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[SUBMIT] Inu the Living Wreck

Clearing some stuff first, my full name is InuYasha, but they always call me Inu since it’s shorter. Owners chose to call me “dog demon” because first thing I did was run around and throw stuff. To be exact, being a mess.

Honestly? That never changed.

I hate calm! I love the sound of my owners screaming “caaAAAAAAAT” when I do something dumb. It never fails to amuse my feline feelings. Attention is all I seek… and some food.

This one is right after I opened a bag full of clothes and they all spilled like a beautiful waterfall to the floor.
One of my owners is not amused.

i didnt do nuffin

These are my favourite quotes from my owners:

Uh can you stop biting my legs? OW STOP


I ALREADY OPENED THE WINDOW. GET IN. Alright I’mma go… see? finally you got in DID YOU JUST GO OUT? REALLY?

I got the memo, stop headbutting the door!

Can you stop following me to the bathroom? I wanna pee

You just threw that, I picked it up, and you threw it down again. In my face. I can’t even

You never get tired, do you

(sigh of defeat)

At the end of the day, family is first after all, innit?

Server: Orsha
Team Name: Prismatic-Vazkar

(Owner’s note: Some of these pics are from the old house, it was a mess because of humidity, we couldn’t do much :slightly_frowning_face: )