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The EXP rate we got in iCBT it's like 1/3 of normal rate

Remember that demon mob in Tenet garden?, in iCBT I got exp from it around 100-120.

But in Indonesia version it give me 700-800 but this is 200% rate, so it should give exp around 350-400 at normal.

Don’t misjudged me ,I have no complain about reduced exp rate, it’s a TEST.

But I am curious “Why?”, what IMC want to know by lowering exp rate? :neutral_face:

iCBT is 1x. (EXP card fix not in)

kCBT is 3x + scaling. (EXP card fix, quest exp gives ~3x on cards)

indoCBT is boosted + event boost.

Each version was boosted accordingly to what they wanted to test. For iCBT they wanted to test the steam integration and infrastructure, not actual leveling speed, or content.

indoCBT has no steam integration, so they are probably conducting similar tests compared to the kCBT.


How do you know? Please elaborate.
I don’t think Steam integration is really that hard that it requires an entire week of beta for testing it.

@MementoMori I agree that a week of testing for this alone was not necessary, but here’s the sources:

And about EXP and content not being a primary thing they wanted to test:

I also asked them via whispering a GM during iCBT as to why the exp was low, and their response was because they were testing the steam integration, etc, and it’s only our first beta.


and there is the problem, that is what YOU think :stuck_out_tongue: as a dev myself who did get a game through greenlight and had to get it on steam and running with all following updates etc. i can tell u…

it’s not AS EASY as u think…
there is no button to click “work on steam” imagine ToS having steam tradingcards, steam achievments, etc… (i’m not saying there will be, but there could be) this is not a thing u “just add” in 15minutes…

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… already known.
There wasn’t enough content translated in the 100+ regions.
So they cut down exp to artifically let people stay in the lower regions.

Simply as that.

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No, the problem is what YOU think what I’m thinking !
As a developer myself, I know as much as you it isn’t easy, but come on. You are comparing an industrial game company with years of experience with your game as an indie developer.
Anyway, I admit I was wrong though, as it is their first time releasing a game on Steam, they might have been super careful about it.

i’m not here for a fight, i only quoted u saying that u dont think its that hard, that is not me thinking what u think, its actually quoting that u said what u think… to much thinking waaaaaaaah…

also as u stated, it doesnt matter if u r first time indie or first time “big company” if u want to keep steam running without any problem we both know its not a 15minute thing… so 1 week looks pretty okay to test that…

i prbly had to help 50 if not more ppl with the flash error, cause most didnt know that steam therefor tos uses the flash version of IE and u need to update your IE flash or ull never get the game running… and that was prbly only 1 out of X problems that occurred

Hey we’re not fighting, at least I’m not. Just discussing things :blush:
An entire team entirely dedicated to test during an entire week a steam integration still seems a bit overkill for me.
I’m not denying it was their main goal, but even though I’ve been proven to be wrong, I’m still thinking they were also testing something else.

I don’t think it has anything do with Steam.
It is launched by tos.exe in the patch folder, it loads with IE engine. I’ve decompiled it to confirm this.
AFAIK Steam has nothing to do with the bugs encountered. It ensures the authentication via steam_api.dll, and that’s certainly the part of the client that worked the best.

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You say you have no complaints,but then make this thread.Yeah,okay…

You may be right, maybe they didn’t need an entire week of testing Steam integration. Maybe they completed their Steam integration tests after only a couple of hours of iCBT going live. But if they only had a couple-hour-long iCBT, everyone would have complained they didn’t get to play long enough.

I personally think the primary reason we even had an iCBT was so that the international community didn’t feel left out. Steam integration/load testing/etc. could have been tested right before the OBT, after all the bugs had already been ironed out through kCBT.

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Although I’m glad you realize it, I think it has not been stressed enough. The Asian game market is really a thing on its own, and I dare say Korea specially is much much more isolated than, let’s say, Japan that has been getting rid of that stigma slowly. Besides it’s a genre that has depended on Western publishers for so long, I would imagine them being overwhelmed with how stuff works here while trying to self-publish.

You said it, and the guy you’re replying to as well. Steam integration is not as easy as it seems, being the leading platform and providing so many options. I’m no developer myself, but I can only imagine how one feels about all the stuff Steam has to offer to make your product stand out (Workshop, cards, achievements, ladders, in-game Steam wallet microtransactions, market, all this little stuff that actually makes a difference when you’re competing against so many other games).

I don’t mean to doubt IMC capabilities at all, but I would really reconsider calling the studio a big company. They do have years of experience, but working on what? Granado Espada?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with Tree of Savior, but when the game has a launch bug where the user has to install Adobe Flash Player on Internet Explorer of all things, in the year 2015, you know the company is going to need all the fans’ support they can get. I really wish the game becomes super successful and people are motivated to buy from the cash shop, that way the studio grows and the game becomes better for everyone.

I just hope the international testing helped them get a lot of insight on how you release a game in the West in 2015, since they chose not to rely on a third-party publisher and rightly so. :purple_heart:

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Korean closed beta has increased exp based on your level. It starts at 5x at level 15, and scales all the way upto 48x at level 180 or so.

I suggest you to inform you about browsers in South Korea. Same thing in Japan.
Then using IE for a game is not that much surprising.

Thanks, I certainly did not know that. It’s a rather… interesting law, for sure :droplet: