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Client for Eng.ver Beta test

That would be the KR ones hosted on Nexon.

I’m going safely assume the NA ones will not be hosted there.

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at ToS KR it was about 5.4 GB in size for the client to download for CBT 2, didn’t run the patch/launcher yet though… for CBT 3…

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i think that it will be availble on 31/7

After Friday or on Friday.

Beta Tester Selection and Beta Key Distribution Date
Friday, July 31, 2015
For those selected as Beta Testers, you will receive Beta Keys through e-mail and you will also be able to check the keys in the Official Website

If they are using steam, it’s possible we’ll download it through steam using the Private Beta function.


based on what they wrote here: Tree of Savior (Eng. ver) Beta Test Schedule

its a steam beta.

Kind regards

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this is offcial korean client ?

I also dunno, some people posting/sharing links or Sceenshot but they can’t tell more about it when asked. Seems a bait for us to download the wrong one.

Yeah I allready checked it is korean cbt

I think it’s going to be available for download via Steam. It really doesn’t make any sense put it in any other place, even here on, because isn’t the way Steam works. To play something on Steam, you need first to download and install it via Steam, is that how it works.

And I think that the client should probably be available for download some days before 4th August, so plp can download it and start playing at 4th, and not wasting time downloading it after the beta starts.

From what they said in the official post, it seems that you’ll get some key from them and use it on steam. Thus being able to download the client, but not logging in(obvisously).

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lets just be patient and wait for info :slight_smile:

nvm xD use the code in steam early access

Any news on this one? where can i download the eng client for beta testing?

If you got your key, you can get the client on Steam

I see… thanks! Ill download it right away

i received an email that i got a key but when i click beta key here on the site i get an error -" Unfortunately, we were not able to invite you to the Beta Test due to the limited number of testers we could accommodate this time around."

what should i do?

If you got a key then it should be on the mail too.

i can’t find it… the message is:
" First off congratulations on winning a beta key!
Let me clarify something: This is meant to be a way to collect lines from
iCBT testers while playing in-game. Lines that are broken/wrong. The
lines are neatly organized in sheets that can be viewed by the
translators/IMC and then edited on GitHub. It is NOT meant to replace
GitHub. "

but no key on the email :frowning: