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Reads and re-reads furiously!


It’s time.

5,000 people!

Looks like they’ll be testing it through steam as well so this’ll be awesome :sunny:

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ITSCOMINGOMG!!! how we join the beta ? we just use our login via facebook? or steam? or forum?? tell us the detailed version!


omg hype, lets hope they choose me

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Swear I read this like 10 times just to make sure I wasnt losing my damn mind hahaha


awwwww heck yeah!!! nI am so excited for this!

me too! I was sleepy and I just awoke when I saw this

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Let’s just hope to get lucky

Well, as an Indonesian, I can only stare enviously at you bunch of lucky bleep while crying tears of blood. :’>


Thank you IMC!!!111

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“screams my throat out!!!”

don’t be worry… coz our local cbt will be out soon too :tired_face:
i hope…

The best part is it, it’s in line with KR CBT!

Hopefully we follow a long with their testing schedules, barring all major issues that may come up.

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Yer! This looks like world wide launch instead of everyone 2years behind Korea >_<.

ToS gunna go amazing me thinks!!!

i had to reread it a few times myself but then the website broke with all our spam, oh glorious spams of joy lol


Hug me ToS team (>T_T)> i’m so happy, please pick me! T________T

finally =D

omg its rly happening ^^