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Circle 6 in this icbt?

is it impossible to reach circle 6 in this icbt ?

Is there any reason why you think it isn’t?

yeah … the fact that they actually have it in icbt … that’s why i’m confused … if it’s impossible why would you include it … or why wouldn’t you at least tell us that it isn’t possible to reach it … i was hoping i could try circle 5 or 6 classes

I’m assuming they will buff exp soon. if they don’t then I probably wont get to circle 4 let alone 6 XD

Frankly… it should be possible if you don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t leave the pc and just grind.
You do need to replace gear, repair and restock, but that’s all.

If you’re a robot it’s possible. iCBT 1 is for testing Steam servers apparently.

You can though?
I mean yeah it’s a grind but it’s possible, just gotta get lucky with those blue mobs. Just cause you can’t reach it doesn’t make it impossible. It’s definitely tough but circle 5 and six are the last circles available, they’re supposed to be hard to get.

yeah i agree it should be hard to reach … but not in the beta … we have limited time in the beta so i think they should increase the exp rate

Maybe, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. They didn’t though, maybe because they don’t want you to test classes so much as they want you to test gameplay, translation accuracy and steam integration.

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i understand if that’s what they’re aiming for … but shouldn’t they clarify that ?? if they did no one would be complaining about exp rate in this forum

But they did?

It was on the first announcement for the iCBT.


Bakana lol Just impossible butttttttt I WILL DO THE IMPOSSIBLE MWHAHAH :stuck_out_tongue: