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TOS' Companion Maker! Official Voting Thread

Doggo Companion!

Hey everybody :bangbang:

Have you ever wondered, “is there anything more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” Well, I am Goro :fox_face:the Japanese Akita coming all the way from :snowflake: Alaska :snowflake: to tell you that there is!

When I am not working on my full time dog modeling career I think it’s important to enjoy life’s other pleasures. Some people say, “Goro, you always work so hard, when do you have time to do anything else?”. Work is important, but here is a list of things that I will always make time for:

12 hour power naps :zzz:
Partying with friends :tada:
Listening to good music while enjoying a nice day :musical_note:
Eating cake (not too much or you will get fat) :cake:
I believe life is an adventure! And I want to adventure with YOU! :sparkling_heart:


Britt the Bugcat


This is the introduction of my cat, Britt (aka Bug) for the companion event. Sadly Britt passed away a year ago and I lost a big amount of her pictures. Following is her best picture with her classic round bug eyes:

This is Britt. Even though her full name was Brittnay Matthews (in honor of a character of a Youtube series) I mostly called her Bicho. In spanish, Bicho means bug, and I called her that cause she would scurry and hide under stuff.

Britt was almost like a daughter to me. She was my first cat and I ended up finding her on the street and keeping her while working and going to college. I wish I could have met her at a different time in my life to have given her the time that she deserved, but she without doubt was happy and made my life happy.

She was curious beyond words. One time I got some tacos on my way from work late night and because she was smelling them I ended up squirting some sauce on her eye by accident.
After spraying her with water for a bit she got better.

I had to move to the USA because of legal reasons and on the airport I was unable to take her with me beacuse people were being rude. A couple of months later because of a complication in a doctor procedure, she passed away.

After having this 1 pet I learnt a lot on values of life and these fellas. Pets are way more dependant than kids. They nedd a huge amount of attention, and I wish people would think more before getting them out of impulses.

I loved Bug and I wish she could be saved in ToS, my favourite MMO.

Thanks and have a good day,
Korros ¨[NA] Klaipeda


Bull Terrier for Companion

TOS need Bull terrier for companion! he strong and can have 4 weapom slot (maybe).
Look this monster, he plays TOS too!

Team Name - Clemb
Server - Silute


My Pome Companion

Server: Silute
Team name: Deris

Hi guys, this is my baby boy Caramelo!

He is a 4 years old Pomeranian dog and he is veryvery cute as you can see!

He loves to smile and play Tree of Savior with me, he just love to follow my character with eyes lmao, If he turns in my pet in game I would be very very happy!

I love my foxie smile bb! :sparkling_heart:


Salacious Sage

My name is Sage the Bearded Dragon. I love blueberries and pooping on the carpet!

I want to grow up big and strong like Godzilla so I can atomic breath my pitiful humans captors, but for now I’ll just have to settle for being a super picky eater and waste all of their lovingly crafted salads. I enjoy taking warm baths on the balcony and going for car rides. Sometimes I even get taken out camping while my cat friends have to stay at home.

You should vote for me because quadrupeds make for stable mounts and I can puff my chin out and scare away all of your enemies.


Ashes to ashes

Hi everyone this is my baby or gay cat, Ashes. He’s a male egyptian mau born on 9/11/2006. In all honesty he’s such a attention hog always stealing MY spotlight :expressionless:. He doesn’t even care if I win this…he just wants people to adore him I know this because he told me himself, obviously. :chipmunk::unicorn::horse::penguin::frog::rabbit::snail:

Ashes to ashes dust to dust. :cat:


Kenny, ye olde british bolldog

Hello there buddy! I’m Kenny, the most adorable bulldog in the whole bloody world!

I perfected the arts of destruction.
You just hand over some stuff and I will tear it down to tiny pieces.
After the work is done I usually need some sleep… alooooot of sleep…

Some people say I have boar genes and like to play in the mud… bollocks! I’m bloody adorable.
But my mate - Wurstbaer - is always on my side.


Honeydew the Nubbycat

This is Honeydew, my cuddle buddy / (unofficial) therapy cat, he helps me with my depression and PTSD. He loves being held and being nearby, and he’s moved across the country with me (from Colorado to Florida to Arizona).

He’ll always find you when you’re taking a nap and join you. He also has a short nubby tail (naturally) and looks like he’s wearing eye liner :3 He’d make a great companion for ToS!


Inu, the living wreck

Hey! This is my cat, Inu (or “InuYasha”, the long version)

Don’t let the looks fool ya’, this kitty loves to make life chaotic. Biting ankles, throwing things, running around, she packs a punch and surprises the unaware.


Hello, my name is Sir Hobbes Biscuit.

My mother calls me “The Dorian Gray Cat”, because I will be forever beautiful and young like I am right now, and my father calls me “The Lion” because he thinks that I am majestic and powerful, in my opinion, they are both right. I am 2 years old, and I like to sleep (a lot) and I am afraid of birds (they scare the hell out of me), my father gets mad when I start screaming 5 AM in the morning because of them.


Max the cutest companion!

Hey! This is my incredible dog, Max.

He’s the sweetest and most playful dog that exists. He loves going for rides on the car, while he puts his head out of the window, he also loves swimming and walking around! He also likes being around the family and being in the spotlight. He’s the sun that warms up our home :smiley: .

In this picture he is dresses like the tipical Chilean costume :3 and I would like to see it in the game.
See ya!


The Husky We All Love

Hello, my name is Eevee and I just turned one-year-old :3

I’m a Siberian husky who lives happily in Melbourne even though it can get really hot during summer times but nothing cools me down better than a water fight with my human xD

I’m a very energetic and super friendly pupper. I love long walks on the beach and enjoys talking to strangers. However, I can get too excited sometimes and forgot to come back to my human but she always manages to find me and bring me home (phew).

Here are some of my selfies I would like to share with everyone :3 I hope we can be good friends!



Kit kat the Kitty kat

I call him Kit Kat the Kitty cat, he is mischievous loves to get into things and cuddle and well hes very lazy at times! He loves to explore and find new places! perfect for a traveling companion his beautiful blue eyes are just enchanting sometimes he will lay on my hands while im at the computer if im not giving him enough attention!

<3 very vocal loves to talk to you (or whine cause hes not getting his way!) hes well sort of a rebel as well he roams around when night falls outside looking for trouble and things and places to get into but he is very fluffy and loves to get pets and loves to cuddle.

I think he would make a good companion because, he is cute! and smart and you can carry on conversations with him he can give you lots of snuggles!! he loves to explore!(which is wanted in a traveling companion!) hes also a ninja he hides so good sometimes i can never find him. He will eat all of you’re food!! better bring lots!! he can provide entertainment with his fluffy eye piercing cuteness!Most important he loves kisses!!


Bob neko

We adopted Bob in June, this year.
He is a ginger cat, cute and energetic (and a killer) XD


Albus the great explorer

im Albus and im watching you! o.ó…just kidding

im a midget bunny of 5 years old and i send this mail to participate in the contest, i see a lot of my piggy friends in the game and i want to be part of that, and im sure if you put a little cute bunny like me you are going to win a lot of players :0, dont put the RO wolf or the tippical ugly dragon baby, put a great and marvelous cute bunny >:) explorer and destroyer of worlds!

Best wishes!

PD: Team name: Crescent_cuy
Server: silute


Pixel the derp dog companion!

A small pekingese with a big heart


Kaohom : The sexiest cat girl! the memories of mind.

Her name is Kaohom.she’s one of the ancient cats in thailand, called Khao Manee meaning “White Gem”, also known as the Diamond Eye cat. She’s my first cat. She’s 5 years old.And She is a part of my thesis,she’s the 1 of character of the Siamese cats in my thesis. She likes to run away from home,and up on the roof often.

But … now she’s gone forever. I miss her and I hope her will come back to be my pet again. . .

and this’s Kaohom : The memories of mind. :sad:

Teamname: Geneziszer
Sever: Tel


Chupo the king of smug

Hi, I’m Chupo, you’re in the way…


Gojira, Queen of dragons

Hello, I’m Gojira and I am having my pet human enter me into your companion contest because I feel that I am the best choice to be your game’s newest companion. Here’s my most adorable pic for you.


Riki, my support 

Hello! my Team Name is Ciu and I’m from the server Silute. I’m sending this message to participate in the contest TOS’ Companion Maker with my companion and support in life, Riki.

He is a very special member of our family that arrived 9 years ago and since then we have been happier than ever. Riki is a small dog but he is the biggest star in cheering people up and showering them with affection and love.
His physical condition isn’t very stable but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying every aspect of life as he eats, sleeps, snuggles and plays with the most content expression I have ever seen in any dog.

It’s a pleasure to share his presence with everyone in Tree of Savior. Thanks for making possible this opportunity!