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INA CBT [end] [15 chars needed to edit title]

There is Red Bull in attendance reward? :confused:

And is that CBT Champion rewards are for those who have the highest level in the game? :heart_eyes: WOW! :open_mouth:


I am pretty jealous too ^^


Thanks for the screen shots and info. Looks like a blast, enjoy the game for an extra 4 days you lucky devil you.


That EXP boost are awesome, I hope we have it too on next iCBT :neutral_face:

Competitions, merchandise give aways… community events! Money and EXP boosts in the CBT…
IMC REALLY need to get their international ■■■■ together… The ICBT was a poor effort by comparison. No community engagement, no chance to really test anything, and judging by the email survey no one has even read any of the community feedback because that survey didn’t ask any meaningful questions.

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So jelly about your CBT access…

Our CBT wasn’t meant to be some giveaway sweepstakes where people race against time to hit the highest rank/level to win, with dank $$$/EXP boosts to assist them along the way. Most people were less concerned with testing the game content for bugs then reporting them, and more concerned with “GOTTA CHECK OUT AS MANY CLASSES/RANKS AS POSSIBLE TO TEST MAH FUTURE PVP BUILD” so the “no chance to really test anything” doesn’t fall through.

As for community engagement, they gave out extra keys to the community halfway through and showed up in the game and Beta forums from time to time to interact/respond with players + did a Boss event on the last day-- what more did you want from a 6-day beta? It’s good that Gemscool is doing that, because they’ll need that and more to erase some of the apparent hate for their company that Indo’s show here on the forums.


what is “red ox 20 buah” ???

A lot more obviously.

Ugh! Even in game there are borders! Why can’t we all play along together.

One world, the gaming world. No invisible border. Just love and more hrs of game time.

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“Because people”.

20 cans of redbull (red ox in game). Same thing they did to nutella = nukrella. :3

If you’re talking about buff or stats which will be given by red ox, I’m not so sure about that.

How dare you point out peoples ignorance while using supporting evidence! YOU SCOUNDREL.


Sad fact right there. No to invisible borders!

Freedom to all Gamers!!

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This is a doomed argument you cant win this. Either regional servers or bad pings either way people will complain.

If the servers not regional it will most likely be place by the largest player base giving the far players bad pings and then they’ll cry for lower pings which means regional servers.

People cry for one server it means settling for a bad ping if your not the central group.

Someones always complaining it just changes who.

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Well. I’m not having an argument with anyone, I’ve played some MMOs that caters international players. And it is doable, I’ve played some of them even if the server location and mine is 12 hrs apart and not even a sec delayed I’ve encountered.

And mind you. My net speed isnt even considered good. The problem here is not ping or lag or whatchucall network stuff. Its mostly because of money. Money money money

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Not that iCBT was longer. They said “we will have 6 days!”. Started tuesday at 10:30 (no one could play til wednesday), ended sunday at 2am. That’s 4 days beta without all the awesome gifts/contest/exp rate of incbt.

Yeah yeah, " that wasn’t the focus of icbt". Truth be told icbt wasn’t meant as a beta, it was just a way to shut up players who were crying and couldn’t wait anymore to get their hands on the game.

Korean and Indonesian CBTs seem to be more efficient (for testing purposes) than the International one… :pensive:

Damn, lucky bastard. I’m suffering from withdrawal because of this game. Hf at the Indonesian servers.

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Is there any information if they will have a NDA on this like Kcbt3? Seems like they shouldn’t as the Indonesian fans seem pretty upset with IMC.

Totally with Sixaxis on this one.Our test was for a slightly different purpose,and they have a publisher of their own with other plans for the game at this stage.I think it’s excessive for any kind of beta test [and will definitely in some way defer from bug finding],but it doesn’t really matter in the end because it’s not the version us users will be playing.

Again I agree,our beta test had plenty of good times and interaction with the GM’s.I came across all of them at one point or another,and they even answered questions and played around with us in town.You can’t say that about most other games.All we can do is hope that it keeps up down the line and wait patiently for another test or OBT or whichever it is [I’m betting on iCBT2],because it’s worth it in the end.

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