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[SUBMIT] Riki, my support

Hello everyone! I’m Ciu from Silute and this is my life companion, Riki.

He is a special little dog that likes to sleep, snuggle, relax and lay down on cool places.

Riki doesn’t barks much but he makes some cute noises like “kkuuuuhhh” to ask for attention. He loves to cuddle with the family and we also love his company.

His fur can grow long. It’s super fluffly and warm! When we groom him, sometimes he looks like this.

Unfortunately, Riki was born with a problem on his spine so he can’t run or move a lot. But even so he is a very happy little dog that enjoys to play at his own pace and sometimes does funny things like this.

It’s our everyday happiness to come back from work and see him welcome us with a soothing hug. It would be great to see a version of him in the game I really enjoy!