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Tree of Savior (Eng. ver) Beta Test Schedule


We’d like to announce the first Beta Test for Tree of Savior (Eng. ver.)

This test will focus on the basic environment and overall infrastructure inspection for Tree of Savior’s service through STEAM platform.

(*All Dates and Times are based on Eastern Daylight Time)

1. Beta Test Schedule
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 10:30 PM ~ Monday, August 10, 2015 02:00 AM
Duration : 7 days

2. Service Hours and Client version
24 Hours , Korea 3rd CBT ver.

3. Beta Tester Sign Up
No separate sign up procedure will be necessary.
All those who have logged in to the Official Website( at least once until July 30 12:00 AM will automatically be signed up as test candidates.

4. Number of Testers and Selection Process
5,000 testers will be randomly selected from those who have logged in at least once since the Official Website’s renewal (June 25) to July 30 12:00 AM.
Please note that accounts from countries where we already have local publishers, such as Korea, China, etc. will not be selected as testers.

5. Beta Tester Selection and Beta Key Distribution Date
Friday, July 31, 2015
For those selected as Beta Testers, you will receive Beta Keys through e-mail and you will also be able to check the keys in the Official Website.

6. Support for Github Contributors and Fansites
-For Github Contributors, please check the notice in Github page
-For Fansite managers, we will be sending e-mails with separate announcements on Friday, July 31, 2015

We will let you know about more details on Beta Test participation and Beta Key registration through future announcements.

Thank you.


Slight correction made:
Test will begin on **Tuesday, August 4, 2015 10:30 PM


Opa tenho sim,se tem acc?

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Sempre é difícil alguém compartilhar a chave mas se alguém puder me avise !!!

When will the additional beta keys be sent?

A chave é unica por conta

Gostaria de saber se ainda tem como conseguir uma key para testar ?

how many keys have been released for Italy ?

Key, please :frowning:

I hope to help with the next beta test.

Feeling like a real ****ing dumbass right now. The e-mail they sent me came with a single date which I assumed to be the beta START date not the END date. I didn’t know I could actually play as soon as I had the key e-mailed to me. I didn’t even play at all because of that misunderstanding. FML.

I hope that the next beta will be soon!

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OK CBT ended but when OBT will be , i cant find out and i want to start from day 1

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That’s because this hasn’t been announced yet. They are processing all the data from the previous iCBT now. When they are ready with that i’m sure they’ll let us know what plans they have in store for us next. So be patient :smile:


Pls select me. I am from Singapore. Hopefully it is far enough to test the system stability. Thank you. Cheers~~!

it would be nice if we could get any news on the future CBs / OBs


and it would also be nice if i had a fudgesicle right now

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Hoping for news In CBT2 or OBT please

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:yum: Can’t wait for the next Beta test :alarm_clock: