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Question about betakeys!

I just signed in right now, am i still eligible to receive a beta key?

No, it ended some hours ago.

Actually it ended 11 minutes ago. You are late, mate.

thanks for the answer. sad life </3

are you being for real dude?

it end on july 30th 12:00am
you still have 3:30hr left or sumtin

i really don’t know who to believe now, some says it ended some says it hasn’t maybe an admin or someone from ToS can answerthis?

What are you all saying ?

All times are EDT so it ended around 8 hours ago…

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This is why the terms AM (ante meridiem - before noon) and PM (post meridiem - after noon) should be avoided! They cause only confusion as people incorrectly apply them to noon which is neither AM nor PM.

I believe IMCgames meant the beta signup phase ended at 00:00 EDT on the 30th. So, yes, it seems like it’s been over for quite a while now.

I was kidding, don’t believe me. Cheer up. See you in OBT. I am already prepared to spend the next week watching others play the game on Youtube. :smile:

2much confusion in dis thread.

^This is taken from the announcement thread made by a staff member. It ended 8 hours and 47 mins ago.

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^this (and 20 characters)

Good news is, 5 hour 30 mins ago was the 00:00 of the 31th July. Which means announcements about the keys will be in latest in 18 hour 30 mins ago.

However I don’t think they’ll send the keys out so late lol. So i’m checking my gmail every hour lol. So far 17.7k people read the thread on how to sign up for CBT. Counting out people who have local publishers and people who logged in but didn’t read the forums, chances of getting the key is {5.65 x 10^-5}%.

hola tengo mucha gana de juega tree of savior lo espero con ganas poder jugar a la fase beta