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Timezone Choice

Curious to know why EDT was chosen for the English version’s timezone. Wouldn’t PDT be an easier western timezone to sync with for the developers in Korea?

9AM - 5PM in Korea would be 5PM - 2AM in PDT whereas in that same timeframe it would be 8PM - 4AM in EDT.

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I guess because it’s better for us europians :stuck_out_tongue:

EU players will still have a hard time if any server-wide events are tied to EDT time. Of course, PDT is much worse in that regard, but still, most people in time zones above GMT (i.e. GMT+2 or more) will be hard pressed to make it in time for let’s say, evening events (sieges come to mind).

Yes :confused: I would be happier if there would be a us and eu server separately but I guess they won’t do that. ( just for this time zone thing It would be ok for me even if both eu and us servers would be physically in the us but have different time settings or something X) )
I have 6 hours difference with EDT btw and 9 with PDT so that -3 hours is a lot better already for me. X)

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Physically hosting EU servers in the US is not the best idea - Final Fantasy XIV with both US and EU servers located in Canada suffered from rather horrid overseas lag during peak hours.

Yeah… but it would be still better because of the time zone thing to have a separate server… but if they could even do that to have the EU one actually in EU that would be the best for sure X) …but at the end I guess all servers ( if there will be more ) will be just EDT in the US so…

Whatever I’m still happy that I will be able to play… :smiley:

if we talk about english then UTC is still the best (as its london time) :stuck_out_tongue:

I demand a plugin for timezones for this discourse forum!

Probably because the servers hosted in an EDT/EST timezone area?

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Which then still begs the question of why they chose the EDT timezone when it’ll mean those managing the servers won’t be able to get developer support in a timely manner unless they work late into the night.

I still don’t understand why it’s not just GMT. Way easier to calculate =p

Wht not GMT? Easier. :stuck_out_tongue:

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agreed, i’m not good with CET, EST and such… GMT’s easy cuz it’s just a matter of +/- owo

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Welp, finally found the answer.

Game server location - check your ping:

[quote=“Yoorie, post:1, topic:17745, full:true”]
After a bit of digging, it looks like the game server will be hosted on Amazon’s North Virginia (USA East Coast) data centre.

This choice makes a lot of sense, as it should mean decent pings for North Americans as well as Europeans, which are likely the major markets for this release. Unfortunately, other regions may get sub-optimal performance, but I’m sure they’ll add new servers in different locations at a later point in time (with Amazon AWS, this is extremely simple and relatively cheap to do.)

I’m curious what ping/latency we can all expect to see. You can test yours here:[/quote]

Guess that makes more sense than hosting in PST/PDT. Hope Amazon can react quickly when the server goes down suddenly.