no problem in dungeon too…

That’s a standard chaplain build, and they work fine.
Statwise you aren’t supposed to be able to respec anymore, so it’d go full int or full spr right away depending on your preference.

Skill point distribution from priest3 is a bit difficult to recommend atm though, as i don’t know the exact scaling between last rites & sacrament yet.
Revive/mass heal/stone skin are all excellent options to put skill points in. (aspersion a bit less, blessing only up to 10, resurrect should at least be 2 for the revive attribute)
So no matter what you pick, you always lose out on something.

And i wouldn’t put so much points into cure and safety zone, the latter gets +20 blocks from a circle 2 attribute anyway (so lvl 5 is fine). And enemies don’t stay long enough in range of cure to make it worth tossing all your points in.

Put 5 in divine might and 1 in fade at least imo.

forgot to mention that i planned to make an auto attack dps build with some ability to support
so i think maxing out blessing is a must (?)
aspersion and sacrement should max out if i want to get the most dps bonus…but well revive looks important too
maybe i should drop mass heal to lv1…and…other things r difficult to decide
thanks for advice!

I’ll explain it in a bit more detail:

Aspersion is a nice percentage based buff, but defense doesn’t scale well at the moment in pve since most mobs deal raw dmg without multipliers. In pvp it fairs a lot better but none the less 15 points is quite expensive. Aspergillum is also strong enough with a mere lvl 1 aspersion.

  • Any level is fine, higher would be better but you will need to abandon some other skill point benefits for it.

Monstrance is the odd duckling out that gets a longer cast animation per skill level, as well as more debuff circles that tend to overlap to much. It’s buff (+30% dex) stays the same regardless of lvl.

  • 0-1 points recommended for non spr builds, 5 points recommended for spr builds that plan to debuff occasionally.

Blessing’s damage scales off later in the game, though it remains very potent for auto attack builds. The main issue is that only 70 of the 170 max damage comes from skill levels, which quite frankly can be spent elsewhere a lot better.

  • 5-10 points recommended so you at least get a good hit amount.

Resurrect you want at least lvl 2 for the revive duration attribute. lvl 5 is decent on a full con pvp build, but it’s very difficult to pull off. For pve a simple safety zone + resurrect should suffice in majority of situations.

  • 2-5 points recommended.

Sacrament i can’t advice on yet because i’ve yet to see how exactly it scales with last rites. Vids suggest it may add close to 800 dmg.

  • Dunno, ask again later.

Revive is one of the best defensive buffs in the game, it prevents a death every 2 minutes 15 seconds for every party member after which it gives them a invuln for x seconds and heals them back up to x times 5% health.
A 1 second invuln and 5% heal is not very noticeable, but a 50% heal and 10s invuln is quite insane. (rumored to have a 3s invuln cap in pvp though.)

  • 3-10 points recommended.

Mass heal got nerfed a while ago, so sadly it’s now really poor at lower skill levels. But the 28% heal at lvl 10 is decent enough to help a team out.

  • Either ignore it or try to max it.

Stone skin scales really well with spr and with skill level, though i didn’t find it as good as i was hoping last icbt. Still it’s one of the better dmg prevention skills that isn’t a outright invulnerability skill, and with chaplain it can be kept up indefinitely (as long as your supplies last technically).

  • Max it if you’re not a str build, but spr builds can ignore the skill lvl bonus in favor of their far higher stat bonus.

But yeah, it’s a annoying choice one way or another. But keep in mind you can reset skill points, so try out a few different variations when you can.


Hi, i was wondering if it is more viable to go for chaplain first after priest c3 or monk 1 and 2 first then chaplain?:grin:

Monk and Chaplain is not a great combination because Monk is skill based and Chaplain is auto attack based…so I’m not sure what could you do with it…


Fade lvl 1 and Divine Might lvl 4-5 pls X)

I don’t understand the Mass Heal lvl 2… xD Mass heal scales quite slowly so that 1 extra lvl… but lvl 1 is quite okay because it already gives 10%… I wouldn’t miss that out. At least put that 1 point on Resurrection.

You are also a solo build planning full INT later…but even with full STR that lvl 1 Monstrance is useless for you…Monstrance buff is better if you have DEX and the debuff if you have SPR… and you will have the buff from Capella anyway. ( unless it is a bug that it provides it X) )

Also if you won’t have any SPR lvl 1 Stone Skin is bad too and you will have that from Capella too I think… ( unless it is a bug that it provides it again X) )