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[SUBMIT] Chupo the king of smug

My adopted catson Chupo. I got literally thousands of photos of him, so I’ll try to pick some of the better ones for this Dx

-he is a fluffy cat, especially in winter!

Extra Fluff

-he is really big! it was like he just wouldn’t stop growing D:

-his tail looks like it belongs to a racoon!

-he almost has no voice, instead he just makes a “kheeeehh”-sound…if he is annoyed enough to bother xD Did I mention he is very “smug”? You can see it in his face a lot:

Extra Smug


-he loafs in the wierdest places

and I’m already over the “up to 5” photos, even though I still have plenty of unique photos of him Dx

A photo of me and Chupo when he was little:

But there is just too many photos I can’t exclude…I’ll add them anyway and hope it doesn’t disqualify me xD

Moar photos of Chupsmugface

-is it windy or what

-what you lookin at human

-enjoying a cruise, with some catnip… what a rebel.

-likes to climb trees for hunting purposes